Trudeau Is Laying The Groundwork To Criminalize His Political Opposition

If he thinks everyone who questions his failure to stop illegal border crossings is spreading ‘hate speech,’ and if ‘hate speech’ needs to be banned as Trudeau claims, what’s the logical endgame of the path Trudeau’s rhetoric is heading down?

In the past few days, we’ve seen Justin Trudeau demonize a women in Quebec for asking about his refusal to stop illegal border crossings, and then say that any questioning of illegal crossings equals “racism” and “hate speech.”

This is more than just reckless political rhetoric. It represents a national ‘leader’ laying the groundwork to criminalize his political opposition.

Let’s look at things logically for a moment.

– Justin Trudeau has repeatedly said that what he calls ‘hate speech’ has “no place in Canada.”

– He is now saying that those who oppose his lack of action on illegal border crossings are spreading “racism” and “hate speech.”

– He has said “fear,” which he accuses the Conservatives (his main political opposition) of spreading, is the biggest threat to Canada.

– Following this line of thinking, Justin Trudeau’s next step is to begin taking legislative action to ban ‘hate speech,’ and make the definition of hate speech so broad that Conservatism (and thus most opposition to him) falls within it.

Effectively, he would criminalize political opposition.

Considering Trudeau’s past comments about dictators, and considering the immense power that can be wielded by the Canadian government over Canadian citizens, this is not something to be taken lightly.

An analysis of both the content, and direction of Justin Trudeau’s rhetoric makes it clear that he and the Liberals are attempting to shift the government into a position where they can silence their political opponents through legislative means.

The loss of rights and freedoms once seen as set in stone is something that has happened all over the world throughout history, and there’s no reason to think Canada is immune from the potential loss of our freedom.

Thinking that “it can’t happen here” makes it far more likely that it will.

Spencer Fernando

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Sewer Rat

Standing ovation Spencer.



shawn harris

Trudeau has demonstrated from soon after his election that he wants to hold onto power indefinitely, he tried ram through election reform, and failed to get what he wanted, he has passed election reform laws, that give his Liberals and government unprecedented powers, to overly influence the vote while severely restricting the official opposition parties ability to campaign effectively, now he is telling all Canadians, unless you agree with his version of the truth and don’t ever question his deceitful and arrogant judgement and behaviour, you will be de-legitimized, demonized and labelled a uncanadian, for having the courage and nerve… Read more »


Freedom isn’t given, it is taken. There is no legislation that will change that fact. If he lights this fire the people will have to extinguish it…again.


This will be a great complement to your piece.

Among the options:

Require the publishers of online content to identify themselves;

Reintroduce a non-criminal remedy to investigate and respond to hate speech, along the lines of the anti-hate provision of the Canadian Human Rights Act, repealed in 2013 amid concerns it muzzled free speech;

Require much greater transparency for political advertising on digital media;

Design a “meaningful” way for Canadians to consent to the collection and use of their individual data, which would also apply to databases amassed by political parties.


Spencer, considering everything that Trudeau has done over the last three years to divide Canadians and essentially has gotten away with it due to a weak Opposition leader, and a bought and paid for media who either refuse to mention or deflect entirely from what he is doing to prevent Canadians from knowing the truth about his diabolical, inept and incompetent government, I have a gut feeling that his fourth year is going to be the worst year of all for Canadians. He is tanking in the polls and he knows it. Like a cornered animal, he lashes out calling… Read more »

Norbert Kausen

I believe that you are absolutely right, Ron!


Yes you sound over the edge, but when he was elected I in a joking manner, but felt sincere said this was our last election, as Justin like his father wants power and to keep that power forever and his renovation of the historic PM residence will be his permanent abode. My friend laughed at me said that is not possible as an election has to called every 4 years. I said true but there are ways and means to alter that. Mr. Fernando’s article above nails it. Your comment extended it to the worst possible scenario. Mr. Fernando is… Read more »


totally agree…..Justin Trudeau is a dangerous, immature FOOL…..Somewhere/at some point he was told that he has SUPERPOWERS…..and he believes it….This crazy son of a bitch needs to be stopped, no wins in 2019, Trudeau needs to think about his future, perhaps a part time position at WALMART( if he is employable)That would be questionable…

Arlene Burch

What you posted makes quite a bit of sense. I have thought for a while, this PM has an agenda and unfortunately, it does not include ordinary Canadians.


