AUTHORITARIAN: Trudeau Accuses Woman Of “Intolerance” After She Asks About Cost Of Illegal Border Crossers, Then She’s Dragged Away

Yet again, Justin Trudeau uses intimidation and demonizes Canadian Citizens who ‘dare’ to question him.

A video is going viral after it showed Justin Trudeau’s truly awful response to a woman who questioned him about illegal border crossers.

As he was in Quebec for an announcement, a woman in the crowd asked when taxpayers would be refunded $146 million in costs for illegal immigrants crossing the border.

It’s a question most Canadians are asking, as numerous polls show a majority of us disagree with Trudeau’s open borders policy.

Yet, instead of addressing the substance of the question, Trudeau demonized the woman, accusing her of “intolerance” towards immigrants. He even said her thinking had “no place” in Canada, and then said she had “no place” in Quebec.

And then, some of Trudeau’s goons drag her away – after someone flat-out lies and says she’s “making threats.”

Watch the video below:

This is deeply disturbing, and it shows Trudeau’s continued movement towards authoritarianism.

He purposely ignored the fact that the woman said “illegal” immigrants, instead accusing her of “intolerance” towards “immigrants” in general.

Of course, Trudeau’s attempt to erase the line between legal and illegal immigration is deeply insulting to those who entered Canada the legal way.

Second, he tells her that she has no place in Canada or Quebec, the kind of thing a dictator says about those who dare to question them.

And third, he has his people drag her away after someone falsely claims that she’s making threats, a clear effort to stifle and punish any opposition.

Canadians of all political stripes should be deeply disturbed by this. It shows that Justin Trudeau is in fact the intolerant one, and his increasing unwillingness to listen to any opposition is why he must be defeated as soon as possible.

Every day he and the Liberals remain in power, the unity, security and freedom of our country is put at further risk.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Gerri Page

She asked a question most of us would ask but it certainly was not a threat. Illegal immigrants are bleeding us and enjoying life here with no responsibility. Those men had no right to touch or man handle her but of course they are paid Liberal hacks and shame on the others who told her to shut up. Trudeau the Dictator has to go next election for the good of Canada. More power to that woman and too bad more did not join her.

Jodi Greenwood

Do you know how many have and will start up businesses?

Ron Voss

North Korea’s Kim Jung-on would look on approvingly. The PM telling someone they don’t belong when that person has an opinion he doesn’t like.


Are these plain clothes, did one of them grab her, did they or one of them do so, did they identify or without first identifying? Are they over-weight, is one of the overweight? Maybe she can get some legal advice? Sad police grabbing a Canadian while helping border jumpers? What is Trudeau really up to provocation? Is that legal? Have the police not got better things to do like go after corruption on their files?

Moe S.

Had this video not been shot, the Liberal biased media spin would have been “hysterical woman threatens Trudeau.” Instead, the self-proclaimed ‘Feminist’ Trudeau has shown his true character towards a woman merely asking him a question he didn’t want to answer. Those intimidated by those who speak the truth, the mode of defence is to shout down, talk over, and attack using personal insults and put-downs. In my opinion, the video is a rare shot of the real Justin Trudeau behind the mask he wears when out in public.


I hope that lady is thanked for trying so hard to get our message across again. Merci beaucoup, you very good lady asking questions Canadians want answers to sorry you were treated so badly, lets not vote for him again he is intolerant of us in Canada. I just read an article in the Montreal Gazette about what they think Andrew Scheer’s platform is about, if this is true, I am liking Andrew Scheer again wow it is hard to straighten out all the lies going on when we need truth in the media, but if it is true I… Read more »


Trudeau is not even interested in what Canadian citizens have to say like this lady. Regardless that the man who grabbed her was a policeman, he was forceful and it can be considered an assault. A policeman can restrain someone only when the person attacks other people physically; she did not touch anybody, she just asked 2 questions and Trudeau did not give her the chance or tell her that he has a question period.

shawn harris

Trudeau, who pretends to support equality, fairness, and the rule of law for all Canadians says that this woman and her views don’t belong in Canada, just proves how much he is totally unfit to be Prime Minister of Canada. Every Prime Minister who came before him always allowed for descent of opinions, views and even unfavourable comments, but not Trudeau, disagree with his version of events, truth or reality and all of a sudden you are no longer a Canadian. All politicians, even the PM, knows that they have to answer citizens questions and tolerate their behaviour, but again… Read more »

Bernard Hitchinson

There is little to say about Trudeau, Jason Kenny was right about him! He should go down as the worst PM in the history of Canada! Bar none!

