After She Gave Award To Man Who Spewed Vile Anti-Semitic Remarks, Trudeau Must Remove Iqra Khalid From The Liberal Caucus

Refusal to do so would show that Trudeau supports the egregious decision to give an award to the Public Relations Chief of Palestine-House, an organization that once lost government funding for connections to extremism, and who has said horribly anti-Semitic things about Israel.

A petition by B’nai Brith Canada is drawing attention to the fact that Iqra Khalid gave an award to Amin El-Maoued – the Public Relations Chief of Palestine House.

Here’s what the petition says:

Last Friday, Amin El-Maoued, Public Relations Chief of Palestine House (which lost its federal funding in 2012 because of its “pattern of support for extremism”), posted a photo of Khalid and himself holding up the certificate at an annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner.

El-Maoued wrote that he was “honoured” to receive the award from the Federal Government of Canada.

B’nai Brith has specifically warned Khalid in the past of associating with the purveyors of antisemitism in the political sphere. On Tuesday, CEO Michael Mostyn sent a strongly worded letter to Khalid insisting she withdraw the certificate.

“It is not only disappointing, but frightening that you would see fit to reward his dalliances with antisemitic discourse and incitement, while simultaneously ostensibly working to eliminate all forms of discrimination in Canada,” Mostyn wrote.

“There is simply no reconciling these two worlds. Presenting El-Maoued with official recognition on behalf of the Canadian government both sanitizes and normalizes the antisemitic rhetoric and attitudes that he has purveyed and facilitated. Antisemites, racists, and bigots of all sorts do not merit any recognition from the Canadian government or its elected officials.”

Khalid has not replied to Mostyn’s letter.

Khalid is best known for introducing M-103 to the House of Commons, as part of a bid to “condemn Islamophobia and all forms of systemic racism and religious discrimination.” El-Maoued was investigated by Peel Regional Police for chanting antisemitic slogans at a July 2017 rally in Mississauga. At the same rally, young children were filmed shouting, “Israel and Hitler are the same,” while others in attendance chanted, “With our souls, with our blood, we shall redeem al- Aqsa!”

Mostyn also said “We expect far better judgment from our elected officials and are shocked that this man received not one, but two, separate certificates from the highest level of government, despite being the antithesis of what our government—and country—should stand for.” 

Khalid has reportedly still not responded.

And that’s why Justin Trudeau must remove Khalid from the Liberal Caucus.

His refusal to do so would be a tacit admission by him that he agrees with Khalid’s willingness to praise El-Maoued, and it would show that Trudeau is willing to accept his party being involved with hatred and prejudice – so long as he can cover it up politically.

The Opposition, and all Canadians, must demand that Trudeau remove Khalid from the Liberal Caucus immediately. There can be no tolerance for hatred, anti-Semitism, and bigotry of any kind.

Trudeau must act now. Anything less is unacceptable in our Canada.

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Spencer Fernando

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My question is who vetted the award and where was department oversight?


Not as long as that wimp Scheer is in opposition,


Scheer who?

Real Canadian

Contact the CPC party and demand he step aside before he ruins the party.
I did.
If not, I am checking out the National Citizens Alliance. I suggest you do to.


Scheer is no wimp-check him out in Question Period-the wimp is Justine, who doesn’t even have the decency to answer questions and makes a mockery of our government

Ian W Craig

This is about what I’d expect of a Liberal MP – given the leadership of that party these days. Trudeau should expel her from caucus – or at least suspend until a full recant is publically made – but he won’t. This PM has less than NO substance. He’s all about Facebook and Twitter. And doing all Canadians of goodwill real harm – domestically and internationally…. It’s really unbelievable. PS – I am not Jewish!

Terry Gain

Khalid is a Muslim extremist. She does not belong in Parliament. Because of M-103 , a precursor of Islamic blasphemy laws, she is the single greatest cause of distrust for Muslims in Canada. She calls it Islamophobia, but she has earned the distrust.


Conservative leader Scheer is a puppy. We now need a bulldog and Maxime Bremier is the leader we need now! Jason Kenny will win in Alberta, and that will certainly help but with rumours of Trudeau calling for an early election in the fall, things will possibly change. Have we not had enough of Trudeau dividing the country, allowing illegal immigrants into our country without proper vetting and at our tax dollars expense? Sure Premier Ford is right to have the government pay for the expenses, but it is still coming out of our pockets! Tearing down a statue of… Read more »


Spencer I am crying, all the hate these politicians are bringing into this country, the people elected want to destroy us bringing in these people who hate us real Canadians who love what was not a hateful country and we are being taken over by liars and haters, if Sheer does not throw these hate filled people, who only love themselves and the countries they came from, out of our NON Canadian pretend government a country with no borders Canada is gone. If Scheer just wishes to stay quiet and follow this horrid un Canadian one world agenda, no boarders,… Read more »

Chris vrecko

We all know where this govt. stands. If we don’t it doesn’t say much for Canadians. The fact that Truley dumb has control of the media and the only news is on Internet gives me a peek as to why Canadians are not paying attention. Spencer, I for one thank you for the your dedication and honesty and the hard work you do to keep us informed. Thank you.


Although the she should be removed from the party just for the introduction of m 103 a lone which by the way is just ridiculous and what’s worse than her introduction of that motion is its acceptance by many in the government is really just unbelievable but as far as the award goes that only matters if you support Israel .

Lynne Westlund

Trudeau does not have the intestinal fortitude to do the right thing. And the liberal press will not bring it to the attention of the Canadian public.

Joe Duguay

This has gone on long enough, something must be done to “quell” the hatred and discrimination against Israel. The liberal party’s hatred for anything non muslim must, and will be their downfall in 2019.

Elizabeth Thorne

If a person supports Shari’ah law, they should not be allowed to run for office in Canada. “There is no law but Allah’s law does not and never should apply in Canada. She should be removed from office.

Vivienne Remedios

Our Government are charmed…..this is Canada.


Liberals will not respond or respect the Canadian people. They have shown this over and over. Why would anyone expect Trudeau to remove this person from his caucus for following his leadership to destroy Canada.