JINNAH PARK: While Leftist Elites Pull Down John A. Macdonald, Politicians Name Winnipeg Park For The Founder Of Pakistan

How the hell did we get to the point where statues of our first Prime Minister are being pulled down while parks are dedicated to the founder of a foreign country with values completely opposed to Canada?

Amid the controversy over Victoria removing a statue of Canada’s first Prime Minister John A. Macdonald, there’s new scrutiny about something that received little attention at the time.

In May, 2018 politicians dedicated a park in Winnipeg to Muhammad Ali Jinnah – the founder of Pakistan.

So, this is where we are in 2018: The founder of Canada gets demonized by the elites and his statute is removed, while the politicians dedicate a park to the founder of a foreign country.

What an absolute disgrace.

Considering that statues of John A. Macdonald are being pulled down because of so-called ‘historical controversy,’ it is absolutely crazy that a park would be dedicated to Jinnah.

When the partition of India and Pakistan took place, millions of people died. Jinnah is also widely disliked in India, and is seen by many as someone who tore the country apart. Pakistan is also a nation that has been run with values totally opposed to Canada. There’s no religious freedom, no individual freedom, and ruthless Sharia law is imposed. In fact, that’s why many people have fled Pakistan for countries like Canada in the first place.

So, to dedicate a Canadian park to Jinnah while pulling down statues of one of Canada’s Founding Fathers is appalling, and demonstrates the totally bankrupt values of Canada’s political elites.

Spencer Fernando

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Valid reason to not vote Bowman and his flunkies back in. Surely they could have found someone deserving in Winnipeg or Manitoba and not another country. John a MacDonald statue was removed in BC, so remove the Riel statue here as I find it offensive.

Ralph Knapp

I never thought I’d see the day where Canadian history and identity would be shunted aside under the guise of political correctness and butt kissing. The elitists are sucking the soul right out of Canada with actions like this. I’m sure that’s their goal and, at this rate, they will succeed sooner than later.


“So, this is where we are in 2018: The founder of Canada gets demonized by the elites and his statute is removed, while the politicians dedicate a park to the founder of a foreign country.”
This is Absolutely Disgusting! Canadians have got to be crazy to vote in ever Liberal again. And also, when the Conservatives win, Sir John A. MacDonald is to be put back up, and the dedication of this park to a foreign nation has to be Removed!


You know so many of us tried screaming out warning, but were vilified, demonized and castigated, so anyone who supported any liberalism at any time, all this blood is on your hand. Children gunned down in the street and watch how they come after me for this comment…

Eric Blair

Is that Iqra Khalid, the MP from Mississauga – Erin Mills, the woman in blue on the right? Isn’t she the Liberal MP who got the M-103 passed. Go here: http://ikhalid.liberal.ca/ to compare faces.

What has this country become. We are becoming more and more like the UK. Unbelievable.


YES. And she managed it in a short time with the help of Muslim Brotherhood-related guy Samer Mazjoub (MAC) who initiated the petition.

Mazjoob’s first action was to present his petition to Thomas Mulcair who was delighted with such an honor and then to his Liberal borough councilor.

The rest is history aka Melanie Joly.

The Muslim Brotherhood has totally infiltrated the Liberal Party and the NDP.

Don Taylor

This is not the Canada I grew up in,now it is disgraced By Turdeau who hates Canada and a bunch of degenerate Liberals

Ben Eby

AN OUTRAGEOUS DISGRACE. Cowards, embiciles and low lives of the worst kind, all of them. Its unbelievable that people whom we have graciously welcomed into our society, would consider BEING PART of such blashphemy, knowing how offensive it is to Canadians, and how difficult this will now make the lives of all Pakistanis in Canada! Are the people of Winnipeg really accepting of this highly divisive, deep socialist, ideological act, of profound stupidity?


Catering to “special interest groups” and ignoring Canadians (good or bad) is just plain against human rights and is asinine!!!!

Jodi R.