Lynne Westlund

Frightening video! Free speech is only for those who support Trudeau and his divisive policies. Otherwise you are branded as racist and your opinion has no weight against the elites in the Liberal Party.


Absolutely incredible – then again, what could we expect? Generations have come and gone, and the tyrant CORPORATION never dies – it just keeps on growing to it’s own ideas. What’s even more ludicrous is that people vote-in a human being, none better than themselves, and then delegate all the decisions along with their hard earned money – with NO RECOURSE. It’s absurd – no wait….. it’s the very definition of insanity – truth be told. I long for the day when people finally ‘get it’ – then we can have a DIRECT DEMOCRACY – whereas you get to vote… Read more »


He is so symptomatically arrogant that he dares answer with a reply that has nothing to do with what she justifiably asked ….he is a despicable fake

Norbert Kausen

So. there you have it… Trudeau has now created the police state called the Democratic People’s Republic of Canada, named after the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea! He wants to emulate Kim Jong Un!! He now connsiders himself to be grand dictator of the communist dictatorship of Canada! We now live under TYRANNY!!!


Canada is doomed under Trudeau dictatorship, if he can’t answer a simple question which many Canadians, us taxpayers would like to know, then he has no place being PM of Canada. It has nothing to with being racist or not, Trudeau is throwing illegals immigrants down are throat and if we say something about it we are racist. Trudeau is the worst enemy of Canada, and he is dividing our country. Many people are going without because of Trudeau incompetence, he had no right to invited these illegal immigrants to come to Canada and expect us taxpayers to support them.… Read more »

Cindy Sandberg

Amen to everything you said.


As I said previously “The University of Alberta Department of Physics has just announced the discovery of the densest element yet known to science.” The new element has been named Trudumb. Trudumb has one neutron, and 182 member neutrons, giving it an atomic mass of 183. These particles are held together by light and dark particles called radical moron’s, which are surrounded by vast quantities of lepton-like particles called peons. The atomic symbol for Trudumb is TURD – short for stinky! TURD’s mass actually increases over time, as radical moron’s randomly interact with various elements in the atmosphere and become… Read more »


Shocking behavior, given his professed love of brutal regimes and dictators. Trudeau and his family have no place in Canada. I’m wondering how the liberal nutjobs are enjoying his “open and transparent ” government?


Trudeau is acting like a tyrannical crazy man who is not ready or capable of being a leader and allowing Canadians the freedom to ask questions which is VERY appropriate!! This hypocrite had the nerve (as Freeland did) to back up his minister’s criticisms concerning Saudi Arabia’s human rights while disregarding Canadians’ human rights!! And arresting and abusing a senior lady who never did any wrong (unlike Trudeau) and has probably worked hard & paid taxes like the rest of us and is watching those hard earned dollars being misused By Traitor Trudeau!! He has to go, and is disliked… Read more »


What a hypocritical, abusive bully Trudeau is!! Worried about Saudi’s human rights and forgets about Canadians’ human rights!!

Eleanor Merkus

That Trudeau MUST be voted out!!!! All the woman was doing was showing her disapproval of what the pm was doing. He is definitely acting like a true dictator. Such actions have no place in Canada!!


I would love to see Todumb , mr potato head put into a locked room with a few old french grannies and a few of us western grandpas , mabe we could teach junior a lesson on how to answer a financial question , a question that mr potato head obviously does not know the answer to as he is either stoned ,just dosent know or is to stupid to know , that’s why it’s easier to talk down to real Canadians,who just want real answers . Go get-m granny .


While we still have the privilege … VOTE these hosers OUT!

Jill Ward

time to WAKE UP [email protected]
Have a read: ://

Claire Rollins

Unfortunately that’s the problem…many people in Canada are so concerned about Trump that they don’t pay attention to Trudeau..and YES he needs to be voted OUT. In my opinion he is a traitor to Canada and I don’t understand why he hasn’t been removed from the position of P.M.??

Van Wyck

Poor Justin. He has a hard enough time making the speech Butts wrote for him, and this mere citizen has to come along and make him … stutter. Poor Justin.

