INCOHERENT: After Saudi Spat, Trudeau Celebrates Independence Day Of Pakistan – A Country That Enforces Ruthless Sharia Law

Trudeau’s ‘foreign policy’ makes zero sense.

After poorly-considered tweet (which Saudi Arabia overreacted to), the Trudeau government made a big deal about standing up for human rights.

And yet, it seems that their ‘standing up’ is pretty inconsistent.

While Saudi Arabia was heavily criticized, the Trudeau government regularly sucks up to Pakistan, even though Pakistan enforces a ruthless version of Sharia Law, and has actively worked against religious freedom and individual freedom around the world.

In fact, Pakistan is considered to have among the strictest ‘anti-blasphemy’ laws in the entire world, laws which are almost exclusively used to punish those who question Islam.

But Trudeau isn’t mentioning any of that. Instead, he’s celebrating Pakistan’s Independence Day:

“Today, we join the people of Pakistan and members of the Pakistani community around the world in celebrating Pakistan’s 72nd Independence Day:”

Of course, as many people are pointing out, it’s not like the leaders of Pakistan ever celebrate Canada Day. But that won’t stop Trudeau from his pandering, which incidentally reveals the insane incoherence of his foreign policy.

The government criticizes Saudi Arabia, while Trudeau praises China, lauds Castro in a pathetically fawning eulogy, condemns the US, and says good things about Pakistan.

It’s absurd, and it makes Canada look like a joke on the world stage. Combined with the governments refusal to truly use our natural resource wealth, and their refusal to build up our military, and it’s no wonder that we are seen as an increasingly weak nation that anybody can mess with.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Eric Blair

“Trudeau’s ‘foreign policy’ makes zero sense” is not correct. It’s Trudeau that makes no sense! This guy is in over his head of hair.

I would love to see the diplomatic gables being sent by foreign embassies in Ottawa to their home countries recounting how stupid Trudeau is.


Why doesn’t Trudeau and his whole family go to live in Pakistan and let a real Canadian run our country like it should be. He cares about nothing about Canada, only other countries and by the looks of all the donations he has made to all these countries we will be a poorer country because of the debt we now have. I cannot believe all the bad he has done to Canada. He just doesn’t care about his own people at all and of course he is rich anyway so it doesn’t bother him that we have people here who… Read more »

Elizabeth Thorne

Yes, very odd , Amir Mushtag Kahn, Jamel-e Islami leader in Pakistan, says “I will cut the tongue and eyes of those who want to end the blasphemy law.” What is ever normal about anything Justine says or does?

Jerry Ram

You might be very interested on an article by the Gatestone Institute, “Toronto Shooting:Politically Correct Cover-Up”?


What can we expect from a naive loser?

shawn harris

Trudeau also wants to re establish diplomatic ties with Iran , another despotic country that sits on the UN human rights commission and is recognized as the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism. Pakistan and Iran both support terrorist groups operating in Afghanistan and throughout the middle east. But this is how twisted our socialist PM is, he would rather overtly profess his admiration and love of “basic dictatorships” and their cruel leaders than actually show true leadership by condemning them for their crimes and violations against their citizens. To Trudeau, human rights and the rule of law are just slogans… Read more »

Norbert Kausen

Trudeau is such a delusional mindless PUTZ, who is so not grounded in reality, he has turned excrement yellow-brown!!! He really should leave Canada NOW, and move to Pakistan… he seems to like it there!!! I’m wondering what that Clown Prince of Mediocrity is planning for Canda, with Pakistan!


Balthasar Gracian refers to ‘fools’ 34 times in his ‘300 Maxims’.
I would encourage everyone who, an aware of an unusual but rich presence through time, reads this message, to refer to that goodly Jesuit Priest. In his own day, his maxims were suppressed ‘lest the common people’ learn of the real ‘ways of the world’ of their betters. Curiously, the current crop of Liberals bear a striking example of the all of the ’34’ citations.


Bad, bad, one world elitist communist or worse leadership? chaos and confusion, non existent morals or virtue, do you think these Lieberals/NDP’s were elected because some people felt sorry for them? They hate Canada and its people, they are trying to destroy us and have destroyed our democracy, fake media and doing everything to pretend to show they care about other countries ( giving away billions of Canada’s money) while interfering where they should not, trying to mess up their leaders, while they can’t even look after all Canadas problems which are numerous now and getting worse daily. Canadians vote… Read more »


Seriously, that guy is mentally incompetant, unbalanced crand we are letting him run our country into the ground. Someone, do something. Not in 2019….now.

Bernard Hutchinson

Trudeau sounds like he is either sympathetic to or part of the Muslim Brotherhood?
Either way, he won’t stand up for Christians & Jews but he’ll do everything he can to back Muslims (weird or what)?

Eric Blair

I see that Max Bernier has tweeted (can be seen on the Rebel site) that it was Iqra Khalid at the ceremony in Winnipeg to change the name of a park to that of Pakistan’s first president. I pointed this out in a commentary yesterday about the Jinnah Park article by Spencer. She is an MP from Mississauga Ontario so how did she get to Winnipeg and who paid for it as it has nothing to do with her constituency business and she is not in the cabinet. She is just a backbencher. Maybe her constituency is the Islamization of… Read more »

nick mcgregor

only 150 women killed for not wearing a veil since trudope made his assenine comments. what a twerp

Brian Mellor

Trudeau’s double standard shows yet again.


One has to remember who Junior is.
Silver spooned, part time drama teacher who would not even be flipping burgers let along the PM of Canada if it were not for his last name.

Terry Gain

This isn’t foreign policy. It’s pandering for Pakistani- Canadian votes. Canadians should take notice that the persecution of Christians in Pakistan is an every day occurrence and of course Trudeau doesn’t give a tweet about that bloody fact.