“So, to dedicate a Canadian park to Jinnah while pulling down statues of one of Canada’s Founding Fathers is appalling, and demonstrates the totally bankrupt values of Canada’s political elites.” Takes a values bankrupt population to elect a values bankrupt politician… or people with good values not getting out the vote. Don’t like what’s happening in Canada? Stopping complaining and get involved. Besides voting, you can donate to the party that best represents your values, volunteer to help good candidates get nominated and elected, serve on EDA boards, attend party conventions as a delegate to vote on party policies, or… Read more »


Obviously they came to Canada not to be Canadian, but to worship their old murderous leader in Pakistan? How corrupted our puppet fake foreign government has become. Our Allie and friend India, must now realize how fake and disgusting Trudeau’s Lieberals are, under our globalist foreign owned fake government. If we are for Pakistan does that mean we all get to go out and kill Christians at Easter, like they do? Does that mean Trudeau will give us each 10.5 million dollars for doing so, or is that what you only get for killing our friends and Allies and good… Read more »

Chaz Martel

Apparently Saudi money buys a lot of treason from our political elites.


Sorry, but the Saudis hate the Iran, and this government supports the Iranian regime, so they consider Canada as an enemy. Can’t overthink the Middle East, it’s exactly what they say they are. Until the media is dealt with, people will remain uninformed.

Diane DiFlorio

Shocking how this can even be happening… however it’s the sign of the times, it’s not surprising. There is an agenda in place and we — the born and raised Canadians will be victims of the erasing of history and the implementation of the NEW regime.

Moe S.

Notice the flag in the background? That is the British UK or better known as the Union Jack flag. It represents England; Scotland; Wales; and Northern Ireland. Where’s the Canadian flag?


I believe this is the Manitoba flag

Chris vrecko

Sheer stupidity, we had better get a decent leader this time or Canada’s finished. Canadians, WE HAD BETTER VOTE SMART FOR THE LOVE OF Canada and not be stupid because some stupid politician promises the sky.


This country is almost lost Spencer, and liberalism really is a mental illness. To think that Canadians could vote for another Trudeau – despite all the warning signs, after the first one nearly bankrupted us is beyond comprehension.

Mary Milligan

I did a little research and your statement about India’s dislike of him is ambiguous. It would seem most Indians now know the partition was better for India in the end. Other than that I do agree with you on why is it ok we name a park after him but take down statues or references to our first Prime Minister.


The late Hanif Jinnah was a foreign president. Victoria’s Mayor Helps has decided to avoid her duties to her citizens, failed to swear allegiance to her sovereign, and is using Victoria as a social(ist) experiment. What a public disgrace that these armchair socialists are able to extort funds from us in the form of oppressive taxation to prosecute their war against our Judeo Christian and European heritage, values and democracy. It began with the sidlining of Churchill’s statue in Toronto, and then General Cornwallis’s statue in Halifax. What’s next on the liberal socialist agenda? Certainly not insignificant problems facing Canadians… Read more »


In concert with these leftist radicals beliefs lets change all Catholic school names. Lets have all Catholic churches demolished after all it was them that carried out the atrocities. They had a choice of not beating, raping and murdering these children.

roger legacy

A party in power always unveils the heart of that generation…..and fevers do tend to show outward signs. So this fever will pass as this generation will with irreversible damage….Canada is not well …”not coherent”….not well indeed.

Gonzo the Magnificient

What can one say. This is the first time hearing this. What is wrong with our media(rhetorically)?


Nothing that a few white helmets won’t fix. The key words there Justin are “won’t fix”. Why do we have to go to foreign websites to read about our newest preferred immigrants? Oh yeah, diversity is our strength. Too bad that the damage will have been done before we realize this mistake.


Good luck with that. The one candidate who had her act together, spelling out Islam squarely for what it is, came last in the contest for leadership of the Conservatives, losing out to Scheer who sees that anybody who publicly questions Islam is kicked from the caucus. You might just as profitably (at least you wouldn’t be wastiong your time) head down to your local bazaar and pick out a carpet. The sad, likely insurmountable, fact is the type of semi-democracy we are saddled with in Canada–even worse than what they have in the US– can’t react efficiently to counter… Read more »

Tanya Gaw


Tanya Gaw

If people don’t start taking a stand…there will be nothing left of Canadian history.
I am currently in touch with the BC Minister of Heritage to get John A MacDonald returned to his original place.
The Mayor of Victoria is in violation of the BC Heritage Conservation Act.
Stayed tuned.

