BIASED CBC ATTACKS BERNIER: Rosemary Barton Criticized After Acting Like Propaganda Minister For Trudeau Government

More evidence that the CBC is just the media arm of the Trudeau government.

The elites continue to attack Maxime Bernier for his common-sense statements about diversity.

And now, CBC has taken things to a new low.

In the report below, CBC tried hinting – with ZERO evidence – that there was link between the timing of Maxime Bernier’s tweets, and a far-right rally in the US:

CBC makes the ‘link’ without any proof, engaging in baseless speculation. It’s a clear example of Fake News.

And as you can imagine, Maxime Bernier pushed back against the attempt to demonize him:

“Just saw this report which implies a “timing” between my tweets last Sunday and some violent demonstration in the US. How do you know that I “chose to send (my) messages on the first anniversary of the riots in Charlottesville” ? This is despicable.

And then, Rosemary Barton from CBC replied, basically saying that unless Bernier talks to them, they’ll interpret things in the worst possible way:

“How do we you didn’t time to coincide with that anniversary given you won’t give any interviews to anyone about anything you tweet? How about you answer some questions and defend your position in front of people then we can talk about what is fake. Thanks for watching.

Think about that for a second. CBC made a link between Bernier’s tweets and the rally in the US without any evidence whatsoever – because they couldn’t rule it out?

Going by that logic, you could report anything about anybody. I could report that CBC takes orders directly from Justin Trudeau through a videoconference every morning and says exactly what he wants them to say. After all, I can’t rule it out, and CBC hasn’t contacted me to deny it.

As you can imagine, once people saw that Rosemary Barton was acting like a member of Justin Trudeau’s Propaganda Ministry, they pushed back against CBC’s bias:

Someone even pointed out how excited Barton seemed to get a selfie with Trudeau:

Biased Barton

Rosemary Barton and the CBC aren’t even trying to hide their bias anymore. Maxime Bernier dared to question the corrupt establishment message, and now the CBC, along with Trudeau and even some elites in the Conservative Party are trying to take him down.

Once again, we see why it’s an absolute disgrace that we’re forced to pay for Biased Barton and the CBC – when much of what they do is act like Justin Trudeau’s Propaganda Ministry.


Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Ron Voss

“The elites continue to attack Maxime Bernier for his common-sense statements about diversity.” The best way for true conservatives to know they are on the right track.


Shame on you Barton. You just lost your credibility with the real Canadians. You have family for gosh sakes. Are you not concerned about their future? You must know this snowflake attitude will not last much longer. You can be as bias as you want..we are not listening. Just wasting your time and our money. Shame, shame.


She has always been there held back just enough . You could always figure it out. Very sad our money for this? ?


$1.5 BILLION hard earned tax dollars wasted every year. Make the CBC a public subscription media entity and those that want to watch and listen can pay for it themselves.

It would be hilarious to see Barton asking for donations and support. Since the CBC would not be a charity, there would be no tax deductions.

Barton hasn’t denied being a Liberal hack, so it must be true.


When Donald Trump calls the Majority of the Media “Fake News”, he knows exactly what he is talking about and the CBC and CTV are definitely “Fake News” in Canada. The CBC receives 26 Billion Dollars annually from our Stupid Liberal Government. Rosemary Barton is just another Fake Media Propaganda Puppet for this Despicable Joke of a PM. Rosemary Barton should be ashamed of herself. If you can’t speak the truth, then SHUT UP!


Has Andrew Scheer spoken out about CBC trying to slander the Conservatives, never mind Maxime Bernier who is for the people? Is Andrew Scheer going to be for the people, he is not defending the Conservatives even, so he is not for Canadians? What does he stand for, no one knows, except not Canadians? How can Canadians choose how to vote when Conservatives can not say anything of importance to Canadians? nothing we are waiting to hear? He agrees with Trudeau, on the expensive fake Paris accord, on Trudeau’s and CBC’s unfair slanted comments on President Trump, Conservatives stood up… Read more »

Eric Blair

Spencer, both you and Ezra often complain about the CBC and rightly so, and yet, I read (especially from Ezra) that the viewership of the CBC’s news shows are the lowest of all the news broadcasts in Canada. So basically let them say what they want because hardly anyone is listening to them.

