It’s No Coincidence That Opposition To Immigration Is Rising Under Justin Trudeau

When the government refuses to protect the integrity of our immigration system, raises immigration levels massively, emphasis ‘diversity’ over ‘unity,’ and ruthlessly demonizes anyone who disagrees, it’s no surprise that opposition to immigration is rising.

As I reported earlier, a new poll shows a big surge in the number of Canadians who want lower immigration numbers.

After all, the Trudeau government is massively increasing immigration levels by almost 50%, meaning the status quo that many Canadians once supported is no longer the status quo.

The results of that unwanted change by the Trudeau government are dramatic: As noted by Angus Reid – who conducted the poll – the number of Canadians who want either the same amount of immigration or more immigration has fallen to a record low after 40 years of polling, while the number who want less immigration has reached a record high.

This is no coincidence, and it has everything to do with Justin Trudeau.

Justin Trudeau has ignored what Canadians think about immigration by raising the levels dramatically. He has downplayed integration, even trying to change the citizenship guide so it doesn’t make clear what values are and aren’t acceptable in Canada. He has let our border with the US be treated like a joke, encouraging people to enter illegally and giving them benefits when they do so.

And, he has ruthlessly demonized anyone who disagrees with his push for ever-higher immigration levels, closing off opportunities for a real discussion of how Canada should manage our immigration system.

This combination of massive immigration increases, reduced emphasis on integration, a refusal to stop illegal border crossings and the demonization of all critics has severely undermined confidence in the immigration system.

People are seeing that Justin Trudeau is using the immigration system to fulfill his own political goals and ideological goals, rather than doing what is best for Canadian Citizens. And the more Trudeau does this, the more Canadians will oppose his push for ever-higher immigration numbers.

There’s also a final point to be made here:

In his devious use of language, Justin Trudeau repeatedly tries to make illegal immigration and legal immigration seem like the same thing. By doing this, he links something that is widely opposed – illegal immigration – to something with more support – legal immigration. It’s no surprise then that support for immigration would fall based upon his manipulative rhetoric.

Which raises the question: Is Trudeau too foolish to realize the impact his manipulative rhetoric has, or is he trying to create more opposition to legal immigration so he can demonize more and more Canadians and grab more political power?

Most of us probably have the sneaking suspicion that it’s the latter of those options.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Ray Decorby

The CBC radio news this morning mentioned that the Liberal caucus, meeting this weekend in Nanimo BC, would be discussing Canadian’s “perception” of a boarder crisis issue; which they’ve been saying has been generated by misinformation. Going forward, let’s watch how JT’s brain trust with all that twisted grey matter, along with a little BC bud, attempts to re-spin the problem, instead of fixing it.

Eric Blair

So where are all these new immigrants going to live? Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal… who knows. Isn’t affordable housing already an issue in these cities. What about schools, hospitals and all that. You cannot build these overnight. Looks like it will be a lot of suffering all around with a huge increase in immigration. Dare I ask if one particular group will be given more preference than others as had happened with the refugees from the Middle East.

Moe S.

“your racism has no place here.” This is how Trudeau deals with Canadian citizens who have different views on illegal asylum seekers crossing our borders. He’s a bully behind the mask. His tirade of innuendo and insulting racism accusations against law-abiding Canadians who are against ‘illegal’ asylum seekers needs to stop. Canadians need to rise up against this Globalist gov’t attempts to silence the masses and browbeat innocent law-abiding Canadians into shutting-up on this issue. The quiet rumbling voices, if this poll is accurate, should turn into ROAR against Trudeau’s globalist open borders agenda. Canadians must reject the narrative that… Read more »