BIASED CBC ATTACKS BERNIER: Rosemary Barton Criticized After Acting Like Propaganda Minister For Trudeau Government

More evidence that the CBC is just the media arm of the Trudeau government.

The elites continue to attack Maxime Bernier for his common-sense statements about diversity.

And now, CBC has taken things to a new low.

In the report below, CBC tried hinting – with ZERO evidence – that there was link between the timing of Maxime Bernier’s tweets, and a far-right rally in the US:

CBC makes the ‘link’ without any proof, engaging in baseless speculation. It’s a clear example of Fake News.

And as you can imagine, Maxime Bernier pushed back against the attempt to demonize him:

“Just saw this report which implies a “timing” between my tweets last Sunday and some violent demonstration in the US. How do you know that I “chose to send (my) messages on the first anniversary of the riots in Charlottesville” ? This is despicable.

And then, Rosemary Barton from CBC replied, basically saying that unless Bernier talks to them, they’ll interpret things in the worst possible way:

“How do we you didn’t time to coincide with that anniversary given you won’t give any interviews to anyone about anything you tweet? How about you answer some questions and defend your position in front of people then we can talk about what is fake. Thanks for watching.

Think about that for a second. CBC made a link between Bernier’s tweets and the rally in the US without any evidence whatsoever – because they couldn’t rule it out?

Going by that logic, you could report anything about anybody. I could report that CBC takes orders directly from Justin Trudeau through a videoconference every morning and says exactly what he wants them to say. After all, I can’t rule it out, and CBC hasn’t contacted me to deny it.

As you can imagine, once people saw that Rosemary Barton was acting like a member of Justin Trudeau’s Propaganda Ministry, they pushed back against CBC’s bias:

Someone even pointed out how excited Barton seemed to get a selfie with Trudeau:

Biased Barton

Rosemary Barton and the CBC aren’t even trying to hide their bias anymore. Maxime Bernier dared to question the corrupt establishment message, and now the CBC, along with Trudeau and even some elites in the Conservative Party are trying to take him down.

Once again, we see why it’s an absolute disgrace that we’re forced to pay for Biased Barton and the CBC – when much of what they do is act like Justin Trudeau’s Propaganda Ministry.


Spencer Fernando

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