PRIORITIES: While Scheer & Altaullahjan Criticize Bernier, Iqra Khalid Accused Of Giving Taxpayer-Funded Award To Man Who Uttered Anti-Semitic Remarks

The Conservative Party should be focusing their attention on Khalid, not attacking Bernier for saying something almost all Canadians agree with.

In the wake of his popular, common-sense comments, Maxime Bernier is facing criticism from much of the out-of-touch political elites.

And now, some of that criticism is even coming from the upper echelons of the Conservative Party of Canada.

As noted in a recent report, “Maxime Bernier received an official rebuke from his boss, Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer, and a broadside from a Pakistani-Canadian Conservative senator today as the party moved to distance itself from the former leadership contender’s opinions on multiculturalism on the eve of its national convention.”

Scheer said “personally, I disagree with politicians on the left and the right when they use identity politics to divide Canadians. I will not engage in this type of politics. Conservatives celebrate Canada’s diversity and a Conservative government will continue to welcome those from all over the world who choose to come here because of the society we have built.”

Here’s what Conservative Senator Salma Atuallahjan – who is Pakistani-Canadian – said on Twitter:

“. @MaximeBernier As a caucus colleague and a proud Pakistani-Canadian parliamentarian, I’m incredibly disappointed with this tweet. This kind of rhetoric creates division. Is that your aim? If so, what is your end game with this sort of identity politics? #Pakistan #Canada”

Of course, both Scheer and Atauallahjan are wrong on this one. As I pointed out, Bernier is not engaging in identity politics. In fact, he’s doing the exact opposite:

“Is the world upside down? Maxime Bernier was criticizing identity politics, & now some politicians – even some conservatives – are accusing him of identity politics? What the hell are they talking about? Unifying people around common values is exact opposite of identity politics.”

Yet, while the Conservative upper echelons foolishly focus on Bernier (even though Bernier’s comments have widespread support among Canadians), they aren’t mentioning that Iqra Khalid is facing accusations of giving an award to a man who uttered vile anti-Semitic rhetoric.

Here’s what the CP reported:

“A Liberal MP is under fire for presenting a “certificate of appreciation” to a man one Jewish advocacy group labels a purveyor of anti-Semitism.

B’nai Brith Canada has started a petition demanding that Mississauga-Erin Mills MP Iqra Khalid apologize and rescind the federal certificate she presented last week to Amin El-Maoued, the public relations chief of Palestine House.

The Jewish group accuses El-Maoued of leading a July 2017 rally “laden with hate-filled and anti-Semitic slogans,” including chants of “Israel and Hitler are the same.”

Palestine House, which describes itself as “an educational, social and cultural centre of the Palestinian-Canadian Community,” lost all federal funding in 2012. The Conservative government at the time cited what it called a “pattern of support for extremism.”

The head of B’nai Brith – Michael Mostyn – said in a letter to Khalid, “It is not only disappointing, but frightening that you would see fit to reward his dalliances with anti-Semitic discourse and incitement, while simultaneously ostensibly working to eliminate all forms of discrimination in Canada. There is simply no reconciling these two worlds. Presenting El-Maoued with official recognition on behalf of the Canadian government both sanitizes and normalizes the anti-Semitic rhetoric and attitudes that he has purveyed and facilitated.”

This is exactly what Bernier was talking about.

This kind of thing is exactly what Bernier was talking about. Anti-Semitism is rampant in Pakistan, and it’s very disturbing to see Khalid give a taxpayer funded award to someone who is accused of spreading anti-Semitism in Canada. Anti-Semitism, and hate of all forms, goes against Canadian Values, and Bernier was making exactly that point when he noted that more ‘diverse’ values could mean including values that are repugnant. So, some diversity is good, but endless diversity that includes anti-Canadian values is not good.

It shows how broken Canada’s leadership class has become that Khalid is facing almost zero criticism for giving the award to El-Maoued, yet Bernier is being ripped by ‘leaders’ in all parties.

It also shows a disturbing strategic weakness on the part of the Conservatives. They are letting the Liberals set the narrative. By being defensive, and attacking Bernier even though he is saying things that most Conservatives and most Canadians agree with, they are letting the Liberals define the terms of the political debate.

