Illegal Border Crossings Are Surging Again, While Trudeau Refuses To Take Action

The Trudeau government simply doesn’t care about enforcing our border.

After the Trudeau government tried hyping up a small decrease in the number of people entering Canada illegally, the numbers have surged again.

In July, 1,634 illegal border crossers were caught at the border, a nearly 23% increase from the 1,263 who illegally entered Canada in June.

In response to these numbers, Conservative Immigration Critic Michelle Rempel said “This is just reconfirmation that the government has made this a new and permanent stream of entry into the country.”

The Ford government in Ontario has said the cost has reached $200 million to deal with the illegal crossers, and wants the Trudeau government to pay up.

It’s obvious to everyone that the Trudeau government simply doesn’t care, and has no interest in defending our border. They’ve even told people not to call it a ‘crisis,’ despite the fact that two-thirds of Canadians call it exactly that, and a clear majority of Canadians want far tougher measures at the border.

Trudeau is sending a message that Canada’s border is meaningless to the federal government, which will keep encouraging people to enter illegally. While legal immigrants and refugee claimants who follow the legal system are pushed further and further back in line, lawbreakers are being rewarded at the expense of Canadian Citizens. After all, every dollar spent on services for illegal crossers is a dollar stolen from Canadian Citizens.

And Trudeau is clearly fine with that.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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