READ: Bernier Shares His Thoughts After Poll Shows Rising Opposition To Trudeau’s Immigration Policy

“Successful immigration depends on social acceptability and the maintenance of social harmony,” says Bernier.

With a poll showing that almost all Canadians oppose Justin Trudeau’s plan to massively increase immigration levels, Maxime Bernier shared his thoughts on Twitter.

Here’s what he said:

“Successful immigration depends on social acceptability and the maintenance of social harmony. Many people have asked how do I know that there is “too much diversity.” When I see that half of Canadians believe immigration levels are too high, I know we’ve reached that point.”

“1/ Our immigration policy should not aim to forcibly change the cultural character and social fabric of Canada, as radical proponents of multiculturalism want. Of course, society is transformed by immigration. But this has to be done organically and gradually.”

“2/ At too high a level, immigration ceases to be a tool to economically benefit Canadians, and it turns instead into a burden. It becomes essentially a big-government policy of social engineering for ideological and electoral purposes.”

“3/ The vast majority of Canadians rightly expect immigrants to learn about our history and culture, master one of our official languages, and adopt widely shared Canadian values. Instead of spending M$ on multiculturalism programs, we should focus on integration.”

Once again, Bernier speaks common sense and says what most Canadians are thinking. But that won’t stop members of the cowardly political class from attacking him anyway.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Ron Voss

With respect to supply management, as Bernier has pointed out at his Facebook page, a supply management resolution is last up at the breakfast sessions which will determine which resolutions come forward for debate and vote. As Bernier notes, “So party establishment says we’re open to debating supply management – BUT only if we have some time left after everything else”. If so the party risks losing an opportunity to get out of this conondrum and Scheer off the hook. Hopefully, the Convention delegates have the ability to move the resolution forward in the breakout sessions.


Thank you Spencer for sharing that with us, it is helpful to know that there are still democratic politicians for the Canadian people and Canada. There is still hope, but we still must destroy this anti Canadian fake Lieberal/NDP party and re- program them back to being democratic, not socialist or whatever agendas they have been following, that is not Canadian. Thank you Maxime Bernier. We still desperately need a “for real” Canadian Government that loves and cares about Canada, with common sense, that knows the debt has to be paid back for Canada to be strong and prosperous again,… Read more »


Andrew Scheer for some unknown reason(s), just banned “The” from covering the Conservative convention in Halifax, even though he invited the CBC and the rest of the anti-Conservative MSM. That’s the final straw for me as a Conservative and any remote hope I had for Scheer as leader. There needs to be a leadership review ASAP and Scheer needs to go. If you know delegates attending the convention contact them and get them to demand a leadership review to oust Scheer. I have already written four prominent Conservative MP’s with a lot of political clout and demanded they do… Read more »


It’s sad how the Conservative Party is now part of the Liberal Party.

chris brown

Bernier is again 100% on the money. I sure wish Sheer would wake the “H” up, but after recently dismissing a prominent conservative news site from attending a conservative function, he’s beginning to look a lot less a leader and more like a wimp-out, and his failure to support Bernier’s accurate portrayal of immigration risks alienating a sizable support base, as evidenced by the poll numbers.


Trudeau, the ultimate divider. He gives $23 million to the NCCM to expand the banning of free speech following Khalid’s M-103, but tries to blackmail Canadians this Summer by demanding they support his disgusting concept of an “abortion on demand” shop on every corner. Women can have an abortion while they are having their hair done or pop in on their way to buy some dope.

Gonzo the Magnificient

Maxime, you are an asset to any country! Heck, I would even learn French to get this guy elected PM!


LOL!! Justin’s Facebook speech police have red flagged me. I’m unable to share or forward your email posts. Keep up the great work. We are definitely a threat to JUSTIN. More people need to be educated.


Everything Bernier says makes sense to most Canadians. If the Liberals have a problem with what he’s saying, I do not want them in power again in 2019.


Is he still gunning for the Conservative leadership ? If unfortunately Canadian voter apathy takes over and votes Trudeau in again no matter how angry Canadians are, will we see Bernier at the helm for the next election?

Des Zacharias

Well said Sir. When can we expect a leadership change in the Conservative party? I would suggest sooner than later. Currently I believe the Conservatives are at a very high risk of losing the next election to the fool we currently see as our PM. It is my belief that the ONLY reason the Conservatives could win is that Trudeau is hated much more than any other political party. A. Scheer is afraid of the mainstream media and too afraid to make a stand. It’s time for him to go. I could see that from the start and he was… Read more »


he is so right Trudeau is bloody screw us Canadians and this beautiful country !!!

Gordon Evans

Finally, a thread of simple common sense is beginning to emerge in the Canadian political scene. “Look, the Emperor has no clothes, eh!” Kudos to Bernier. The key now is to get the rest of the Conservatives off the sidelines and engaged in this log overdue national discussion. Trudeau’s goal is to keep us divided and quiet while he pushes his ‘so called Canadian dream’. Canadians are seeing through his endless preening and posturing for the media and the rest of the world, while exhibiting a total lack of any understanding for Canadian concerns. Canada wants a real leader who… Read more »

John Trainor

It is pervasive and probably too late…i see the CFL has all the coaches of every team wearing ‘Diversity is strength’ shirts…somewhere, the CFL has been bought by the feds….its propogandizing and brainwashing……what those shirts should read is ‘Unity is strength’.

Eric Blair

Spencer: Will you be attending the Conservatives convention in Halifax this weekend? They have barred the Rebel but what about you?


Bernier is RIGHT ON ….the face of immigration has changed since its historical inception… it is now costing more to process immigration and takes longer than it ever did to pretend that it is an economic tool that will perform to the advantage of the nation …PLUS immigration policies and related lawful statutes are NOT followed …the system is DEFINITELY broken and the proof: Canadian outrage !!


This man is absolutely correct and should have been conservative leader , believe he was harpers choice and the powers that be decided they should have someone younger and more hip , just like trudope , Hahaha