FAIL: Trudeau Government Poverty ‘Plan’ Has No New Money, Puts Responsibility On Future Governments

The Trudeau Liberals seem to easily find money for foreign countries, but when it comes to helping Canadians it’s somebody else’s problem.

The Trudeau government announced their ‘big’ ‘plan’ to combat poverty, but it’s looking like a total failure.

It announced no new money, and it put the responsibility on future governments.

As noted in a report, the plan is just a rehash of past announcements:

“The Liberal government lifted the veil on what it billed Tuesday as a bold plan to strike a blow against poverty across Canada by the end of the next decade — but the plan is absent any new spending or policy proposals that would help slash low-income rates by the year 2030. Instead, the 115-page plan provides a list of programs and policies the Liberals have enacted since coming to power in 2015, linking them to an ongoing federal effort to beat back poverty rates.”

The Liberal ‘plan’ also fails to record data for poverty in some of Canada’s most impoverished regions, including Indigenous communities and the far north.

This failure by the Trudeau Liberals is unsurprising, and it fits the pattern of many announcements they make. It gets heavily hyped up, and then under-delivers, simply rehashing things at were already announced previously.

Plus, the government has conveniently avoided blame if the ‘targets’ aren’t met, since they’ll just blame upcoming governments.

Of course, many people will note that the Trudeau Liberals always seem able to find money for things like a road for the Jordanian military or tens of millions of taxpayer dollars for the Palestinians, yet when it comes to helping Canadians everyone is told to keep on waiting.

Spencer Fernando

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Maryam McKinley

Didn’t the feds do the same thing with Defence and Housing? Announce a spending plan that is well into the future. That is their idea of addressing these problems. The Cons are going to have one hell of a financial mess to sort out.

Wendy Lush

Simples, we’ll just print more money!