Justin is NOT tanking in the polls. While the Conservatives were 16 points ahead a few months ago, both parties are now even.

How is this situation possible with all of Justin’s fiascos. The answer would be Scheer is a nice guy but not perceived as a strong leader, a timid individual who shies away from controversies and who is unable to confront his adversary.


Great observation. Although I don’t think what you see in the polls is a consequence of Scheer’ leadership. From what I have observed and experienced, most Canadians (and especially the university educated ones) are in actual agreement with Trudeau when it comes to using the broadest interpretation of “hate speech”. Since the current political culture in Canada is mostly aligned with Trudeau (whether we like it or not), these highly competitive polling numbers should be expected to stay around for quite some time. To compete in such an environment, it could be advantageous to use a good cop (Scheer) /… Read more »


prepare for the worst , it is coming .

Moe S.

So much for ‘sunny ways.’ This is how Trudeau will deal with those with different views he disagrees with, even though Canadian citizens have a democratic and freedom of speech right to ask questions of our elected politicians. He uses brown-shirted RCMP officers to shut-up citizens asking questions of him by accusing citizens of threatening behavior. Citizens who ask questions that are off limits are called ‘hecklers.’ The silent majority will take Trudeau down for his insulting onslaught of racism accusations against innocent law-abiding Canadians citizens. Trudeau just set the tone for the 2019 election, his hatred for Canadians. The… Read more »

Gonzo the Magnificient

I agree on your last statement. Some of my friends are so complacent thinking that automatically Trudeau will loose in 2019. What a bunch of deceived loons!


Where the hell is Scheer during all this he needs to stand up like a man and not a wimp ,to take on this dictator.


Trudeau only listens to the little voice inside his tiny head and thats Gerald Butts. Trudeau doesn’t have the mental capacity to think for himself so please Ontario & Quebec in the next election lets make Trudeau a drama teacher again! If you ever feel stupid there are people that thought that Trudeau would make a good Prime Minister. He is also offended by the word “Mankind” and he thinks we should say “Peoplekind” I wonder how he feels about the word “Idiotkind” …..


Furthermore, Justin believes there’s no place in Canada for people he disagrees with ideologically…

…but there is a place in Canada for literal ISIS jihadists.

Let that sink in.


We need to end this travesty we call “hate speech”.
It does not exist. Its only a tool of tyrants to crush free speech, by only permitting speech that they agree with.

Miles Lunn

This particular time he may have lucked out as the women was a well known racist, but I’ve found Trudeau and lot of his millennial supporters seem to be intolerant of anyone who is on the political right. I think this stems from a bigger problem where a lot of urban millennials live in political bubbles and have grown up thinking conservatism is an evil philosophy that needs to be banned. If you talk to any boomers on the left side, most are pretty respectful of conservative viewpoints even if they strongly disagree as they grew up in an era… Read more »

Mark Hanley

It is so sad that many, MANY ordinary Canadians are so focused on Trump-Hate they are oblivious to the destruction that Trudeau is causing within their own country. I doubt that the predominately liberal Canadian media has any interest in publicizing viewpoints which paint Trudeau and Butts as anything but crusaders for their self-righteous ‘Canadian Values’.


Looks like all of you Canadians need to take your country back too.


Very scary for all Canadians, the Trudeau government!

Steve Robinson

So considering all we know do we stand by and hope that nothing happens . In business I was taught that hope is not a process. We should be discussing our options are there any? I strongly agree that Trump is drawing the attention of Canadians away from what is happening in our own country maybe we should start there to change that. I talk to people all the time and you would be surprised ( maybe not ) to know that a lot have not even heard about his last escapade and cited so much focus on Trump. There… Read more »

Norbert Kausen

We should push to have Trudeau and his liberal caucus charged with malfeasance!


While conservatives ask the federal government to cover the costs of this absurd immigration the Canadian people are still paying the cost through taxes either too the federal or provincial government. When does this meaningless chatter stop and someone in government actually take meaningful action against this insanity against the Canadian people.


We need to hold the media circus accountable for failure to tell Canadians the truth. No penalty for false reports so no reason to follow any sense of reporting what actually is happening. CTV, GLOBAL, CBC, are misleading the Canadian people. Forced to pay for this on any cable or satellite by the CRTC. What can be gained by continually allowing cable companies to be forced to make these stations mandatory to carry. Government sponsored propaganda, Russia’s way of control over the population now part of Canada life. If the politicians will not fix the situation then the citizens of… Read more »