Native Council Of P.E.I. Opposes Removal Of John A. Macdonald Statue

Unlike Victoria, City of Charlottetown says they aren’t planning removal of the statue.

While far left politicians celebrate the removal of the Sir John A. Macdonald statue in Victoria (supposedly in the name of reconciliation), the Native Council of Prince Edward Island takes a different view.

The head of the PEI Native Council – Jonathan Hamel – made the point that it’s better to leave up the statues and have discussions, rather than remove them.

Here’s what Hamel said:

“A lot of the policies his government formed when Canada became a country [are] having a negative impact upon Canada’s Indigenous population today. We also realize that being a founding father of Canada and the fact that the idea of Canada was actually born here in Charlottetown, those are important things to remember and celebrate as well. By removing it, we think that’s diminishing, sometimes, what has happened. But if we allow it to stay there, we can address it. We can say, ‘This was not right, we need to come together.”

Hamel makes a good point, and it’s the common sense that has been missing from the far-left politicians. Instead of trying to wipe out and destroy Canada’s history, it should be talked about, and both the positive and negative aspects should be freely discussed.

Sir John A. Macdonald did some good things, and he did some bad things – like almost every historical figure and every human being. That said, the fact that he was a Founding Father of Canada, and the fact that the great nation Canada has become owes its existence in large part to him is simply a historical truth, and statues of him should be kept up.

The common sense shown by Hamel is what he need to be emphasizing, and we all need to stand against those who are trying to wipe out Canada’s historical memory.

Spencer Fernando

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Politicians are just people. They do some good, some not so good, some bad.

I can’t find anything the current PM has done that can be really considered good. A bunch not so good, and an awful lot bad.

Helps thinks that by forcing her perverted sense of justice on Canadians that it she is doing good. Are things “right” only if she thinks they are “right”? Any bets she voted Liberal?

William Roberts

A common sense approach to all things is needed. Unfortunately Liberals always over react to everything. Johnathan Hamel is a refreshing reminder that not ALL natives were dealt with badly and the ones that were should be recognized in History but not at the loss of our identity.


Spencer, I have noticed when the conservatives don’t get there way, they deal with it in their own way. When left leaning radical NDP trash don’t get there way , what do they do , you guessed it protest marches, yelling , screaming like spoiled 2 year olds


I wonder if Hamel is willing to discuss the positive and negative aspects of BOTH sides