VIDEO: Post-Nationalist Trudeau Criticizes Maxime Bernier’s Common-Sense Statements

Why isn’t Trudeau being condemned for saying Canada has no core identity?

Justin Trudeau has repeatedly advocated a radical – even extremist – vision of Canada. He thinks our country has no core identity, and thinks it should be the world’s first ‘post-national state.’

Of course, we know that a country without a core identity, and without core values such as a willingness to defend freedom, isn’t really a country at all.

And that’s exactly what Trudeau and the globalists want.

So, it’s no surprise that Post-Nationalist Trudeau is opposed to what Maxime Bernier is saying.

Bernier has been pushing back against the “cult of diversity,” advocating for Canada to be unified around common values, instead of everyone being broken up into groups.

Here’s what Trudeau said about it:

Trudeau and the entire political class just don’t get it. Canadians don’t want our national identity wiped out, we don’t want our values and history erased, and we don’t want a government that thinks any and all practices from around the world are equally valid.

Maxime Bernier is showing political courage by standing up for what the vast majority of Canadians believe, and those like Trudeau and other politicians who criticize Bernier only show how out-of-touch they have become from the people of this country.

The fact that it’s Bernier being attacked by the elites, instead of Trudeau being forced to answer for his dangerous post-nationalist ideology demonstrates that Canada’s political ‘leaders’ don’t understand what it means to be Canadian.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Glen Robert Parr

Trudeau is too stupid too understand that the division, he and his band of regressive Liberals are causing, is severely damaging Canada’s economy and will be his undoing next year. Pandering to the world’s minorities while doing nothing for Canada, yet always saying the opposite, is his method of operation. How can anyone still support this cultural Marxist, anti-Canadian, arrogant, entitled, dangerous moron? Bernier speaks for the rapidly growing silent majority of Canadians that want our PM to take care of Canada first before giving away billions of borrowed dollars to other countries to stoke his own distorted ego and… Read more »

Fred Dimmick

AMEN! So should we all be.

Ron Voss

Trudeau has been blathering his ‘diversity is our strength’ mantra until now without any pushback or questioning. Finally a bold conservative has stepped forward to say ‘the emperor has no clothes’.


Maxime Bernier is right and should have received the support of the Conservatives in that the has a RIGHT to his opinion and to state them; besides he is only voicing what reasonable and loyal Canadians think and state THIS is what Canadians want …not the blubber that Trudeau spews as being WHAT CANADIANS want

Sheila Robillard

Could not agree more


What can Canadians expect when the leader of the Conservatives criticizes Maxime Bernier. Andrew Scheer should be ashamed of himself for not backing up Maxime, who is speaking for the majority of Canadians. Andrew Scheer has allowed this Treasonous out-of-touch Globolist Joke of a PM to also criticize Maxime. I say it is time for a new Conservative Leader! Shape up or Ship Out, Andrew!


Scherr is a meek one…proof is in the pudding. All talk minus action equals zero…


“The University of Alberta Department of Physics has just announced the discovery of the densest element yet known to science.” This new element has been named Trudumb. Trudumb has one neutron, and 182 member neutrons, giving it an atomic mass of 183. These particles are held together by light and dark particles called radical moron’s, which are surrounded by vast quantities of lepton-like particles called peons. The atomic symbol for Trudumb is TURD – short for stinky! TURD’s mass actually increases over time, as radical moron’s randomly interact with various elements in the atmosphere and become assistant deputy neutrons within… Read more »

Sandra W

Clever and factual!


Spencer, Bernier’s outspoken voice has garnered media attention. Andrew Scheer could have used the opportunity to crush Trudeau because Max’s comments are right. Instead Scheer attacks Bernier. Scheer’s idea it would seem, probably given to him by his advisers, is that Trudeau and his government are so blunderliscious that he can just sit back and watch them ruin themselves. Unfortunately, the MSM, especially the CBC, doesn’t let on to the reality of the despotism that Trudeau and his gang are really committing against Canadians, socially, economically and culturally, otherwise Scheer would be at 95% popularity and Bernier would be silent.… Read more »

Gerri Page

Andrew Scheer is useless and knows nothing about politics other than what he is told to say, read or listen on his ear phone. Max Bernier and Steven Fletcher are 100 times the politician Scheer isn’t and now we are stuck with a loser who acts more like a Liberal. Scheer should just shut his mouth and open it only when he has something intelligent to say. He is handing the next election back to Trudeau because he has done nothing worth while as PC Leader so far.

Sandra W

WOW, a federal Canadian politician with BACKBONE!!! I am now convinced that Mr. Bernier absolutely should be the leader of the CPC party going into the 2019 election. He continues to prove his metal as a true leader… capable, strong and willing to stand up for Canada and what is right. The fact that he is unafraid to say what needs to be said is to be applauded, not chided by any Conservatives, especially Andrew Sheer. Wise up and wise up NOW Mr. Sheer, the VERY LAST thing you should be doing is supporting Trudeau and his Liberals period! Your… Read more »