Former Energy Company CEO Calls Trudeau Gov Pipeline Regulations “An Absolutely DEVASTATING Piece Of Legislation”

Bill C-69 subjects Canadian energy projects to a level of scrutiny that isn’t applied to imports of foreign oil.

The Trudeau government continues pushing Bill C-69 (an ‘overhaul’ of pipeline regulations) through the Senate.

And it means even more bad news for Canada’s energy industry, already struggling as billions of dollars of investment flee.

In an interview with BNN Bloomberg, former TransCanada CEO Hal Kvisle ripped into the bill, calling it “an absolutely devastating piece of legislation.”

Said Kvisle, “We have got environmental activists that are within the federal government that have put forward a Bill, C-69, for the review and approval of pipeline projects. I don’t think any competent pipeline company would submit an application if Bill C-69 comes into force. [C-69] is an absolutely devastating piece of legislation. Canadians have got to come to grips with what’s going on here.”

Bill C-69 is an incredibly anti-Canadian piece of legislation when you really look at it. It puts Canadian oil under regulatory assessments that aren’t applied to foreign oil imports, which directly weakens Canada and makes us more vulnerable.

And when it comes to reducing our dependence on foreign oil, Kvisle noted that Energy East could be brought back, but not with the current lack of support shown by the government.

“If the government was to come out and say: ‘We are 100 per cent behind Energy East and we want you to go ahead and we want you to do the detailed regulatory work,’ we could see that project go ahead,” Kvisle said.

“But, we need more than just: ‘Why don’t you reapply? And let’s see what happens this time,’” he added. “That’s not going to work anymore. People aren’t going to go ahead under that basis.”

Of course, this all assumes that the Trudeau government wants Canada to be energy independent, which they clearly don’t. They want to bleed our energy industry to death, while putting us ever more at the ‘mercy’ of foreign countries for all our needs – even though we can supply it all ourselves. Bill C-69 is only the latest example of this government’s anti-Canadian agenda.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Ron Voss

Once before on April 30, 2018 Spencer Fernando cited this former energy company CEO, “Former CEO Of TransCanada Says Kinder Morgan Pipeline Expansion Will Only Happen With $10 Billion Taxpayer-Backed Indemnity”. On May 2, 2018 I made a comment on that blog post which I will repeat: An article that Hal Kvisle co-authored in December 2010, THE ROAD AHEAD – WHAT CANADA SHOULD BE DOING ON CLIMATE CHANGE: Some excerpts: “Still, the fact that a global agreement has proven so elusive does not absolve Canadians of the responsibility to strengthen our own efforts to limit the growth of GHG… Read more »

Tim Bergman

Justin Trudeau is actively working against the best interests of Canadians. I find this type of behaviour unCanadian and treasonous. He must be stopped at all costs.


Right now according to the Montreal Gazette Trudeau and Lieberals are again working on the laws they want in place for the next federal election, and cancelling the ones that the Harper Conservatives put in place, he really wants to knock out the Conservatives on the internet, how Doug Ford should not have been able to win there, and avoid the Lieberal/NDP mainstream media Lieberal advertisements, at our expense so Lieberals/NDP don’t have to pay for the political lies they tell at election time. Any laws these puppets play with are destructive to Canada, these pipelines, again according to the… Read more »

Jane Nieminen

This is yet another blatant act of Treason against Canada by Trudeau, why can’t this man be charged and tried for these acts of Treason he keeps perpetrating against Canada and Canadians. It seems our entire Government system has become corrupt, no one stands for Canada to stop the insane action of this insane Tyrant Traitor Trudeau WHY ??

shawn harris

Pierre Trudeau tried to buy out the oil industry, in 1980 and he even went as far to tax the oil industry with levies for exporting it and transporting it across provincial boundaries, all the while saying he was providing Canada with energy security,(National Energy Plan),which was code for nationalization. Justin Trudeau like his father, believes that it is better to lie to every single Canadian,saying that you can’t get pipelines or more oil development without social license,(RIGHT, just how much more oil development and pipelines we got), or without having even stronger, than the world’s strongest environmental regulations(Canada’s),or the… Read more »

Moe S.

Trump in comparison to Trudeau: Trump’s administration has created 35% reduction in regulations. Those reductions, including the rollback of costly Environment Protection Agency regulations, have led to the biggest energy boom in history, making the United States the world’s No.1. energy producer and thus ending their dependence on Middle Eastern oil producers.
(Walter E. Williams, Prof. of Economics, George Mason University, for Postmedia Network)