REPORT: Under Pressure, Iqra Khalid Rescinds Award Given To Accused Anti-Semite

How could Khalid have thought the award was a good idea in the first place?

Liberal MP Iqra Khalid is rescinding an award that she gave to the PR head of Palestine House – an organization that had lost federal status for alleged links to extremism.

Khalid had come under heavy criticism, following reports that she had given a government award to Amin El Maoued – who is accused of anti-Semitism.

As noted by B’nai Brith, “El-Maoued was investigated by Peel Regional Police for chanting antisemitic slogans at a July 2017 rally in Mississauga. At the same rally, young children were filmed shouting, “Israel and Hitler are the same,” while others in attendance chanted, “With our souls, with our blood, we shall redeem al- Aqsa!”

In a statement, Khalid said “I was not aware of some of Amin El Maoued’s past views — and only he can speak to them — but we all must stand against anti-Semitism and discrimination in all its forms. As a representative of the government especially I must condemn them, and rescind the volunteer certificate given to Amin El Maoued. I will have more thorough due diligence in the future in the allocation of these certificates and I apologize for this mistake.”

On Twitter, the head of B’nai Brith – who had launched a petition calling on Khalid to rescind the award, responded:

“While it is disappointing that didn’t appreciate the negative impact her association with Amin El-Maoued would have on Canadians, it is welcome that she has accepted the consequences of her actions and has now condemned El-Maoued for his antisemitsm.

“We are satisfied with what we must consider a victory for #humanrights in Canada and only hope we do not see a recurrence of this behaviour from Khalid or ANY elected official. Canadians must never stand by idly while our politicians support those who engage in divisive actions.”

Khalid connections

There will be many who doubt the true sincerity of Khalid’s apology. After all, she faced criticism last year for giving another award to El Maoued. Even CBC noted that Khalid gave El Maoued the award “at an event that featured a Palestinian archbishop who purportedly had defended terrorists and suicide bombings.”

Khalid has not rescinded that award.

The reporting on this story has also shown a double-standard. Whereas the Trudeau Liberals and the establishment media are quick to pounce on any store alleging ‘islamophobia,’ their response to anti-semitism, anti-Christian bigotry, and other forms of hatred are often quite different.

And the Conservatives haven’t been pushing back toughly on this, as they didn’t even call for Trudeau to remove Khalid from the Liberal caucus, even as they let themselves get put on the defensive over Maxime Bernier’s common-sense remarks.

Making all of this even more ironic, is the fact that Khalid is the leading proponent behind M-103, and claims to be fighting against hate while associating with those who spread hate and defend the indefensible.

Spencer Fernando

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