ANGUS REID POLL: Almost All Canadians Oppose Trudeau’s Plan To Massively Increase Immigration

Trudeau is planning to dramatically increase immigration levels, with almost ZERO support from the Canadian People.

Justin Trudeau is probably getting ready to call nearly all Canadians ‘racist.’

After all, that’s what he does when anyone disagrees with him on immigration, and a new poll by Angus Reid shows that almost everyone in this country opposes him on it.

As previously reported, Trudeau is planning to massively increase immigration levels, from the peak of 260,000 a year under Harper, to 350,000 a year by around 2020.

Keep in mind, 260,000 per year was already among the highest immigration levels on earth on a per-capita basis, and 350,000 a year is a gigantic increase.

Almost no other country on earth has immigration levels even close to that.

And Canadians aren’t on board with Trudeau’s planned increase.

The poll shows 49% of Canadians saying immigration levels should decrease, up from 36% who said that in 2014.

31% say immigration levels should stay the same.

And just 6% want immigration levels to increase.

Think about that for a minute. A combined 80% say they want either less immigration, or no increase from current yearly levels.

That is an overwhelming majority of people, and demonstrates overwhelming opposition to the idea of increasing immigration levels.

And yet, Justin Trudeau and the Liberals are ignoring all of that, and are instead siding with that tiny 6% who say they want higher immigration levels.


This goes to show the disturbing manipulation of Canadians that Trudeau and the elites are trying to push. You almost never see anybody on the news – regardless of political party – who calls for reduced immigration levels. We are constantly sold the myth that everyone in Canada wants more and more and more immigration.

Yet, the polls show exactly the opposite.

Canadians understand that everything needs to be kept in balance. While some immigration can be good for Canada, too much can have a negative impact.

From problems of integration, to the fact that higher immigration levels will drive down relative wages for Canadian workers (which is why international corporations always want higher immigration numbers), and the reality that the government should also be focused on growing our population by making it more affordable for Canadian Citizens to grow our families instead of always seeking outside population increases, Canadians don’t support Trudeau’s approach.

But, fitting with his increasingly arrogant and authoritarian approach, Trudeau is ignoring the will of the Canadian people and imposing higher immigration levels anyway.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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