Norbert Kausen

How can that be allowed that a CANADIAN park is named after a foreigner, who has contributed NOTHING to Canada???!!! THIS renaming of the park will be reversed! WHERE is the Canadian OUTRGE to this TRAVESTY???!!!! It just goes to show just how deep the TREASON runs with these disgraceful liberal traitors to Canada!!!

Tanya Planken

That’s very sad. I’m
Actually very upset to have read that! The devil himself laughed at this as a win for him. Now the damage is done – it’s a matter of time as our very foundation of O CANADA and our Flag will be nothing by a fairy tale to us Canadians as we will be assimilated to the masses. Talk about being violated. I could go on…it’s appalling!!!

Jack A

I don’t know how naming a park after a foreign leader, who is accused of fueling terrorism in the name of Islam, is a good idea? Pakistani government criticised canada for standing up for human rights in saudi arabia, and we are naming a park after them. Start a petition to change the the name to John A Mcdonald park or another canadian leader


While the conservative talk the elite destroy the country. The history and the future now is uncertain. Talking to these people will only persuade them to continue simply because we don’t follow up with anything but more talk. They will continue until action is taken and these politicians that allow this to happen are removed. Taking back a country once it is gone is harder than stopping it from happening in the first place. Only need the action… no action..no country left.

John Zylstra

the issues are related because they are juxtaposed… to deny Canadian heritage and the accomplishments of our first Prime Minister, in spite of some mistakes he made, while honoring a foreign former leader in spite of the much larger and sadder mistakes he made. Thus the idiocy of values with no value. The idiocy of logic with no logic. The idiocy of brainless people who are supposedly canadian, and supposedly leaders in our towns and cities.
This is hyperbole, but not by much.


Have the politician gone crazy in this country. We tear down a statue of “Our Father of Confederation” and dedicate a park to a leader of a foreign county. If the people in Canada of Pakistan origin want to donate for a commemoration of one of their own – then do it in Pakistan where it would be more appreciated. This is Canada where we honour “Canadians” not foreign leaders. Be so glad to get rid of do nothing Trudeau who does nothing for Canada except put down Canada and cause hatred and problems here and his Liberal cronies.

B Ferg

It is symbolic of the future of Canada. When you get Islam in a position of strength and numbers they create a “2 state solution” to separate themselves from the original country. They tried it in the Philippines but Dutarte destroyed them, they are trying in the Kashmir, they are trying in Myanmar (Burma), Israel is always a target for the 2 state solution, and there are probably others in process. Once you have an Islamic state created at your border there is never peace, as it becomes a base of operation for expansion of Islam. They have an ever… Read more »

Sandra W

And this is supposed to make everything alright now? NOT by a long shot! The park name must also be rescinded AND renamed to honour a worthy Canadian. Plus a FULL and I mean FULL and FACTUAL explanation must be provided to Canadians as to why Iqra Khalid, as a backbench MP from Mississauga Ontario, travelled to 933 Miles/1,501 Kilometers to another province to personally dedicate a park and honour the vile murderous founder of Pakistan. It is absolutely NOT believable that Khalid did not know his background given that Pakistan is her birth country, and in the slim chance… Read more »

Shawn Schechter

My family came here in 1967. I am a child of immigrants. I find this progressive attitude absolutely reprehensible. They are trying to destroy everything that makes Canada great. Unfortunately Scheer has no spine, so get use to this being the new norm. Until there is a grass roots uprising nothing will change for the better..

Jennifer stevens

This for reason?

Tom Tweney

ISIS and the Liberals/NDP are the same ISIS also tore down historical monuments.


I really have to laugh at how many people are NOW complaining but where were you before the election?
How many of you were sucked in by the bs from the left propaganda machine & fell for the hair, pot & sunni ways?
Very few will admit to voting for him & the libs, will any of you come out of the closet???


The BORG is here, “you will be assimilated” “resistance is futile” …the collective hive of drones have arrived!! Canada is SADLY lost and there is no USS Enterprise ship coming to the rescue. Yes they are aliens to our once great nation called Canada, but soon to be called “CanaStan” with the maple leaf running red from the bloodshed running in the streets and highways just like all the other oppressed nations with the same hate ideology that these borg minded collectives thirst for. Our own liberal people have turned their hate of anything good and peaceful to joined forces… Read more »