DISGUSTING: Justin Trudeau Says Questioning Cost Of Illegal Border Crossers Is “Hate Speech”

Trudeau continues to escalate his anti-Canadian rhetoric.

Justin Trudeau has now signalled that he will keep demonizing Canadians who want our border laws followed.

After a woman in Quebec asked him if there would be reimbursement for the cost of illegal border crossers, Justin Trudeau accused her of ‘racism,’ ‘intolerance,’ and said she had “no place” in Canada.

And he’s doubling down on that disgusting demonization.

The CP reports that “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is defending his treatment of a Quebec woman he accused of racism, calling hate speech and the politics of division a “dangerous path” for Canada.”

This keeps getting more and more disturbing.

The woman in Quebec was asking for something that is simply common sense: Will provinces be repaid for the cost of illegal border crossers?

It’s literally the exact same thing that provincial Premiers across the country are asking.

Yet, Trudeau is now calling those questions “racist” and “hate speech.”

The reason that is so dangerous is that the Trudeau Liberals love using government power to ban everything they define as “hate speech.”

This sets up Trudeau and the Liberals to move towards making any questions about his open borders policy illegal, silencing and even criminalizing the opposition.

And keep in mind, Trudeau has openly expressed his admiration for dictators, and is now using dictatorial tactics to demonize anyone who questions him.

This is a dangerous moment for Canada, as Justin Trudeau is clearly pushing an agenda that is designed to tear our country apart. He is weakening our country from the inside, erasing our borders, and seeking to silence the voices of the vast majority of the Canadian People.

We all need to push back and speak out against Trudeau – including warning everyone we know – before it is too late.

Spencer Fernando

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