ANTI-CANADA: Under Justin Trudeau, Saudi Oil Is Exempt From The Federal Carbon Tax

But oil from Western Canada gets punished with the destructive tax.

As he ‘stands up’ to Saudi Arabia, Justin Trudeau doesn’t want you to notice how anti-Canadian his energy policy is, and how it directly benefits the Saudis at the expense of Canadians:

While oil from Western Canada gets hit with the federal carbon tax, oil being imported into Canada from Saudi Arabia is exempted from the tax.

It’s an epic betrayal of our Canadian energy industry, and it makes the statements of the Trudeau government totally empty when they claim to be standing up against the Saudi Kingdom.

Here’s how Toronto Sun columnist Lorne Gunter put it:

“Just a quick question for the Trudeau government about its current tiff with the Saudis: If you’re serious about standing up to Riyadh, how come you are still giving their oil a free pass? How come you have exempted it from your upcoming carbon tax and are not subjecting Saudi oil to the same environmental regulations you have imposed on Western Canadian oil?

Gunter adds, “You’re supposed to be in a battle with the Saudis, yet an objective outside observer might think you’re at war with Alberta, instead.”

Weakness & Disloyalty

The Trudeau government has shown total weakness in their handling of the Saudi spat. They even admitted they ‘weren’t planning any responses,’ showing their incompetence and cowardice. But making things worse, is that they’re treating Saudi oil better than Canadian oil.

It’s total disloyalty to the Canadian People and the Canadian energy industry, and should disqualify the Trudeau Liberals from holding power in our great country. We need a government that puts our own people and our own industry first, something the Trudeau government has never done, and never will do.

Spencer Fernando

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Trudeau must go and take ALL of his henchmen/people kind with him.

Ben Eby

To Tim Pedden…my thoughts precisely Tim, and hopefully those of most Canadians. In the West we are watching and waiting to see how Gerald Butts and his Tin Pot puppet, will squirm and weasel, their way out of the obvious solution….ethical, clean, economy building, Alberta Oil.

shawn harris

This is just more evidence of how elitists like Trudeau think and believe. Trudeau , the elite citizen of the world has never had any desire to actually govern Canada for the benefit of all Canadians, he truly sees himself as being the only Canadian that is worthy of consideration. And like all elitists, Trudeau doesn’t care about the consequences of his deliberate actions, as long as they don’t personally affect him. Also remember that Trudeau is replaying the same political issues his father Pierre Trudeau did in the 70s. Justin Trudeau only views Canada as an unfinished political project.… Read more »

Mike Allan

Well said, I truly hope every conservative Canadian is willing to get rid of this evil libtard.

Bruce Miller

Is he protecting his ‘Trust Fund Money”? Is he protecting the Paul Martin Dynasty and its “Special Rights ” concerning Canada Steamship lines and Saud Oil shipped into Canada?
Is he axing the West East pipeline, beneficial to Canadians but not for him and his Uber Rich Candian based Plutocrats? Do we need to follow the dollar on this?

Bert Harris

Its almost unbelievable that this government is pushing this issue of carbon tax on Canadian citizens and Saudi oil is not taxed Trudeau who keeps telling us his government is helping the middle class Canadians while he is destroying this country it is time for a change of government enough is enough