DISGUSTING: Justin Trudeau Says Questioning Cost Of Illegal Border Crossers Is “Hate Speech”

Trudeau continues to escalate his anti-Canadian rhetoric.

Justin Trudeau has now signalled that he will keep demonizing Canadians who want our border laws followed.

After a woman in Quebec asked him if there would be reimbursement for the cost of illegal border crossers, Justin Trudeau accused her of ‘racism,’ ‘intolerance,’ and said she had “no place” in Canada.

And he’s doubling down on that disgusting demonization.

The CP reports that “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is defending his treatment of a Quebec woman he accused of racism, calling hate speech and the politics of division a “dangerous path” for Canada.”

This keeps getting more and more disturbing.

The woman in Quebec was asking for something that is simply common sense: Will provinces be repaid for the cost of illegal border crossers?

It’s literally the exact same thing that provincial Premiers across the country are asking.

Yet, Trudeau is now calling those questions “racist” and “hate speech.”

The reason that is so dangerous is that the Trudeau Liberals love using government power to ban everything they define as “hate speech.”

This sets up Trudeau and the Liberals to move towards making any questions about his open borders policy illegal, silencing and even criminalizing the opposition.

And keep in mind, Trudeau has openly expressed his admiration for dictators, and is now using dictatorial tactics to demonize anyone who questions him.

This is a dangerous moment for Canada, as Justin Trudeau is clearly pushing an agenda that is designed to tear our country apart. He is weakening our country from the inside, erasing our borders, and seeking to silence the voices of the vast majority of the Canadian People.

We all need to push back and speak out against Trudeau – including warning everyone we know – before it is too late.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Robert Abbott

Trudeau make no mistake we the Canadian People are coming for you and your sheep. Your actions of destroying Canada are and will come to an end, the mark you are leaving on the world will be erased over time. Make no mistake Canadians are strong and will bring Canada back from the gates of hell you have taken our great country.


Absolutely RIGHT


It is already that bad and getting worse even our opposition is afraid to speak as they are demonized, called names, and now even more hate Canadians laws to control and segregate us, with their fake Lieberal advertisement news media, paid for by us. These Lieberals/NDP are traitors to Canada.

Older Canadian

Keep up the good work Justin every time you open your mouth as it is guarantees you will be dropped kicked across the Atlantic into Merkel’s and Macron’s arms in October 2019.


Typical Trudeau… I’m right because you don’t agree with me and that makes you wrong and Liberals love free speech as long as its liberal.

Ralph Knapp

It quite obvious that Trudeau is persuing a “hidden” agenda that was not part of his election platform. The disgusting, outrageous vile insults he spewed out at the lady, who questioned the process and the subsequent manhandling of her by his goons, showed all Canadians he’s totally unfit for the job. The latest polls agreed and showed two thirds of the respondents were appalled by his outburst. Where’s an impeachment process when we need it?


C’est un moment dangereux pour le Canada, car Justin Trudeau fait clairement la promotion d’un programme conçu pour déchirer notre pays.

Il affaiblit notre pays de l’intérieur, efface nos frontières et cherche à faire taire les voix de la grande majorité du peuple canadien.

Nous devons tous repousser et dénoncer Trudeau – y compris avertir tout le monde que nous connaissons – avant qu’il ne soit trop tard.


Vous avez raison et Merci. Nous resterons avec nos frères québécois contre cette Horde de l’est.

Les H.

When a liberal, socialist, cultural-Marxist, feminist and/or SJW calls you a racist, sexist, misogynist, Islamophobe or homophobe etc. you then know they have conceded any argument or discussion. Consider being called such by these loonies who in of themselves being the true racists, bigots, sexists and such akin to being called STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS after you win said cup. They toss out their idiotic word salad to any persons who dare challenge their FE FE FEELINGS and their wacky leftist idealism. They in essence project by such calling out of you their own bias against people. It is a most… Read more »


Here! Here! Indeed!

dennis doerksen

well said


The politics of division,eh. He has now caused hate to move beyond speech by physically attacking grandmothers. Maybe there would be a chance to stop it if he ever answered a question. Hey Trudeau! Harper didn’t cause this broken country…you did. The people cheering his put down of this woman will be the ones wailing the loudest, mark my words. That fellow in the video that said he backs Trudeau 100% is the larger danger to this country. I see no redemption in our future. Only more poison. Pat Buchanon the ex senator from the USA once quipped “Canada will… Read more »


Hi Spencer,
I would take it a step further. My impression is that tax spending accountability was deemed racist by Trudeau and that assault was authorized.
As a law enforcement professional, that officer was way out of bounds & should be reprimanded.

