Chrystia Freeland Has Been A Total Failure

Canada has never been weaker on the world stage than we are under the Freeland-Trudeau ‘foreign policy.’

In June of 2018, Chrystia Freeland won the ‘Diplomat of the Year Award,’ given out by Foreign Policy magazine.

During the speech accepting the award, she delivered a thinly-veiled condemnation of the Trump Administration, and repeated all the same talking points favoured by the globalist elites.

And this is why she won the award in the first place.

The globalists generally give out awards like this to each other, and the awards aren’t about actual performance or merit.

They’re about a willingness to keep pushing the existing order, even when that order has led to a betrayal of the middle class and working class people across the western world, including in Canada.

And Freeland, along with Trudeau, have always been glad to oblige.

But when it comes to actual results, it’s obvious that Freeland & Trudeau have been a total failure when it comes to foreign policy.

Our relations with the US are at a new low, and Freeland & Trudeau blew a chance to get a quick NAFTA deal with the US when the Trump Admin was focused on Mexico. Now, Mexico and the US are now close to a deal while we remain on the sidelines.

For three years, Trudeau government has been trying to get Raif Badawi freed, yet failed to use any potential leverage such as the weapons sales or oil import restrictions. Then, Freeland’s tweet set back those efforts substantially. And as if that wasn’t enough, the government responded with total weakness after relations with the Saudis deteriorated, sending the message that countries can say and do whatever they want to Canada and we won’t even push back.

Trudeau’s India trip was a disaster, while the government has tried to get closer to China, Cuba, Iran, Pakistan, and other countries as our relations with our top allies crumble.

Yet, the things that the government could have done to mitigate the damage of weakening foreign relations such as building up our military and ending our reliance on foreign oil, have not been done at all. Our armed forces are still getting underfunded and being forced to use substandard equipment, while the carbon tax and excessive regulations make us more dependent on foreign countries than ever before.

So, under the Freeland-Trudeau foreign policy, Canada is weaker and more isolated than ever before.

Freeland certainly deserves an award, but it would be far more appropriate if it was titled “worst diplomat,” which would be an accurate reflection of her true performance.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Trudeau, Freeland, Morneau, and McKenna are the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Ralph Knapp

Can there be any doubt that the Trudeau/Freeland combo have poisoned Canada’s reputation around the world with their juvenile, total muckup of that portfolio? I can’t recall a time in my life that Canada ever had such low credibility in the world. Where’s an impeachment clause when we need it?


Approved List
1. 4 Ethics
2. Illegal Border Crossers
3. Canadian Money sent to Foreign Countries with humanity issues
1. Roads build IRAN
2. Etc. ……
4. 10 million paid out to Omar
5. PM cabinet MP Harjit Sajjan lied took credit for Canadian Afghan War operation Medusa. Still working as MP

The list should be compiled and shown to non believes that Trudeau can do no wrong and the Election platform parties History that we should always remember the whole Liberal party has not represented the Canadian people


Ahh but don’t forget one of the biggest gaffes with the Liberal leader, Gropegate. He can now do as he sees fit to with ZERO repercussions. Any other party leader would still be under scrutiny in the house and in the media, what has become of this with any media or in the house? ZILCH.


Shameful and disgusting, foreign run, one world agenda, hate Canada, Lieberal/NDP destruction party, never ever again, they must be removed from Canada, with all their hate Canada user Friends.


In her tiny Liberal mind she thinks she’s doing a great job.


After watching the headlines and hearing everything that is being said, Bernier should hold the position he has stated. Schear is more of a liberal and at times seems to support the liberals. Everything is a soft shoe around critical events that need a hard stance. Bernier is stating the obvious and schear should have stood beside him. Schear won the leadership by having the criminal element in Quebec siding with him which for me showing he is not all that he is pretending to be. Bernier needs to be supported not taken down.