“Canadians Are Sick And Tired Of This”: Scheer Slams Trudeau For Demonizing Critics

“By sweeping away legitimate questions on his failed border policy with vile personal insults, it is Trudeau himself who is guilty of polarizing the debate. No one has done more to divide Canadians than he has.”

In the wake of Justin Trudeau’s attempt to demonize a woman for asking about illegal border crossings, Andrew Scheer is pushing back, pointing out how Trudeau’s actions fit a pattern of trying to silence critics.

Here’s what Scheer said in a series of tweets:

“By sweeping away legitimate questions on his failed border policy with vile personal insults, it is Trudeau himself who is guilty of polarizing the debate. No one has done more to divide Canadians than he has. 1/5”

“This is not the first time Trudeau has responded to criticism with demonizing attacks. 2/5”

“This is how you can tell when Liberals are losing. Concerned about illegal border crossers? You’re a racist. Worried about the cost? You’re un-Canadian. Don’t like the carbon tax? You’re a denier. Canadians are sick and tired of this. 3/5”

“This is a calculated Liberal strategy to avoid accountability and shut down legitimate criticism of their appalling record. 4/5”

“Instead of demonizing his critics, Justin Trudeau should confront the problem. This requires courage and leadership, and if Justin Trudeau can’t summon it, Canada’s Conservatives are strong and ready under my leadership. 5/5”

Scheer is 100% correct on this. Canadians are sick and tired of being demonized by our so-called ‘leader.’

It’s good to see Scheer pushing back against Trudeau’s dangerous rhetoric, and Scheer needs to keep fighting against it. As I’ve noted, Justin Trudeau is laying the groundwork to criminalize political opposition, and he must be stopped.

Spencer Fernando

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the Prime idiot s rhetoric is at times “dangerous” and at other times ” ludicrous, laughable and juvenile ” totally unfit— how can Papineau be so blind and gullible

Ron Voss

Gee, is Scheer finally starting to grow a bit of a spine? However, I don’t like the subtle message in “Don’t like the carbon tax? You’re a denier” which implies, like him, that you don’t deny man-made climate change, but you just don’t like the pain of a carbon tax as a way to address it. I object to, not just dislike, the carbon tax because man-made climate change is a globalist/socialist hoax. Proudto be a DENIER and not a LIAR!

Gonzo the Magnificient

Ron, the public relations climate change debate has been lost by our side – plane and simple. The only way to fight this politically, is to belittle and shoot holes in any of the recommended fixes by the leftist sewer rats that they are.

Sylvain Lamoureux

Why didn’t Scheer support Bernier, then? That’s what I would like to know. He pointed out the problem with Trudeau and his the diversity narrative who only works at dividing Canadians.

Ron Voss

“Concerned about illegal border crossers? You’re a racist.” In other words, Scheer is pushing back that that does not make you a racist.

“Worried about the cost? You’re un-Canadian.” That is, you are not un-Canadian.

“Don’t like the carbon tax? You’re a denier.” In other words, not liking the carbon tax doesn’t make you a denier as if denying it would be equivalent to being a racist or un-Canadian. Remember in June 2017 that Scheer whipped his MPs to support a Liberal motion affirming the Paris Climate Accord and condemning Trump. Pathetic.


This is all swell , yet means little if the left media ignores it as they usually do.
The MSM would rather mumble juvenile stories about something 1st lady Melania said or wore .
She is NOT our 1st lady and Trump is not our president so start asking the tough questions to our so called leaders !


Spencer, I hope you check out this link from NBC regarding Scheer and his views On Muslims and Islam and make it known: http://news.nbcm.ca/scheer-says-conservatives-welcome-muslims Scheer falls for taqqiya. What contributions have they made to Canada Mr. Scheer? To create communitarianism in a free society based on Christian values that they are taught unequivocally to usurp? A group of people who will never assimilate or integrate? To build mosques as centers of cultural domination where they read their book of hate speech about world domination while they cover women with tarps and treat them like second-class citizens and perform FGM on… Read more »

Gonzo the Magnificient

Ron, Ron ,Ron, I agree with you about Islam 1,000,000%. BUT what do you expect him to say man? He would risk loosing the next election like when Stephen Harper started the burqa issue. It helped in his downfall.


Trudeau is a liability!!!

John McCanna

10-Step Program to Electoral Success If the Conservatives really want to win the next election their platform should include these issues that resonate with all Canadians: 1. Make politicians accountable to the people for their actions (or in-actions) and liable to the courts like every other Canadian citizen. 2. Stop divisive politics by giving an equal number of seats to rural voters as to city voters. Example: if a province has 20 seats in Federal government (10 represent the rural constituents and 10 represent the city constituents. 3. Politicians are directly responsible for their fiduciary duties with respect to tax… Read more »


Exellent , it is about time we take back our power as the people who the politicians are supposed to represent! They should be held accountable…exactly!


Alot of sense in tghe above which is why none of the items would stand a snow balls chance in hell of being implimented.


Your comment shines a light. We have in essence a Parliamentary dictatorship. Politicians will never vote for restrictions on their power over the commoner. What we are witnessing is quite the opposite, the consolidation of that power. We fail because our Constitution was carefully constructed so as to not allow that power in the hands of the commoner. They granted our rights in 1982 and at that time I said to Grandma if there are no property rights it is just a scam for more control. As long as the edifice in which they collaborate is called the House of… Read more »


How can Jihadi Trudeau confront the problems when he himself cause. And now he is being confronted on his mess onto Canadians, jihadi Trudeau throws insults instead?
Jihadi Justin has divided Canadians which he planned to do for a long time: Canadians who follow the Canadian values are insulted and demonized.
And Canadians who abandon Canadian laws, values and rules to follow Jihadi Trudeau values laws are praised like: Isis, terrorists, criminals, radicals and illegals.

shawn harris

With such a high level of demonization and blaming all Canadians for his mistakes, caused by his deliberate and stupid actions on , not only the oil industry and pipelines,immigration, the environment, taxes, foreign policy, free trade, small businesses and other areas, Trudeau is only building a very strong case against his being re-elected as Prime Minister. Trudeau has to show that he truly respects the opinions and beliefs of everyone, not just those who are his sycophantic friends, who whisper sweet nothings in his ears. So far he has shown no interest in respecting Canadians, or even giving any… Read more »

Stuart Robinson

Have you watched any QP, the clips are availlable on Youtube. Scheer constantly calls out Trudeau, he mocks and ridicules his stupidity constantly. The Conservative caucus constantly hold Trudeau and his lackeys feet to the fire, the response is the usual refuse to answer or answer with irrelevancies. Look up some clips, you’ll see that you’re wrong about Scheer not speaking up.

Gonzo the Magnificient

Finally! This guy is probably a little more cautious and calculating that most of us are comfortable with but That has it’s benefits too. I’m being to like his style more.


Andrew Scheer for PM 2019 and far beyond! He and the Conservative Party are the ONLY ones that can save us from Justanidiot Truegrope’s INSANITY!!