Justin Trudeau Is Intolerant Towards Law-Abiding Canadian Citizens

It’s time for Trudeau to be held accountable for his intolerance towards the people he’s supposed to serve.

Justin Trudeau loves accusing everyone else of ‘intolerance.’

But the truth is that it’s actually Justin Trudeau who is the intolerant one.

And worst of all, he directs his intolerance towards the very people he’s supposed to be serving: Law-abiding Canadian Citizens.

Consider the people Justin Trudeau defends: Convicted terrorists, returning ISIS fighters, Omar Khadr, etc…

He also refuses to even call illegal border crossers “illegal,” instead trying to blur the lines between those who cross illegally and those who enter Canada the right way, by using the weasel word “irregular.”

You can see the pattern in all of this: Trudeau defends those who violate the law, and are often not even Canadian Citizens.

Now, consider the people Justin Trudeau attacks: Canadians who disagree with him, Canadians who want our border respected, Canadians who want the needs of our own citizens put first, Canadians who vote for his political opponents, Canadians who believe Canada has a right to say what values are, and aren’t accepted in our country, and people who seek to join the Canadian family legally.

Trudeau attacks law-abiding Canadian Citizens, while putting the interests of those who break our laws, hate Canada, and aren’t even citizens, first.

That is true intolerance, and it’s intolerance made all the worse because it goes 100% against what Justin Trudeau’s job is supposed to be.

The Prime Minister of Canada is a job that exists only to serve Canadians. Any Prime Minister that fails to recognize that has no right to remain in power.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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