INCOHERENT: After Saudi Spat, Trudeau Celebrates Independence Day Of Pakistan – A Country That Enforces Ruthless Sharia Law

Trudeau’s ‘foreign policy’ makes zero sense.

After poorly-considered tweet (which Saudi Arabia overreacted to), the Trudeau government made a big deal about standing up for human rights.

And yet, it seems that their ‘standing up’ is pretty inconsistent.

While Saudi Arabia was heavily criticized, the Trudeau government regularly sucks up to Pakistan, even though Pakistan enforces a ruthless version of Sharia Law, and has actively worked against religious freedom and individual freedom around the world.

In fact, Pakistan is considered to have among the strictest ‘anti-blasphemy’ laws in the entire world, laws which are almost exclusively used to punish those who question Islam.

But Trudeau isn’t mentioning any of that. Instead, he’s celebrating Pakistan’s Independence Day:

“Today, we join the people of Pakistan and members of the Pakistani community around the world in celebrating Pakistan’s 72nd Independence Day:”

Of course, as many people are pointing out, it’s not like the leaders of Pakistan ever celebrate Canada Day. But that won’t stop Trudeau from his pandering, which incidentally reveals the insane incoherence of his foreign policy.

The government criticizes Saudi Arabia, while Trudeau praises China, lauds Castro in a pathetically fawning eulogy, condemns the US, and says good things about Pakistan.

It’s absurd, and it makes Canada look like a joke on the world stage. Combined with the governments refusal to truly use our natural resource wealth, and their refusal to build up our military, and it’s no wonder that we are seen as an increasingly weak nation that anybody can mess with.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube