LISTEN: Spencer Fernando Discusses Maxime Bernier With Danielle Smith On News Talk 770

I discuss why Maxime Bernier should keep sharing his views, and why what he’s saying matches up with what Canadians truly believe.

I recently spoke with Danielle Smith on 770 CHQR to discuss Maxime Bernier’s comments on diversity.

You can listen to the discussion below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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I agree with Bernier 110%!!! And am really disappointed that Scheer did not back him up but acted and responded with such Scheer stupidly!! Really Scheer? Do you think that will gain you points in an election? Seems like Scheer has Liberal tendencies!! So disappointing!!!!


Yeah it made me wonder as well. Will we elect just another weak leader? I’m will not vote for someone who panders to certain groups for votes under the diversity flag anymore. He is losing support with his like you said ” liberal tendancies”. If it does wind up getting him elected he will do as all other politicians do, start labeling his supporters as fearmongers and islamaphobes. I got no time for this anymore. We need strong leadership now.


Yeah Spencer Fernando, very well done! We need more Canadians like you.

Moe S.

The voice of reason and sensibility Mr. Spencer Fernando. Bravo! Well done!
You nailed it!

Ron Voss

Some of the reasons why Trump won is that he played to his base and didn’t kowtow to the predominantly ‘progressive’ media.


Canada has a rich First nations history, English and French settlers. We have Biblical writings etched into the Ottawa parliament buildings to be the wisdom to help govern this amazing country. Trudeau and his family have had the luxary of sitting back and wondering ‘what to do today’ while everyday Canadians work hard to build and keep Canada going. We have always welcomed newcomers in a wise and discerning manner, until this laxadaisy PM who has no experience, wisdom or sincerity to his credit. I have been asking everyone who agrees with open borders: When is the last time or… Read more »

P. Spears

All Canadian students should be required to read this book “Who killed Canadian History” by J.L. Granatstein .

corinne mitchell

I agree with Max Bernier 300% and certain values are not acceptable in our country FGM, SHARIA LAW, CHILD MARRIAGE, Those things ARE NOT CANADIAN VALUES OR MORALS teaching ideology in schools (elementary) WRONG learn our education, not ideology!! JA MacDonald was a good and bad NOBODY IS PERFECT but to name a park after someone from another country killed millions uprooted millions a park on our dollar in his name absolutely 100% wrong LOOK at Trudeau is NOT a good person and he’s is NOT HONORABLE and if you ask any questions YOU ARE NOT CANADIAN well since when… Read more »


We need a national news outlets to promote conservatives ideology. Liberals have taken over the entire country news outlets. No national media to support the views of conservatives. We need to address this issue quickly.