LONDON TERROR: Three People Injured After Man Runs Down Pedestrians At Parliament Square

Use of vehicle in attack fits pattern of previous Islamic State attacks.

Three people are being treated for injuries following a terror attack at Parliament Square in London.

A man drove a car into pedestrians, before crashing into security barriers.

Authorities have not yet released the name of the terrorist suspect, but his photo can be seen below:

According to Reuters, the man came to the UK from another country:

“A man who drove a car into London pedestrians outside Britain’s parliament on Tuesday was a British citizen who originally came from another country, security minister Ben Wallace said.”

Footage of the attack can be seen below:

US President Donald Trump tweeted following the attack:

“Another terrorist attack in London…These animals are crazy and must be dealt with through toughness and strength!”

UK PM Theresa May also responded:

“My thoughts are with those injured in the incident in Westminster and my thanks to the emergency services for their immediate and courageous response.”

The attack fits the pattern of previous ISIS attacks, where the terror group has encouraged their evil followers to use vehicles as weapons to kill innocent people.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Ron Voss

Such ongoing cultural enrichment. ‘Diversity is strength’? Oh for a time when this wasn’t a common occurrence. What changed?


Just a thought. the Danforth shooting which killed 2 people, was it really done by a ” mentally crippled” person. Perhaps someone should start reading between the lines. Is this investigation now put to bed?

Wendy Lush

A similar incident happened last Saturday near Parliament Hill in Ottawa. No description of driver yet.

“RCMP rule out terrorism after truck injures pedestrians near Hill screening facility”