I would defund them for sure and all that ought to remain is the northern service for remote communities, something which the government ought to support. But for the rest of Canada, let them compete with the private sector and then they can either sink or swim.

Gonzo the Magnificient

The only way to defund the CBC is have Maxime Bernier – or a faxsimile – as PM with a majority! In other words: not likely. Scheer and company have got to prove themselves as worthy, to my way of thinking. I have not seen enough from Scheer to inpress me but at least he far from Trudeau.


Remember the Toronto Eighteen terrorist and their intention of blowing up CN tower, cbc , Roger skydoom, parliament and behead then, PMSH before being thwarted by the RCMP? Well, leader of the eighteen,Amara ZAKARIA was released from jail and is allowed to stay in Canada rather than being reported because jihadi Justin said so. I wonder, had the terrorists carried out their mission cbc and reporters will not be here today. And Instead of hating Trudeau for keeping their potential killer in Canada, Rosemary and clan go after Maxime Bernier for wanting to keep his country safe. Rosemary Barton should… Read more »

John W mcLaughlin

Rosemary Barton has just destroyed what she had as a career in subjective media with bias CBC by outright lieing to readers

shawn harris

It is the words and actions of the CBC and other mainstream media that present to the public on a daily basis, that causes most Canadians to want the real truth; simply because they can see right through their deceitful and arrogant lies. The so called ALT right media is not a media that came out out of nothing but it was created by people who wanted to tell the real truth and expose the lies of the Trudeau supported media. Bernier is a Canadian with honour for speaking the truth to power. For how can anyone call it democracy… Read more »

Chris vrecko

This needs to be out for every bloody libtard to read. A disgrace. I hated them before but this takes the cake. Shame on every person that watches this God forsaken channel and their very fake crap!

chris brown

Agreed. Defund the CBC.


Andrew Scheer is looking more and more like a Liberal in Conservative clothing. Me thinks that the conservative caucus voted for the wrong person. Instead of calling out Trudeau on all his idiotic decisions, he panders to the left wing in hopes of swaying their votes. God I miss the days of Stephen Harper and common sense right wing thinking.

Bruce Meyers

CBC? I don’t watch them anymore. They are Liberal Party shills, much like CNN is to the Democrats. Sound and looks like Rosemary is our own Don Lemon. Butts is the Wasserman- Schwartz equivalent. Fawning Liberal psycho have rallied behind a clown prince and his ‘puppet master’, Butts. Call the election now. If the Little Potato wins, then begin the breakup of Canada on Jan 1, 19. This feels like death by a 1000 cuts.

Kenneth Oblak

Well said. And then head for the USA and claim asylum as a refugee because freedom of speech is now and will be even more so, gone . Some folks are thinking of it.

Mike Allan

We need to perhaps put Maxime Bernier on the ballot by having a referendum vote for Canadian Conservatives.Sheer claims to be a God fearing conservative but I’m beginning to think he may have to much libtard in his heart.His platform form sounded good but as to my opinion now is that all of Canada could be hurt by not fighting the socialist open border trudeau.Why is the leader of our Conservative party not saying absolutely No to lying socialist trudeau?

Sandra Clark

Bernier is right in my books. Trudeau doesn’t like being called out on his relaxed and soft attitude on his illegal immigration and his diversity ‘propaganda’ and those that stand behind and love Trudeau, don’t like it either. It’s time that people stood up for real Canadian Values and our own. Canadians have a right to object and I think it’s great that a Conservative Politician (Bernier) is finally saying what most of us want to. Trudeau is putting too much enfaces on diversity and forgetting about the people who are footing the bill for his agenda. It’s really sad… Read more »


Off topic but still related to fake news propaganda: I’m dreading the 2019 election cycle in Canada. I think it’s going to an all-out culture war, just like the 2016 US election was with the globalist media’s pushing one sided coverage. We all know which side the CBC and CTV will be on. The Liberal Party of Canada is no longer liberal. Under the Trudeau/Butts regime they are now a part of Leftist/Globalist cabal pushing the same EU/UN sustainability agenda being foisted on the Europeans through borderless mass immigration, multiculturalism, Islamism, and socialism. Their aim is to fundamentally transform Canadian… Read more »