Instead of being defensive, they should redirect attention to things like how the Trudeau Liberals are letting ISIS into our country, how they’re letting terrorists keep their citizenship, how they tried to remove condemnation of FGM from the Canadian Citizenship Guide, and how they’re letting our border be treated like a joke. It’s always better to attack than defend, and the Conservatives should immediately stop their criticism of Bernier and focus attention on Khalid.

If they fail to do so, they will only alienate themselves further from many of their supporters, and that will hurt their chances in the upcoming campaign.

Spencer Fernando

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The road to hell is being paved by politicans priorizing multiculturalism despite its failure.


Indeed Bernier s statements are RIGHT ON ..they do not oppose Canada s endorsement of diversity but this generic term has taken a turn for the ridiculous currently ..many if not most ‘ rational ‘ Canadians agree with how Bernier has stated his opinion !!! Conservatives unite …

Glen Aldridge

Not only has Bernie spoken openly & honestly about Multiculturalism in Canada, the response by the Liberals & Andrew Scheer shows exactly where their priorities lay & it’s not representing the majority of Canadians, it’s on securing votes or more accurately afraid of losing them.

Gerri Page

Andrew Scheer was an atrocious mistake as PC Leader. To defeat Trudeau Max Bernier was the actual chosen one. Scheer is weak and not a leader. My vote was wasted and who ever heard of Scheer at all? Impossible to take him seriously and he comes across more like a Red Tory.

Ron Voss

Virtue-signalling Scheer is a disgrace to misrepresent Bernier in that way. Smil’n Andrew Scheer always on the lookout for something to apologize about to endear himself to the media party.


Andrew Scheer is a complete moron, We need a new leader , I think he is mentally ill,


We are all born ignorant, but liberals work hard to remain stupid!


Oh Spencer, I agree with you. The Conservatives with Scheer would be much like the Lieberals/NDP and we have no one to vote for as Scheer now appears to be a fake Conservative like Mulroney was (and he destroyed the Conservatives before) The Conservatives better find a real common sense strong person for a leader or we are doomed as a country, no wonder Scheer will not speak up, he is a Lieberal, wow who do we vote for, the country almost is divided and destroyed, and there are no Leaders in place to fix it? If we beg Mr.… Read more »


NancyW . Perfect. I agree. Who do we vote for if there is nobody to vote for? Everyone above has hit this right on the head. This Scheer person has turned out to be a Trudeau light. Canadians are getting the same reaction about Bernier that Kelly Leitch got from those who live their lives trying to be politically correct. The next election is the Conservatives to lose. Trudeau is giving it away and Scheer is showing he doesn’t want it. There are a few front row Conservatives that would be great Party leaders and truly represent what the majority… Read more »


I sure wish that Bernier would have won the Conservative Leadership! I am sure that things would be much better in Canada and Bernier would definitely win the 2019 Federal Election. Bernier is speaking for the Majority of Canadians and not the Elites! Is there any way that Bernier can become our new leader? We need a strong leader who stands up for Canadians!

Moe. S.

Conservative Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer really needs a lesson on the definition of “opposition Leader.” The guy really needs to give his head a shake. While he had his guns pointed at Bernie’s twitter comments, sanctimonious the Reverend Trudeau gave a rambling speech about the ‘strength of diversity’ to the crowds during the Taste of the Danforth in honor of the Danforth Toronto shooting victims. Trudeau quote from speech: “our differences are a source of strength, never a source of weakness.” Huh! As Anthony Fury (T.O. Sun) pointed out that is the equivalent of saying, “two people and one person… Read more »


Scheer is a closet Liberal in my mind. He sounds more like Trudeau every time he opens his mouth. His statement saying ” a Conservative Gov will continue to welcome those from all over the world who choose to come here” he’s repeating exactly what Trudeau said and look at the mess that turned into with no end in site. He’s all over the map on issues and the CP picked the wrong guy to cross the finish line. Max is a threat to him and he knows it so the caucus better figure out who should lead them into… Read more »

Real Canadian

Contact the CPC party and demand for Scheer to resign before he ruins the party. I did.
I am now looking at the National Citizens Alliance but at the end it will split the vote and we get JT again just great. Screwed.


Schear is splitting the party to endorse the liberals. He certainly doesn’t respect the conservative point of view. Throwing away the chance to lead a conservative government into power and endorsements for liberal policies. We need a new conservative leader or new party to vote for.