PATHETIC: CBC Continues ‘Demonize Bernier’ Campaign, Tries Linking Him To Jinnah Park Vandalism

CBC is clearly taking their orders directly from the Trudeau government at this point.

CBC isn’t even trying to hide it anymore. They are on a non-stop campaign to demonize Maxime Bernier, even when they have no evidence to back it up.

First, they tried linking Bernier’s tweets to a far-right rally in the US. After Bernier rightfully pushed back, Rosemary Barton (doing her best impression of Trudeau’s Propaganda Minister), then basically said that unless Bernier was willing to talk to CBC they would interpret his tweets in the worst way possible.

And now, they’re going even further.

Last week, Maxime Bernier Tweeted about the fact that a park in Winnipeg was named after Muhammed Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan.

Before Bernier tweeted about it, I had written about it, as did many others. I had even tweeted about it.

The revelation that a park was being named after the highly-controversial founder of Pakistan, while statues of John A. Macdonald are being torn down generated tremendous, and justified anger among patriotic Canadians.

Then, in what is certainly a case of ‘convenient’ timing, the park was vandalized. The Jinnah Park sign was sawed off.

Now, there’s absolutely no way to know who did it, since nobody has taken responsibility. It’s entirely possible it was someone angry about the sign being put up.

However, it’s also possible that it was sawed off by someone who wanted to set in motion exactly this serious of events – the attempt by CBC to demonize Bernier and all who agree with him.

That has happened numerous times, as past ‘hate-crimes’ have been revealed to be perpetrated by someone from the community allegedly being ‘attacked.’

And we all saw the Hijab Hoax, which was revealed to be a total lie.

True journalists would wait for actual facts to come in – including finding out who was responsible – before they tried blaming someone for it.

But that’s not what CBC is doing.

They’re jumping ahead, and trying to link Bernier to the vandalism – without any evidence.

Consider the headline of a recent CBC article on the vandalism:

“Sign vandalized after MP Maxime Bernier calls out Winnipeg park for ‘extreme multiculturalism”

The article also featured lines like this:

“Days after Conservative MP Maxime Bernier singled out a Winnipeg park named after a Pakistani leader in an attempt to demonstrate that multiculturalism has gone too far, the park’s new sign was vandalized.” 

“The discarded wooden stumps suggest the sign’s poles were sawed off.”

“It’s very hurtful and saddening to see,” said Khan, standing metres from where the sign once stood in Winnipeg’s South Pointe community.

“He wants to send a message to Bernier, his supporters and everyone else in Canada that hatred has no place in this country. The city’s Pakistani community will host a celebration of diversity at the park on Sunday.”

CBC even included this, which again unfairly links Bernier to the vandalism, and is a free advertisement for an event:

“In response to Bernier’s remarks, people of all cultural backgrounds have been invited to Jinnah Park, south of Tim Sale Drive at Northern Lights Drive, beginning at 4 p.m. local time on Sunday for a show of Canada’s diversity, hosted by the Pakistani Students’ Association and the Pakistani Association. The event will include live music, bouncy castles and ethnic foods.”

This CBC story is garbage.

First, they have no evidence of a link between Bernier and the vandalism.

Second, they talk about ‘hatred,’ implying that questioning whether a park should be named for the founder of a foreign country is somehow hateful.

And third, they promote an event and explicitly say it’s ‘in response to Bernier’s remarks.’

CBC is now on a clear, anti-Bernier campaign, and it’s being funded with our tax dollars.

It’s pathetic, and it’s a disgrace.

CBC is now not even pretending that they aren’t doing the bidding of Trudeau and the out-of-touch, elitist political class. We’re being forced to fund the demonization of patriotic Canadians, and the suppression of independent thinking.

That’s why we all need to keep using platforms like this one, and social media, to push back against CBC’s propaganda and make sure the true views of the Canadian People are heard.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

Unlike the CBC, people support my writing voluntarily. If you would like to support, you can help contribute through PayPal at the button below:

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Was this sign cut at the request of the Liberals and / or the CBC? They haven’t denied it, therefore it must be true.

Gonzo the Magnificient

TOUCHE! What a retort!

Norbert Kausen

Time to sue the CBC for defamation of character or slander!! Sue the Communist Broadcasting System for MILLIONS!!! They should be shut down!!!

Gonzo the Magnificent

Communist, Concocted, Convoluted. Anything but Canadian the traitorous bast**ds!


When is Andrew Scheer going to speak up and defend Bernier? When Scheer said that Bernier doesn’t speak for the Conservative Party, he was WRONG!
Bernier speaks for millions of Conservatives in Canada!


