VIDEO: Post-Nationalist Trudeau Criticizes Maxime Bernier’s Common-Sense Statements

Why isn’t Trudeau being condemned for saying Canada has no core identity?

Justin Trudeau has repeatedly advocated a radical – even extremist – vision of Canada. He thinks our country has no core identity, and thinks it should be the world’s first ‘post-national state.’

Of course, we know that a country without a core identity, and without core values such as a willingness to defend freedom, isn’t really a country at all.

And that’s exactly what Trudeau and the globalists want.

So, it’s no surprise that Post-Nationalist Trudeau is opposed to what Maxime Bernier is saying.

Bernier has been pushing back against the “cult of diversity,” advocating for Canada to be unified around common values, instead of everyone being broken up into groups.

Here’s what Trudeau said about it:

Trudeau and the entire political class just don’t get it. Canadians don’t want our national identity wiped out, we don’t want our values and history erased, and we don’t want a government that thinks any and all practices from around the world are equally valid.

Maxime Bernier is showing political courage by standing up for what the vast majority of Canadians believe, and those like Trudeau and other politicians who criticize Bernier only show how out-of-touch they have become from the people of this country.

The fact that it’s Bernier being attacked by the elites, instead of Trudeau being forced to answer for his dangerous post-nationalist ideology demonstrates that Canada’s political ‘leaders’ don’t understand what it means to be Canadian.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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