ABSURD: Maher Arar Says He Would Feel “Safer” With Omar Khadr On Parliament Hill Than Ezra Levant Or Conservative Senator Leo Housakos

An absolutely crazy statement.

Maher Arar, who was tortured and detained in Syria based upon false information passed on by the Liberal government in the early 2000’s, has certainly suffered greatly at the hands of the government.

Yet, a statement he recently made on Twitter is absurd.

After Conservative Senate Leader Leo Housakos and journalist Ezra Levant tweeted about questions regarding the possibility that Liberal MPs met with Omar Khadr on Parliament Hill, Maher Arar tweeted the following:

“I’d feel much safer having Omar Khadr on Parliament Hill vs having Ezra Levent or Leo Housakos for that matter.”

That is an absolutely crazy thing to say.

Ezra Levant is a journalist and Leo Housakos is a Senator.

By contrast, Omar Khadr pled guilty to throwing a grenade that killed Sgt. Christopher Speer and seriously injured Layne Morris.

And unlike what happened to Arar – who Syria has said was totally innocent – it is quite clear that Khadr is guilty.

So, to compare a journalist and a Senator to Khadr, and then to say that the journalist and the Senate are more dangerous than Khadr is absolutely crazy, and should be condemned by Canadians of all political stripes.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Sylvain Lamoureux

I would not feel safe around Arar and Khadr.

bob kelly

Arar is secretly working for justin to put down the conservatives and cast doubt onthem. Arar shows his true feeling about Canada

Gonzo the Magnificient

Maybe Trudeau will use Arar as his secret weapon during campaign season. Aren’t we all scared! I think both of them teaming up would be all we need to insure Trudeau is defeated and Scheer (and I know many of you are not fond of him) wins.

D. Jerome Hauk

Is Scheer afraid too, having disinvited the Rebal Network from attending their Convention…but they’re going anyway. I have this horrible feeling that Scheer isn’t going to cut it next election.


So tell us Maher Arar, how much money $$$ and/or perks have the Liberals given to you.??
Something is very fishy about your statement & you reek, stink with a very disgusting odour of rotting fish that is polluting your warped thinking.


Muslim Brotherhood guy. He applauds Trump for his stance against anti-MB friendlies.


Trudeau slipped Khadr the $10.5 million under the table rather than using Canadian Courts to make a decision whether his “rights” as a enemy combatant were violated. Khadr should still face charges of treason for fighting against allied soldiers.

Many Canadians mistakenly apply our standards to Khadr, claiming he was a “child” at 15. In Khadr’s culture, he is considered an adult and as such, would be quite capable of buying a female as a “wife”.

Wendy Lush

Maher Arar.. wow that’s a blast from the past. This guy’s very presence in Canada is a direct result of Pierre Trudeau’s Multi-culturalism edict he imposed on Canada in 1971. And thanks to Pierre Trudeau’s “progressive” changes to federal legislation, this nobody and his greedy lawyer were able to sue Canada and get a $10.5 million settlement. So sue Syria, Arar, they “t ortured” you (so says you), or the Americans they kid napped you, not us the beleaguered taxpayers of Canada. Canada is in no way responsible for what happened to this liar. And f- off with your nonsense… Read more »