Toronto Politicians Vote To Waste Taxpayer Money Fighting Ford’s Streamlining Of City Council

Attempt to overturn decision by the provincial government seen as almost certain to fail.

Even as Toronto is beset by a surge in violent crime, the Toronto City Council is dedicating their energy to fighting to keep the jobs of highly-paid politicians.

The City Council voted 25-17 to take the province to court over the passage of Bill 5, which reduces the size of Toronto City Council from 47 to 25.

Ironically, even the rabidly anti-Ford Toronto Star noted that a legal challenge to Bill 5 is unlikely to succeed:

“The Star last week reviewed a secret report prepared by the city solicitor for councillors. Walberg concluded a review of past cases revealed no “obvious path” to overturn Ford’s council cut but did identify some avenues that would likely require a judge to go beyond current case law.

The city clerk, meanwhile, who scrambled to get the city ready for a 25-seat race, now says it would be difficult or impossible for her to revert to running a 47-seat election.”

Many will question the priorities of City Council, as Toronto faces issues far more pressing than saving the jobs of some politicians. Plus, the Ford government has come through with $25 million to address the surge in crime, and putting that money to good use would be a far better focus for City Council.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Ralph Knapp

They’re hell bent on trying to protect their own butts paid for by the public. This nonsense should be covered out of their own pockets. Their chances are slim to none and slim has left town. Toronto will be well rid of these greedy, self serving parasites.


Like anything run by Lieberals too long there is such wastefulness in all things.
Why don’t they just be progressive and try it, with a little control and common sense it can and will work. Work on getting organized for a change, how much of councils time have you wasted debating on this already?

JD MacDonald

They’ve just proven why they need to have their numbers reduced. And now Tory’s got me wondering if we even need a mayor.

S. Lamoureux

The rats hole is being fumigated and they don’t like it.

Norbert Kausen

I would suggest that Toronto politicans have NO legal basis on which to fight Ford’s decision to reduce their city council! They used NO legal means by which to increase it to its current unwieldy incompetent status….