Also, would you kindly publicize the petition created by Hon. Michelle Rempel regarding Justin Trudeau’s sexual assault, please? (Grabbed reporter’s rear end) Thank you kindly!

Maryam McKinley

Lisa MacLeod had the perfect response: “I think when the prime minister, when confronted with some of the problems his government has created, turns around and fearmongers and calls people un-Canadian or racist, (he) really debases the debate that we’re having.” Quoted from National Newswatch, link is above.

Don Taylor

The only true thing that qualifies as hate,is the hate that Canadians feel for the stupidest Pm ever and his even more his Lemmings

Chris vrecko

All the comments are so true, hopefully he won’t completly destroy this country before the next election. I and many others worry about what else he will do before he’s booted to the curb.


” the Trudeau Liberals love using government power to ban everything they define as “hate speech.” ”

Trudeau, Khalid and Alghabra just gave the National Council of Canadian Muslims $23 million to enforce M-103, likely using Facebook to monitor internet social media. Together, Facebook and Google monitor and record almost every single thing we do on the internet. This will of course be passed on to Alghabra and Khalid.


Is it hate speech to say I hate Justin Trudeau?


This guy is so far out of his league – it isn’t even laughable anymore.

Ralph Knapp

The only hate speech I heard was directly from Trudeau when he spewed out the nasty hate filled comments back at the woman and sent security to man handle her.


Any speech that does not match dictator trudope he says is racism and hate speech, it’s how the ignorant with no rational response tries to silence the educated and informed


Nobody is listening ….it seems…


I certainly HATE speech that hides costs to us. I know of several legal immigrants really struggling to be accepted as Canadian citizens. They must HATE the SPEECH that demand their efforts. I think of struggling Muslims all across Canada. Some even lie in FEAR of being deported yet they did not enter ILLEGALLY. Is Justin against all these HONEST immigrants who work hard? Maybe their not being Uber wealthy and counting offends him? Surely not. Maybe these honest folk need to approach ILLEGALLY?? Would they fare better then? Or is this more HATE SPEECH? Are we all GUILTY of… Read more »


Great comments


Scrambling behind rhetoric. Not being logical. Well, a drama …uh, teacher, maybe they’re allowed the MOMENT. If it weren’t serious, it would be comedy.


Trudeau is simply a younger version of the liberal socialist, ex US president, Hussein Obama.

Gordon Evans

The body of Mollie Tibbetts, the missing university student in Iowa, has been discovered and an illegal Mexican immigrant is now being charged with murder.

If this sad sort of thing should happen in Canada because of one of PM Trudeau’s illegal immigrants, Trudeau should be impeached, removed from his role and charged as an accomplice to murder.

Lawrence Baumgardner

This is what happens when Fidel Castro is your real father

Wendy Lush

How can Trudeau call her a racist when people from all over the world are illegally crossing into Canada at Roxham Road?? She never mentioned any particular person or race!

Shows that Trudeau can’t think things through properly. He just assumed that if you are rural and white you are a racist. He’s not fit to run a lemonade stand let alone a country.


The real problem that no one cares to recognize is that Trudeau is merely a puppet doing the bidding of his handler, socialist new world order promoter George Soros – and his cronies… hidden in plain sight. All the “racist” BS is only meant to buy time and distract from the greater agenda while the dam is strained to breaking point and the overall game plan is assembled. Meanwhile Canada (and the West in general) is being destroyed piece by piece. Make no mistake, Trudeau is not not working in the best interests of our country. Never forget Trudeau’s daddy… Read more »

Marcel H Matte

Exactly Spencer! The dictator has arrived and will attempt to get away with whatever he can. Revolution before Oct 2019? Nobody except the traitor in his inner circle voted for a traitor but alas that is what we have.