Hysterical Reaction To Maxime Bernier’s Common-Sense Comments Shows How Disconnected The Elites Are From Everyday Canadians

Canadians of all backgrounds understood what Maxime Bernier was saying. But the virtue-signalling elites purposely misinterpreted him and went crazy.

As I recently pointed out, it’s obvious what Maxime Bernier was saying when he criticized Justin Trudeau’s “cult of diversity”:

“It’s very obvious what Maxime Bernier is saying: People from all different backgrounds make up Canada, and to ensure our country is strong we need to unify people around shared values, rather than focusing on differences. This is common sense.”


And yet, we know that common sense and facts won’t stop the elites from going crazy and spinning everything upside down.

Bernier has been denounced by people in all political parties, with even some Conservative politicians criticizing him indirectly – and purposely misinterpreting his comments.

And yet, what he’s saying is something the vast majority of people agree with.

Just like the debate over Quebec’s attempt to ban the Burka (which was supported by a majority of Canadians in all provinces while being denounced by the political elites), we can see that there is a massive and growing disconnect between everyday Canadians and most of the politicians in power.

Most Canadians are very welcoming of people who come here and support the values of freedom, equality of men and women, and respect for different beliefs. What we aren’t tolerant of are people who come to Canada and try to bring all the fights from their homelands, and try to impose different value systems onto what is already here.

Yet, to even say that is somehow too much for the elites.

Any questioning of the official ‘line’ instantly leads to bullshit accusations of racism, which is an attempt by the establishment to scare people away from debating real issues in our country.

Maxime Bernier has done Canadians a great service by pushing back against the false-consensus being imposed on us. Many of you have done that great service as well, by being willing to share your opinions on social media and showing others that they don’t have to be afraid of the establishment narrative.

As more and more people wake up to what’s happening, and demand that our leaders focus on bringing us together around common, unifying values rather than dividing us with identity politics, we can expect the elites to ramp up their desperate attacks and opposition even more, which is a clear sign they know how damaging their ideology is to our country.

What we’re seeing is that instead of actually learning what everyday Canadians want, the elites would rather demonize us and silence us.

Spencer Fernando

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