Maxime Bernier Is Fighting Against Identity Politics

“Identity politics has become pervasive and is being practiced by all political parties trying to buy votes. Political debate has degenerated into a contest between different ways of pandering to specific groups instead of appealing to our common interests,” says Bernier.

After Andrew Scheer laughably tried to accuse Maxime Bernier of pushing identity politics, Bernier has pushed back, correctly pointing out how his approach is the exact opposite of identity politics:

Here’s what Bernier said on Twitter:

“1/ Doing identity politics means trying to drum up support by appealing to specific groups on the basis of their ethnicity, religion, language, sexuality or other characteristics, instead of speaking to them as Canadians interested in the wellbeing of our country as a whole.”

“2/ Identity politics has become pervasive and is being practiced by all political parties trying to buy votes. Political debate has degenerated into a contest between different ways of pandering to specific groups instead of appealing to our common interests.”

“3/ I have repeatedly stated that I believe identity politics is reductive, divisive and destructive of our social cohesion. I am doing THE OPPOSITE of identity politics by focusing on policy solutions that concern ALL Canadians. And I will continue to do so.”

This is similar to a point I made recently:

“Is the world upside down? Maxime Bernier was criticizing identity politics, & now some politicians – even some conservatives – are accusing him of identity politics? What the hell are they talking about? Unifying people around common values is exact opposite of identity politics.”

Not many people are going to buy Scheer’s attempt to link Bernier to identity politics. Focusing on unity around shared values is the opposite of the identity politics approach that Justin Trudeau, and even Andrew Scheer at times, seem interested in pushing.

Bernier needs to keep speaking out, and Patriotic Canadians need to stand with him and with all who are willing to say what the Canadian People actually think.

Identity politics must be defeated.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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chris brown

Bernier is showing more courage than Sheer on a couple of issues so far. We desperately need leadership that will just tell it like it is. Isn’t Ford’s crushing win enough to say that people, right now at least, are sick and tired of government games. I think the big ” change ” we’re all looking for is, more honesty.


If yiou like Bernier’s policies, donate. Reading and agreeing isn’t enough to clear out the swamp.


Finally someone that supports Canada and Canadians, can we get him a political party ready in time for the election so he can lead the only political party left in Canada, that is for keeping Canada, the Canada Canadians want. All Canada has left is the Lieberal/NDP/Conservative, one party now working the same agenda to destroy OUR country that I loved and was best in the world to me. I want to live in a country that is working together in unity not one that is splintering into divisive groups that want Canada to become the country they had to… Read more »

Ron Voss

Scheer should have embraced what Bernier said, but instead the quisling misrepresented and criticized Bernier.


I find Bernier much better to lead the Conservative party . Scheer is far to passive and after the liberal vote. He has forgotten the conservative mentality and ideology of for the people. He has taken on the same path as liberals and I can’t see him winning if a branch of true conservatives break away from him. I would vote for Bernier to lead the conservatives. schear seems to find it hard to find a voice of the conservatives who are tired of the bull from Ottawa. He has become just another face without purpose.

shawn harris

Identity politics is one of the worst ideas ever created by politicians and especially those on the far left. No one can ever say that all Canadians will benefit by being classified into groups to be exploited, either for good or bad motives, identity politics is a very cruel system, that only produces more problems,pain and suffering. All the while it is presented as a way of empowerment, freedom and equality for those on the receiving end of it. For Bernier to be portrayed as some kind of racist, divisive and thoughtless politician, is to miss the point. And Bernier’s… Read more »


Scheer why are you now becoming a wolf in sheep’s clothing and saying what people want to hear to get elected. I’m a Conservative and totally agree with Maxime Bernier! Your becoming a poser!


I couldnt have said it better my self . Bernier is right on . Makes one wonder whether we all would have been better off with him leading the party rather then Scheer . I have always said that Canada was and is obsessed with tiny minorities and therefore the nations best interests are constantly being thwarted by this creepy , juvenile identity crap.

Real Canadian

Hi There
Contact the CPC party and demand Scheer to step down before he ruins the party. I have
I am also looking at the National Citizen Alliance party, the sad thing tho it will split the vote.

Gonzo the Magnificient

Careful of that! Do you not remember Alberta 2015 provincial election?

Steve Garai

He is absolutely god damned right!!!!!!! Now whether our society can practically work out according to his vision is another matter, because Canada may just be too far gone to resonate to this message, but he is right in having identified the cancer of “multiculturalism” which represents the poisoned seed of unity.


I totally agree with Maxime Bernier. It is high time that Andrew Scheer take a strong stance and stand up for Canadians Values and to what “Canadians” want. Maxime Bernier has always said that Identity Politics is destructive. What doesn’t Andrew Scheer understand? Until Andrew Scheer focuses on Unity around Shared Values and not wrongly criticizing Maxime Bernier, the Conservitive Party will divide. Andrew Scheer doesNOT speak for the Majority of Canadians!

Ben Eby

Once again again Maxime Bernier is stepping up to the plate and saying exactly what needs to be said. He is also going into the tough corners, that others fear. Maxime is a Canadian patriot who appreciates what our forefathers have established as a country, and he wants it to remain that way. We need to pay attention to what he is saying, and dismiss the rhetoric of his opponents within the CP, and as well consider their motives.


Andrew please wake up. For the love of God, use your head. Bravo Bernier.


Scheer is a liberal lite joke and needs to step down now and Maxime Bernier needs to be the leader of the Conservatives. I honestly don’t believe Scheer is capable of pulling off a victory in the next election, nor do I trust him to not continue to sell us off to the globalists.

Ron Voss

Unfortunately the other CPC MPs aren’t much better. Remember Scheer whipping them to support the Liberal motion affirming the Paris Climate Accord in June 2017. When Trost introduced a private member’s bill to privatize the CBC only 5 other CPC stepped up to support his bill.

Don Taylor

I am being swayed by Maxine Bernier “s common sense aproach and not Turdeau’s and Scheers Divisive approach that will do more harm than good,so I would vote for Bernier at this point


Mad Max is right on the money with identity politics and supply management. I don’t think we can win with Sheer. He is too weak and is slow off the mark. Jr is the culprit in identity politics and has been doing quite well at it. His mainstays are gender and ethnicity. I think his end game is SecGen at the UN. This was very much in display early on and is only in the back seat now because he wants to get another term.


I totally agree with Maxime Bernier and everyone here who so eloquently have expressed their support. I voted for Scheer but now regret it. It was a big mistake. The PC party has to drastically change or we will be doomed to fail and the Lieberals will win again and totally destroy our beautiful Canada. So frustrating when we see people refusing to see what is right in front of them…in neon lights!!!! Wake the people up!!!!


I believe what Bernier is saying we must stop identity politics must be defeated

Emily Viggiani

Mr Fernando. I have loved everything you’ve posted up until now. I really admire you as a journalist, and I just applied to take journalism in school. But we can’t keep bemoaning that Maxime Bernier is not the leader. We need to support whoever will take down Justin Trudeau. Andrew Scheer is doing what he feels he needs to do to win. He is running for PRIME MINISTER, big job, and he is the person who is most likely to not only unite the party but pull swing voters. He is trying to present himself in a way, and Maxime… Read more »


Scheer has finally come out as Trudeau light. Unfortunately he seems to be supported by others like Poilievre who has a great attack dog attitude.

My choices? Michelle Rempel or Maxine Bernier . Both are being attacked by Cons and Libs which means they are on the right track and likely represent most Canadians. Votes for Greens and NDP are wasted votes, but who the hell do we vote for now that Scheer has gone Liberal?