Trump Says “We’re Not Negotiating With Canada Right Now”

More bad news for Canada, as the US & Mexico get closer to a deal.

The Trudeau government has been desperately spinning about the state of NAFTA negotiations, acting as if it’s totally normal that the US and Mexico keep meeting while Canada is left out.

But as I’ve been saying for some time, it’s not normal. That’s not how negotiations are supposed to go.

And now, it’s obvious that Canada is in a severely weakened negotiating position, with zero leverage.

During a meeting with his cabinet, Trump spoke about how the negotiations are going:

“We’re not negotiating with Canada right now. Their tariffs are too high, their barriers are too strong, so we’re not even talking to them right now. But we’ll see how that works out. It will only work out to our favour.”

And the US strategy to strike a deal with Mexico, and use that to force Canada to sign a deal (after our leverage is gone), was discussed by US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer:

“I’m hopeful with Mexico and then I hope once we get one with Mexico that Canada will come along.”

Amazingly, the Trudeau government kept trying to spin things as if it’s all going just fine:

“Minister Freeland, Ambassador (David) MacNaughton and the Canadian negotiating team are in regular contact with their counterparts and we look forward to continuing these important discussions in the coming weeks,” said spokesman Adam Austen.

It must be said once again, that the Trudeau government had a chance to get a quick NAFTA deal when the US was angry at Mexico, and refused. Instead, Freeland & Trudeau said they wanted “solidarity” with Mexico. Now, Mexico has decided to look after their own interests and seem to be getting along well with the US, while Canada is on the sidelines.

It’s yet another epic failure by the Trudeau government.

You can watch the Trump cabinet meeting below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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This is the Trudeau strategy for next election. Dope and anti Americanism……..will it work? It might when the Conservatives are so weak and silent, except Bernier, who has been chastised by Sheer, probably for his criticism of supply management and immigration statements.


“If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and man.” – Mark Twain


Wow, we need a Donald Trump, I am sure happy for the United States, he scared me at first, but he is a true patriot and hardworking president and I hope they realize how lucky they were to have him,protecting yhem and building a strong country. Totally different in Canada. I hope that we can find a FOR Canada government, we do not have one, and so far it looks like our last hope for common sense has joined another party and is following the hate Canada disaster foreign puppets dividing us up and collapsing us financially, but he stayed… Read more »

Mike Allan

I do agree Nancy. I thought we had finally found that in sheer. I now believe Bernier maybe the answer?

David MacKAY

Justin does not have the skill sets to build, create, or succeed so he takes the alternative route where he obfuscates, misleads and fails.
Justin is happey that he is what he is after all Americans pursue excellence and justin will not do the same so he pursues mediocrity and even fails at that.

alan skelhorne

well fernano, who do we believe. president trump says we are not meeting with canada. but, freelans says they are , everyday as a matter of fact, so please tell me the truth. are they , or are they not.

JD MacDonald

Justin Trudeau still thinks Canada is a special snowflake on the world stage.

P Toth

That is a BIG vote of non confidence from our biggest trading partner! We must have a general election now!


I most definitely would not want to work with Canada while jihadi Justin is in gov.
President loves his country and his people more than exclusive divider Justin Trudeau and his media ever will.
Loving and caring for one’s country as Donald Trump shows, Justin on the other shows love for radicalism while endangering the lives of others and country Canada.


Sure would like to send a message to President Trump, Lighthizer and the rest of the U.S. Trade Negotiators…hang-out for another 18 months, delay in any manner you can, there is nothing you need hurry about, and by next Fall we in the Silent reserves of Canada’s Electorate will successfully oust the current cabal of ineptitude, and install a Cooperative as well as Competitive Leadership, to take this nation into the 21st Century along with, rather than against our Trade Partners world-wide.

October 2019, please Wait for Canada to breath again.