Widow Of Man Killed In Fredericton Shooting Called Justin Trudeau A “Piece Of Sh*t” During Phone Call

“If he was here I would say it again to his face.”

Melissa Robichaud – the widow of Fredericton shooting victim Donnie Robichaud – says she called Justin Trudeau a “piece of sh*t” during a condolence phone call.

According to the CP, “Melissa Robichaud said her family was hurt the prime minister did not reach out to them Sunday while in the city, where he paid public tribute to Constables Robb Costello and Sara Burns at city hall. Robichaud said Trudeau told her he had wanted to give his condolences for the death of her husband, Donnie Robichaud, but couldn’t because he was meeting with families of the police officers.”

In response, Robichaud explained what she said:

“So I said so what. They wear a vest, they carry a gun, that makes them more important than one of us? I called him a piece of (expletive).”

The report notes that “Robichaud said she swore at him because her two sons have been made to feel that their father was somehow less important.”

“Honestly I just lost my husband and my kids have just lost their father. My son put it on Facebook how hurt he was that he (Trudeau) was in town and he couldn’t even find a phone number to call and give his condolences or anything like that.”

Robichaud says she would do it again, and has no regrets:

“Oh my God no,” she said. “If he was here I would say it again to his face.”

According to the CP, Robichaud said Donnie’s ashes will be scattered.

“I’m taking his ashes along a strip that we all used to take on the bikes and letting them go,” she said.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Screenshot