ANGUS REID POLL: Almost All Canadians Oppose Trudeau’s Plan To Massively Increase Immigration

Trudeau is planning to dramatically increase immigration levels, with almost ZERO support from the Canadian People.

Justin Trudeau is probably getting ready to call nearly all Canadians ‘racist.’

After all, that’s what he does when anyone disagrees with him on immigration, and a new poll by Angus Reid shows that almost everyone in this country opposes him on it.

As previously reported, Trudeau is planning to massively increase immigration levels, from the peak of 260,000 a year under Harper, to 350,000 a year by around 2020.

Keep in mind, 260,000 per year was already among the highest immigration levels on earth on a per-capita basis, and 350,000 a year is a gigantic increase.

Almost no other country on earth has immigration levels even close to that.

And Canadians aren’t on board with Trudeau’s planned increase.

The poll shows 49% of Canadians saying immigration levels should decrease, up from 36% who said that in 2014.

31% say immigration levels should stay the same.

And just 6% want immigration levels to increase.

Think about that for a minute. A combined 80% say they want either less immigration, or no increase from current yearly levels.

That is an overwhelming majority of people, and demonstrates overwhelming opposition to the idea of increasing immigration levels.

And yet, Justin Trudeau and the Liberals are ignoring all of that, and are instead siding with that tiny 6% who say they want higher immigration levels.


This goes to show the disturbing manipulation of Canadians that Trudeau and the elites are trying to push. You almost never see anybody on the news – regardless of political party – who calls for reduced immigration levels. We are constantly sold the myth that everyone in Canada wants more and more and more immigration.

Yet, the polls show exactly the opposite.

Canadians understand that everything needs to be kept in balance. While some immigration can be good for Canada, too much can have a negative impact.

From problems of integration, to the fact that higher immigration levels will drive down relative wages for Canadian workers (which is why international corporations always want higher immigration numbers), and the reality that the government should also be focused on growing our population by making it more affordable for Canadian Citizens to grow our families instead of always seeking outside population increases, Canadians don’t support Trudeau’s approach.

But, fitting with his increasingly arrogant and authoritarian approach, Trudeau is ignoring the will of the Canadian people and imposing higher immigration levels anyway.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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The single biggest problem with this issue is that the mainstream Liberal medai and Liberals are trying to conflate a rejection of mass migration and illegal migration with immigration. Canadians do not reject the idea of immigration at all. But we want LEGAL immigration. And the LEGAL immigration of people that are willing to assimilate into Canadian culture. We also want these people to be beneficial to Canada based on merit. We also want to ensure that people being let in to Canada do not harbor any ill will or any other threat to the existing Canadian citizenry….this is not… Read more »

Mike Allan

Absolutely right on merit base and only when Canada can not fill the job position with a qualified person.We also need more industry so we can stamp Made in Canada.No more welfare,and pls help our our seniors and veterans.Lets build more refineries So oil can flow coast to coast.Vote conservative.


The single biggest problem with this issue is that the msm and Liberals are trying to conflate a rejection of mass migration and illegal migration with immigration. Canadians do not reject the idea of immigration at all. But we want LEGAL immigration. And the LEGAL immigration of people that are willing to assimilate into Canadian culture. We also want these people to be beneficial to Canada based on merit. We also want to ensure that people being let in to Canada do not harbor any ill will or any other threat to the existing Canadian citizenry….this is not an unreasonable… Read more »

Ron Voss

And Scheer, presumably in response to Bernier, SAYS CONSERVATIVES WELCOME MUSLIMS
Not only “too much (immigration) can have a negative impact”, but also the wrong kind. Look what is happening in Europe as a result of that ‘cultural enrichment’!
While Trudeau marches to the tune of George Soros, Scheer, a self-declared devout Catholic, marches to the tune of Pope Francis. Canada is hooped.

alan skelhorne

please tell us us one thing ron voss,
and who,s tune do you dance to.

Eleanor Merkus

Well, now you have a choice. Dumb, dumb, Trudeau or smiling Sheer. Take your pick!!!


I believe all immigration of refugees and illegal boarder crossers should all be stopped with the exception of legal immigration which should be reduced until this expensive in all ways, mess, gets totally straightened out. All of these extra people need to be properly vetted and some deported, the others need to be properly integrated to Canadian values and laws and “supported” not dumped like they are, being sent out on their own in a new country. mostly very different from their own.

Patrick Noel

We need to impeach this delusional lunatic before he hurts us more. Shame on us for tolerating this insanity at the helm of our great nation.

Gonzo the Magnificient

I am starting to believe there might be a sliver of hope that the sewer rat Trudeau might loose his grip on power in 2019 even with the MSM running cover for him; now that says alot about how incompetent he is.


I am an old lady who cannot walk well now and I too would like to ask this Trudeau government, “Who is going to pay for this ?” So are you coming to have me manhandled now, since you could not answer with any sensible answer, to the last lady you had manhandled, who asked you.
Please step down and stop wrecking this country, even for the new comers you falsely proclaim to care about.

Griffin Walker

Surefire Signs You’re Dealing With A Psychopath
They’re excessively charming. Psychopaths don’t usually come across as horrible people–at least not at first. …
They lack empathy. …
They prey on other people’s emotions. …
They don’t have a conscience. …
They have a grandiose sense of self. …
Dealing With A Psychopath.


