CLIMATE CLOWNS: Under Trudeau Government, A Record Amount Of Raw Sewage Is Flowing Into Canada’s Waterways

And the carbon tax won’t do a thing to fix it.

Justin Trudeau and Catherine McKenna want everyone focused on the demonization of Canada’s energy industry. They want to justify their anti-Canadian carbon tax (which they don’t apply to Saudi oil or other foreign oil imports), and they want to stop people from questioning why they’re destroying the Canadian coal industry.

Yet, when it comes to a real problem with pollution under the Trudeau government, things are only getting worse.

According to the CP, “More than one hundred municipal wastewater systems did not report how much raw sewage overflowed from their pipes in 2017 but Environment Canada is only investigating two of them for violating federal regulations.”

And the flow of raw sewage into Canada’s waterways is way up under the Trudeau Liberals:

“Data provided to The Canadian Press recently showed over one trillion litres of raw sewage leaked into Canadian waterways between 2013 and 2017, including 215 billion litres in 2017 alone — a 10 per cent increase over 2013.”

Hilariously, McKenna doesn’t even have a plan to toughen up the reporting:

“Environment Minister Catherine McKenna says the government isn’t specifically looking at ways to improve reporting rates of municipalities but, if there is more to do, the federal government would consider it.”

Think about how absurd this is. Canada’s energy industry is the most environmentally careful in the world, using high ethical standards, strong labour practices, and a commitment to environmental protection. Yet, McKenna targets them anyway, slamming them (and by extension all Canadians), with a massive carbon tax that is economically destructive.

Meanwhile, a gargantuan amount of raw sewage is flowing into our water, and McKenna “isn’t specifically looking at ways” to get the issue solved.

This just goes to show that the Trudeau government doesn’t actually care about dealing with solvable pollution problems, and would rather hit us with a carbon tax so they can virtue-signal about everything they’re ‘doing’ to address ‘climate change.’

It’s pathetic, and it’s yet another reason that Trudeau & McKenna are Climate Clowns.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Wendy Lush

Top photo: Glad to know Superboy and Robin are on the case.

shawn harris

Climate change, carbon taxes, being concerned about the environment, and the delegitimization and demonization of the oil industry are all means to an end for Trudeau and his government. It is political grandstanding and false virtuousness on steroids. Trudeau, MacKenna and his ministers all talk about being for the environment and against all things in the oil industry, but their record and it is very slim, shows that nothing has changed, no promises kept and while Trudeau has Canadians looking at him, his government is rapidly destroying the Canada we once knew. A Canada that was prosperous and had well… Read more »


Great photo if a couple juvenile clowns.


When my daughter was in grade 7 (she is 48yrs now) she and I went with the school to tour to the sewage plant and then on to the water intake plant in Grimsby Ontario. When at the sewage plant, they told us all that this would be the last tour of these kind of places, because they are broken down more than they worked, the raw sewage was running straight into the lake when it was broken, when it was working, we wouldn’t, but the tour man did, he drank the water, before it, clean went into the lake.… Read more »


Sewage treatment would require local or minicipal taxes and the little man wouldn’t get his hands on that money to throw away so it’s of little concern to him and the libtards

Brian dougan

Trudeau and McKenna. Two world class turds.


You are right and they both need a trip through a treatment plant, as product.


Climate barbie and her climate clowns , a circus that never stops blowing your tax dollars. Backed by the UN to push the new enemy of the 21 century an enemy we can’t see or smell or touch and no matter what we do ,, it can’t be stopped ,, a plan thought up by the UN for the climate clowns to enforce around the world to line the pockets of the elite . McKenna ,, the head climate clown has told everyone one in Canada that climate change had a price tag and that would be the only truth… Read more »