Andrew Scheer Heading To India In October To Fix Damage From Trudeau’s Nightmare Visit

There’s a lot to fix.

As we know, Justin Trudeau’s trip to India was a disaster.

From his widely lampooned dress up act, to his forgetting how old Canada was, to being caught lying about an investment deal, to flying in a celebrity chef at taxpayer expense, to a convicted terrorist being invited to a meeting, and for an overall lack of anything good whatsoever, the trip was brutal.

Plus, Canadian chickpeas got hit with tariffs from India not long after Trudeau departed.

India, a country with important strategic ties to Canada as the world’s largest democracy, massive economic potential, strong ties between many Canadian and Indian citizens, and facing serious threat from the ideology of Islamist terrorism (especially with Pakistan right next door) that also threatens us, and it’s a no-brainer that Canada and India would be close allies.

But Trudeau, as he has done with many other countries, has put that at risk. It seems the only country Trudeau has really tried to strengthen relations with is Iran.

So, in a bid to undo some of the damage, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer will be heading to India in October for a 9 day trip. Here’s what Scheer said in a statement:

“Standing with a united India is Canada’s gateway to unprecedented human and economic development, and an essential alliance for Canada to strengthen in the face of shared threats.”

Scheer said India was “in recent years is transforming into a rising power in the vast Indo-Pacific region and beyond.”

“A Conservative government will dramatically expand the strategic relationship between our countries and our peoples and advance our shared security, prosperity and values. Unfortunately, Justin Trudeau’s disastrous trip to India damaged this key relationship and we must now work to repair it.”

While there is certainly damage to undo, Scheer’s trip will also have a political dimension. If he is perceived as succeeding where Trudeau has failed, he will be seen as a much more plausible choice for Prime Minister, contrasting his boring competence with Trudeau’s flashy emptiness.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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alan skelhorne

good evening spencer,
does anyone know how trudeau feels about mr. scheer going to india.
you and i both know, mr. scheer will show up trudeau big other,
question, is this not against the canadian rules in ottawa.

jim berryhill

Just a passing thought Alan. From ALL trudeau has done and got away with scot free there doesnt seem to be any actual “rules ” in Ottawa anymore from what I have noticed—But Of course Im sure it will probably be different when it concerns a Conservative leader


I completely disagree with this.
The image we have of Trudeau in India should remain intact.
Notwithstanding there will be little media coverage, Scheer runs the risk of seeming irrelevant while Justin is out campaigning.
Once again, another bad Scheer decision.