REPORT: Iqra Khalid Called Man Accused Of Spreading Antisemitism Her “Rock” And “Brother”

Khalid claims she only just learned of Amin El Maoued’s extremist views. But how does she explain ignoring criticism of her connection to him for over a year, and how does she explain honouring his group after it previously lost federal status for connections to extremism?

As I recently reported, Iqra Khalid rescinded an award given to alleged anti-Semite Amin El Maoued.

El Maoued is the public relations chief for Palestine House, a group that was stripped of federal status by the Conservative government in 2012 over their pattern of connections to extremism.

El Maoued has been accused of making anti-Semitic statements, and participating in events that featured vile anti-Semitic rhetoric.

After Khalid gave him a government award in August of 2018, there was a large backlash, with people questioning why she would honour someone like that.

Under pressure, Khalid backtracked, rescinded the award, and said she wasn’t aware of his views.

But people aren’t buying it.

After all, Khalid gave him another award in April, 2018, and refused to respond to critics who pointed out his rhetoric at that time.

Additionally, she has praised El Maoued in the past, including saying “Today, on behalf of myself and the Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, I want to recognize the great work that brother Amin has done for us and for Mississauga-Erin Mills. Thank you.”

She also called him her “rock”, as well as a “strong ally for myself, for the Palestinian community within Mississauga.”

Those comments were made in a Facebook video – which unsurprisingly has been taken down.

So, it seems that Khalid knew exactly who El Maoued was when she praised him and made it clear that she is incredibly close to him.

Conservative Senator Linda Frum has pointed out how crazy it is to think Khalid and the Trudeau Liberals weren’t aware of who El Maoued really is:

Nobody can believe Iqra Khalid or Justin Trudeau when they claim not to know who El Maoued is. They know exactly who he is, and they were glad to take his money and his political support until it became embarrassing.

Trudeau & Khalid have only further confirmed that they are the ones pushing hatred and division in Canada, and they are increasingly dangerous to the future of our nation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Screengrab