He is determined to have his own way, it doesn’t matter who he walks on or calls racist etc., he has no regard for Canadians who pay his salary!! Shameful!!


The problem with being an actor, even a bad one, is that you must be willing to sign on with whomever is willing to hire you, for whatever part they believe you can play. One must not confuse “bright” with “intelligent”. Turdo is the Harvey Weinstein of Canada – he gets to screw us all. He isn’t, however, the top of the pyramid.


I have started a file of your concise and informative clips. Thank you for your work. I feel compelled to write. Something has to give and I believe it will. This poll is a good indication of what is truly felt in the kitchens of Canada. But around a guest-filled dinner table, there seems to be silence. People are nervous to speak their truth for fear they will be ostracised, ridiculed; because it happens all the time. Take the Trump issue. To speak your support for President Trump could cause a riot. Trudeau is digging himself into a large liberal… Read more »

Chris vrecko

No matter how much we don’t want scheer, we are going to have to swallow deep and vote for him. Once he is elected we can at the next convention vote him out. PLEASE DON’T RUIN YOUR BALLOT. Every vote is going to count.

Older Canadian

Sure bring in more immigrants and house them where? If you think the rental market is tight now, and/or too expensive wait until next year. If you think the price of housing to buy is too high now wait until next year or a few years from now. If you think our roads and transit are too congested now wait a few years they will become a nightmare. You cannot increase the population without first putting in the infrastructure to support it. You cannot bring in people who are not properly vetted or those who refuse to leave their cultural… Read more »


The massive influx of illegals is for jihadi trudeau votes. Sine most Canadians are realizing that the man they voted for is all fake and will not vote for him again. So, for those votes he will lose will be replace by the illegals. And the number of illegals pouring into Canada plus the media will be jihadi trudeau ticket to remaining as PM for many years. Illegals will not be free to live like us legal Canadians. They be subjected to jihadi trudeau vile rules or face deportation. These illegals are in for the shock of their lives and… Read more »

Moe S.

It gets worse. Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen announced on Monday, his gov’t has made ‘substantial’ improvements to the parents and grandparents sponsorship program. In the run-up to 2019 federal election, the Liberal gov’t will admit 20,000 sponsored parents and grandparents next year, an increase from the 17,000 quotas for 2018 and four times the 5,000 spots set by the Conservative Harper gov’t. The parents and grandparents will become permanent Canadian residents. The grandparents from foreign countries who have never paid a dime in taxes to this country will use/ have the luxury of our health care system. After 10 yrs.… Read more »

shawn harris

Uncontrolled immigration, the kind and type , now being forcefully pushed by elites such as Trudeau,isn’t about helping immigrants,Canada or Canadians,but about pushing an elitist socialist agenda , because Trudeau was never given any valid authority,( promised only 25,000 from Syria), from the voters in the last election. Yes, Canada needs new legal immigrants, but not the way Trudeau is going about bringing them to Canada. All of what Trudeau and the Liberals are doing is just plain vanity dressed up as virtuousness, creating more dangerous and complicated problems, that never existed until Trudeau made it a problem. To sum… Read more »

Greg Tschritter

According to Justin That’s What Canadians Want !!
Such a cletia I am sick of hearing
That my friends is not what Canadians support unless their head is user a rock !!


Shortly after being elected, the Liberal government determined that Haiti was deemed a safe country and ordered Haitians who had been given temporary status to be removed from Canada. Where was the out cry from the supporters of mass immigration then? That’s right crickets . Fast forward to today and we see that the Liberals are welcoming the world to come to settle in Canada. Not if one truly wanted to come to settle into Canada, they would it it properly. Not through loopholes in the system. The current border situation is no different that looters raiding a store during… Read more »


I guess he can label me a racist and whatever buzz word fits the narrative going on these days.

colleeen fogarty

Canadians have brought in more people that the taxpayers can handle. Our Prime Minister has allowed Isis in our country with out our vote and since them we have had terroist attacks from bus load of children to incidents in Toronto that have left young people dead or injured and each time he was on personal days. From him smiling with his smirk the funeral and the hecklars at the most recent attack . This is enough evidence to prove you weere wrong Canadians should a vote now on isis and immigration it should stop and deport . We have… Read more »

William Roberts

Its a dangerous world out there. If you have been coddled all you life and the people around you just nod yes to everything you say then YOU are not living in the real world.IMHO this has nothing to do with what a great guy Drama Boy is by allowing these ILLEGAL immigrants to break the law to enter this country. ITS ALL about future votes for the party that lets them enter illegally. Is there something wrong with having rules and regulations when entering this country.


I am a Canadian having lived in the UK for 6 years before moving to Spain for the past year. Canadians who are interested in seeing where Trudeau is taking Canada should look at what the Labour Party did to England 40+ years ago and it has never stopped. Entire cities across that once great land are predominantly Muslim now and hard to live in for any Christian. London is more violent than New York and the divide between the cultures is widening and frightening (integration between these cultures is challenging). It was all about votes back then and it… Read more »


The immigration is not merely going to be centred at modifying the demographics of Canada’s inner cities, as it has been thus far – it is also to set up entire cities of completely different people, such as the fledgling Chinese colony at the Global Transportation Hub west of Regina, Saskatchewan.