Ford Government Tells Trudeau To Pay Up As Cost Of Illegal Border Crossers Rises

“The current crisis with illegal border crossers is costing Ontario taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars for a situation we did not create,” said Lisa MacLeod.

The Ford government is demanding the Trudeau government pay up  for the rising cost of illegal border crossers.

Ontario says the cost has now reached $200 million, and is still going up.

Here’s what the Ontario government said in a statement:

“The people of Ontario expect their government to stand up for provincial interests, grow our economy and respect the taxpayer.

The federal government’s policies, which allow thousands of illegal border crossers to enter our country without following the appropriate processes, are having a negative impact on Ontario’s education system, our legal aid system, our social assistance system and our emergency shelter system.

“The current crisis with illegal border crossers is costing Ontario taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars for a situation we did not create,” said Minister of Children, Community and Social Services, Lisa MacLeod.

Ontario’s costs to deliver services for illegal border crossers totals $200 million so far. This includes $74 million for temporary housing for the City of Toronto, $3 million for Red Cross and other supports for refugee claimants who stayed in college dorms this summer, $12 million for the City of Ottawa, $90 million in social assistance and $20 million for primary and secondary education spaces.

“The Government of Ontario believes that managing the influx of illegal border crossers is the federal government’s responsibility. We have asked the federal government to pay the $200 million that this is costing Ontario. They have come back to us with only $11 million. That is not acceptable.”

Minister MacLeod delivered this message to federal and provincial counterparts at a meeting of the Ad Hoc Intergovernmental Task Force on Irregular Migration today.

Ontario has a long history of welcoming newcomers and helping them achieve success. The province provides a range of programs and services that help newcomers settle and succeed.”

As always, it’s essential to remember that every dollar spent on those who enter Canada illegally is a dollar that can’t be spent on Canadian citizens. And as the Trudeau government continues to do nothing to end the illegal border crossing crisis, more and more money is being taken away from Canadians every day.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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God bless Doug Ford!

Frank Jasper

Just put them all on planes and send them home it would be way cheaper.


Suck it up ontario.
It was the east who elected this imbecile trudo & now you are upset at what he is doing. Funny how the east flip flops & falls for the propaganda that the left media spews, soaks it up hook line & sinker, then cries about the result THEY caused.


So the rest of Canada is now responsible?? While I admire Ford’s stance, I refuse to pay for TURDhole’s folly.

Moe S.

Illegal asylum seekers receive a welfare cheque of $1,079 per month for a single person. Family with children 15 yrs. old and under receive $3,600 per month. A family with young children qualify for the Child Tax Benefit for each child. Family with six children? You do the math. This money is tax-free. The illegal asylum seekers can work and earn wages and still receive gov’t tax-free money. Those lucky enough to find housing in the GTA are living in subsidized housing Canadian citizens have been waiting years ie; 10 yrs. or more to get. Luxury limousine mini-buses were used… Read more »


*SOLD OUT OUR FUTURES* In or around 1974, Pierre Elliot Trudeau signed Canada on with the the Bank of International Settlements (BIS). Since that time, our debts have grown exponentially, and we service only the interest on that debt. It is rumored that he (PET) later stated his regret, as he didn’t know enough about economics. See this: -This next part is of great importance- -What most may not have known, is that there was a legal battle taking place, ‘COMER vs the Bank of Canada’ – to restore the wealth and the future of this country, instead of… Read more »

Gerri Page

Just send them all back or threaten jail. Enough of this take over of Canada at our cost. Trudeau needs to resign before there is no Canada anymore. I consider him a traitor to Canada.


Ontario went big-time for the Liberals so they get to pay for Trudeau’s virtue signalling. Why should the prairies be stuck with the bill when Ontario still gets equalization and is anti-pipeline to boot?