HYPOCRISY, THY NAME IS JUSTIN: As He Divides Canadians, Trudeau Claims He’s Fighting “Polarization”

Trudeau defends those who hate Canada and violate our laws, and then attacks Canadian Citizens who question him.

As we increasingly see, Justin Trudeau is the most divisive Canadian Prime Minister in at least a generation.

He regularly demonizes law-abiding patriotic Canadians, while defending terrorists, illegal border crossers, and those who hate what our nation stands for.

He tells Canadians who question him that they have no place in our country, he insinuates that Conservatives are the biggest threat to Canada, and he and his disloyal government ministers call their opponents ‘bigots,’ ‘racists,’ ‘neanderthals,’ and more.

And yet, Justin Trudeau is so hypocritical that he’s claiming the next election will be about him fighting against “polarization.”

As reported by Bloomberg, Trudeau made the comments at a rally where he officially announced that he would run in 2019:

“But unfortunately, even as my conviction in positive politics hasn’t changed, our opponents’ belief in the politics of fear and division hasn’t changed either,” Trudeau said in a speech that alternated between English and French. “Perhaps we can get the smiles of Andrew Scheer, but it remains the Conservative Party of Stephen Harper.”

“Despite the polarization we see going on in the world around us — the populism, the politics of fear and division — staying positive, pulling people together, looking for ways to emphasize our common ground, our shared values among our differences, is the only way to build a stronger country, a stronger world,” Trudeau said.

The hypocrisy is massive.

First of all, Trudeau doesn’t practice ‘positive politics.’ He demonizes Canadians while favouring those who hate the country. And as I noted above, he and the Liberal government regularly denigrate their political opposition.

Second, Trudeau is unwise to compare himself to Stephen Harper, considering that his own approval ratings are about comparable to where Harper was at the same point in time. Trudeau seems to be taking for granted that he’s more popular than Harper, which is quite unlikely.

Third, Justin Trudeau is the one who is spreading fear and division. In fact, the actual core of his “diversity is strength” slogan is based upon the ideology of identity politics, which is all about dividing people up into smaller and smaller groups, making them dependent on politicians for favours, and keeping the Canadian People from uniting under shared values. And while Trudeau brought up ‘shared values,’ he’s repeatedly demonized Canadians who want to actually say what those values are. After all, he’s the one who attacked the Conservatives for calling FGM and honour killings “barbaric.”

Justin Trudeau is using one of the oldest political tactics: Accuse your opponents of what you’re doing.

The more authoritarian, divisive, and fear-based he becomes, the more Justin Trudeau accuses others of what he’s doing. It’s the same thing the political class and corrupt media is doing to Maxime Bernier. The more Bernier talks about shared values and Unity, the more they irrationally accuse him of ‘racism’ and ‘divisiveness.’

Justin Trudeau is attempting to run the 2019 campaign based upon total deception and overturning of reality. That’s why his lies and hypocrisy must be called out at every opportunity.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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