David MacKAY

It was only a matter if time. Trudeau has long said publicly that he admires dictators and their ability to get things done.
He cannot do anything abut the United States and President Trump so he turns on the Canadian people.
A political leader can only push the envelope so far and suffer deadly consequences but Trudeau doesn’t get it about common sense and the perils encountered when common sense is deliberately avoided and is pushing the envelope past the point of no return.

Sandra Clark

Trudeau doesn’t like being questioned for his actions or the obscene amount of money he spends and waste’s. He expects to show up and everyone fawn and swoon over him and take selfie’s and just love him to pieces. I watched this video the first time this morning and it was in French only. Then later in the afternoon with English captions. I was shocked. This woman just repeated the same sentence over and over. When I was 17 I thought Pierre Trudeau was a horrible and rude PM. Justin has outdone and surpassed his Father. Talk about hypocrisy and… Read more »


Looks like she had a little too much to think. Support your local thought police. Don’t speak out or question. Closed minds stop thought crimes… Her question was fair and poignant. Can anyone put a number to that badge that roughed her up? Santa is making a list and checking it twice. He has a problem with undercover security in plain clothes with hidden badges roughing up elderly women for asking fair questions. I wonder what would have happened to any real man who came to her defense. Probably lock them up and feed them soy lattes. If she had… Read more »


Ever notice that Sparklesocks Flys off the handle whenever the issue of illegal immigrants is raised? In public and in the House he explodes on anyone that date criticize his policy of ignoring the matter. There is something deeply disturbing about him in this regard and I suspect it is about creating civil war so as to sieze ultimate power via war measures act like his father. Everything his father did will happen under this guy with the volume turned 100%.

Gonzo the Magnificient

I warned people about this tyrant well before the election. When he got elected, people that I know stated that “he wouldn’t get away with anything”. Well, guess who was wrong and who was right?

Jim Esposito

Please Mr Trudeau
Step down you are destroying our country in so many ways. If you truly love our country let someone else run it, you are not the man for the job infact you are a disgrace, a liar, irresponsible and a thief with ideals to suit yourself while robbing taxpayers.

Kurt Johnson

Why does this surprise anyone all who voted fer him shud take a look in the mirror an thank them self for helping him take this country down!


Thanks for the post with translation. I am from a founding family of Quebec but don’t speak it, having long since moved to the West. That woman is an inspiration and a true French woman; wonder if she knits.

Trudeau is shameless. She is the type of Canadian he wishes to eradicate with his policies: White and most likely Roman Catholic. With the corresponding values he so deplores.

He and his cannot be removed from office fast enough.


Before he was elected he was asked which country he admired. He said China. After he was elected he greived the death of Castro and in writing openly expressed his gushing admiration for Castro as a man, and as the political leader of Cuba. If you have forgotten both China and Cuba are communist countries. So…..what does that make our PM, or is he only a wannabe in training. This time it was an old Quebec woman. Next time it could be you. October 2019 can’t come soon enough.


During that rant, he also likened Immigration to when WE colonized Canada from the natives. This means that he IS actually Colonizing us with a new culture. Like how we did with the Natives. that’s his plan: and if we disagree we don’t belong here. Listen to his rant again you’ll hear (read) it.

James Stewart

Up is down and black is white with Trudeau. He says a Canadian is a Caadian is a Canadian. He insults this Canadian woman and tells her she has no place in Canada or Quebec; yet he has space for ISIS terrorists and illegal border crossers. He is an utter disaster and completely unfit to be our PM. He is truly a disgrace.


This is a very disturbing video. It frightened me…….for Canada. All the people there were Trudeau fans who tried to shut her up. So, in Quebec, for this rally, all were happy with Trudeau? Why?


Welcome to our world Canada. We’ve been dealing with this for at least the 40 years I’ve lived in California, and the prime tactic is to conflate legal with illegal “immigration”. People who are trying to immigrate through the front door are pissed. Plus, don’t let them get away using the asylum dodge. I’m not aware of any war or government oppression targeting any particular group in central America or Mexico and lack of jobs has never been a reason for asylum…

John S

Scratch a liberal and you will find a fascist.

Ray Decorby

This video of our feminist-groper just might resonate with the electorate in PQ…