Widow Of Man Killed In Fredericton Shooting Called Justin Trudeau A “Piece Of Sh*t” During Phone Call

“If he was here I would say it again to his face.”

Melissa Robichaud – the widow of Fredericton shooting victim Donnie Robichaud – says she called Justin Trudeau a “piece of sh*t” during a condolence phone call.

According to the CP, “Melissa Robichaud said her family was hurt the prime minister did not reach out to them Sunday while in the city, where he paid public tribute to Constables Robb Costello and Sara Burns at city hall. Robichaud said Trudeau told her he had wanted to give his condolences for the death of her husband, Donnie Robichaud, but couldn’t because he was meeting with families of the police officers.”

In response, Robichaud explained what she said:

“So I said so what. They wear a vest, they carry a gun, that makes them more important than one of us? I called him a piece of (expletive).”

The report notes that “Robichaud said she swore at him because her two sons have been made to feel that their father was somehow less important.”

“Honestly I just lost my husband and my kids have just lost their father. My son put it on Facebook how hurt he was that he (Trudeau) was in town and he couldn’t even find a phone number to call and give his condolences or anything like that.”

Robichaud says she would do it again, and has no regrets:

“Oh my God no,” she said. “If he was here I would say it again to his face.”

According to the CP, Robichaud said Donnie’s ashes will be scattered.

“I’m taking his ashes along a strip that we all used to take on the bikes and letting them go,” she said.

Spencer Fernando

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Good for her. He has no class, no compassion, no empathy. If she’d have had reporters there with cameras, he would have met with her. I’m so sorry for her and her son’s loss of Donnie.


I’m not sure if that’s an appropriate comment. Calling Justin Trudeau a piece of $#!t is insulting to the word $#!t.


I think maybe that made her feel better after all the pain she and her children are going through. I hope the best for them, what a terrible ordeal to go through with your children.
He was in a hurry to fit in a visit to the gay pub because he was now going to miss dancing in the pride parade. this messed up his important schedule,


I hope that the majority of people in New Brunswick feel the same way about Trudeau as Donnie Robichaud’s widow does. He is exactly what she called him. He does think that the families of the police officers are more important than Donnie Robichaud’s family. Trudeau is disgusting in every which way, and I hope that the Atlantic Provinces are finally getting the message that he has to be Turfed in October 2019!

Gonzo the Magnificient

Atlantic Canada turn against Trudeau? Trudeau didn’t even fight on New Brunswick’s behalf for he Energy East pipeline so that the Irving refineries could get the business and add revenue to their provincial treasury and added employment. He will get more votes than ever if I read the Atlantic provinces correctly. Things never make sense in some places – like down there!!

Brian dougan

Ann; totally in agreement. However; Turdeau doesn’t think the families of the slain police officers are more important. He could care less. It put “him” in the media spotlight; that’s the only reason he showed up. The shooter’s name wasn’t Muhammad; so it was safe for the serpent to slither into New Brunswick. He went nowhere near the families of the two girls shot to death in Toronto…murdered by a Muslim.

Leo Arbour

Awesome,I totally agree Melissa Robichaud , there should be more like U


Biker killed by cyclist… something is not adding up.

alan skelhorne

at least that is one in the maritimes that has told the truth, the new imam of canada trudeau must have been very upset. i wonder if he cried.

Sandra W

My heartfelt condolences to the families and other loved ones of the three deceased. Donnie Robichaud’s death is not of less importance than the lives of the two police officers. Everything that Trudeau does is coldly calculated. He is a viper, a hardhearted narcissist whose every action is with his own furtherance in mind. Expressing in-person “condolences” for the police officers would be a more high profile “event” for him, with lots of media attention, as was his appearance at the gay pub festivities on the same date. Trudeau is incapable of sincerity, empathy and genuine compassion. Melissa Robichaud is… Read more »


do you actually think he listened to her


The prime idiot remains a piece of s..t for this and so many other reasons …


” says she called Justin Trudeau a “piece of sh*t” – It isn’t only politicians that speak for most Canadians.


The Prime Minister DID NOT make a special trip to NB, it had been planned for a while as he was appearing in the pride parade. With the bad press as to his single tweet during the Danforth shootings, he had felt in best interest of optics to visit the police memorial and speak to the officers families. Whether this was done in person or phone, has never truly been revealed. I found it classless that when speaking with the media he once a again made it all about his own grief and loss of his brother. Was he playing… Read more »


Oh well. It’s the same insult he used in the house of commons against Peter Kent. And we all know it’s true anyways