Scheer is all talk


I think so too. Andrew Scheer is kowtowing to a lighter version of Trudeau. Michelle Rempel or Max need to take up the fight for the majority of Conservatives in Canada, who can see the writing on the wall.


Bernier is a concern citizen of Canada for united Canada.
CBC reporters are concern citizens of Justin Trudeau for Justin Trudeau’s radical gov.
Canadians who in general are citizens of Canada, some chose to divide themselves from Canadian values to Justin trudeau’s radical values.
Our men women in uniform fought and died for United Canada not for dividing nor radicalism of their country Canada.

Ron Voss

The CBC isn’t linking the event to Tarek Fatah who wrote a piece in the Toronto Sun, “Canada has no space for Sir John A, but plenty for Jinnah”.


Isn’t it strange that cbc is still standing even though a terrorist that Justin wants to keep in Canada, was one of the Toronto eighteen that wanted to blow up CBC. Every year, cbc should remember that ‘potential fateful day and demonize Justin for keeping their potential killer in Canada instead of deporting him as it was supposed to be.


Even deporting him would have been too generous; he deserved the death penalty for treason.


The dumbest thing Harper did was not shut down Or sell off CBC

shawn harris

Trudeau is following a clear path towards a dictatorship, controlling the media, demonizing anyone who would criticize the government or question the government’s messaging, or just standing up and telling the truth, all of democracy slowly dies and is replaced by whatever the socialist dictatorship says is the truth. It was bad enough in times past when the CBC was clearly recognized as the mouthpiece of the federal Liberals when they held power; but now the CBC doesn’t feel as though fact checking and reporting the truth are important and sacrosanct beliefs to be pursued in every report they broadcast.… Read more »

Fred Dimmick

De-fund all state sponsored propaganda media!


This sick propaganda our tax dollars pay for, this anti Canadian pile of puppets destroying OUR country. Get rid of CBC. Get rid of all these Lieberal/NDP ruining a once good country, welcome all patriot Canadians.

James Smith

I thought these people wanted to escape the brutality of life in Pakistan but instead they want to make Canada into another sharia state

Ken (Kulak)

The effort to destroy Canada socially and economically is accelerating at an ever faster pace.

Moe S.

The statue of Sir John A. Macdonald was vandalized in Montreal, Friday, Aug 17th. Red paint poured over the statue. No mention of the incident on CBC news or other major t.v. outlets. Toronto Sun newspaper reported the incident.

Moe S.

Correction: Globe & Mail and Canadian Press reported Macdonald statue vandalized by an ‘anti-colonial’ and anti-racist’ group calling Sir John A. Macdonald “a white supremacist.” Yes, these know-it-alls lived during 1847-186o’s and Canadians should believe their hateful rhetoric. Bunch of snowflakes who should be hit over the head with Canadian history textbook (if such a text still exists) to knock some sense into them. Have they nothing better to do with their time?


Many of them escape the brutality of Sharia Law to follow our safe laws and be part of Canada’s values and there are those who came to promote the brutality of Sharia Law as part of Canada’s laws as it is done in Uk.
Before Justin term is up do not be surprise he enacts ‘the act of Sharia Law into Canadian law.

Kip Keen

CBC and the Trudeau government are desperate and have their backs against the wall. Mr. Bernier, do not back down to their lies, please.


Trudeau and now Scheer are disgusting when they say people like Bernier are divisive. There is very little more divisive than favoring a “peaceful” collection of people over another. Check the box to support the Liberal blackmail for abortions on a whim or organizations would not receive funding for Summer activities, but Liberals gladly gifted the NCCM / CAIR-CAN $23 million for unstated reasons. Any bets some of that money will be used to finance the banning of free speech and prowling the internet for comments that might or might offend Islam? That is clear favoritism and intentional divisiveness. Trudeau… Read more »


Why would there be a park in Canada, in Winnipeg named after a Pakistani?
It just does not make sense. Furthermore, it is an insult to Canadians. We have a huge line up of great Canadians whose names could have been used ti name the park. To me it just smells like sharia law. When those stubborn idiots will understand NO SHARIA LAW IN CANADA. I am so proud of Maxime Bernier who is denouncing the wrongs and speaking for millions of Canadians.


Now we know how Trump felt after the G7.

Phil Alexander

How dare you criticize the CBC you pay for. It has the best newscasters and investigative reporters you could hope for. While the U.S. networks have there Sunday morning political, public affairs and current events programs the CBC tops them all with the hard hitting, no holds barred nation building 3 hours of Coronation Street.