Conservatives Reveal Their Immigration Policies & Principles

“A Conservative government led by Andrew Scheer will seek to ensure that newcomers to Canada, like so many who have already done so, integrate into the Canadian economic and social fabric.”

The Conservative Party of Canada has revealed their immigration policies and principles.

In a speech by Conservative Immigration Critic Michelle Rempel, the Conservatives outlined what would guide an Andrew Scheer-led government when it comes to Canada’s immigration system.

Here’s the text of the principles & policies section of Rempel’s remarks, as originally shared on her website:

First, our principles.

A Conservative government led by Andrew Scheer will oversee an immigration system that is fair, orderly, and compassionate.

A Conservative government led by Andrew Scheer will seek to ensure that newcomers to Canada, like so many who have already done so, integrate into the Canadian economic and social fabric. The Conservative Party believes this principle is key to sustaining Canada’s pluralism, and that the best way to do this is to encourage and enable newcomers to become self-sufficient.

A Conservative government led by Andrew Scheer will ensure that our humanitarian immigration system prioritizes the world’s most vulnerable, and that our intake numbers reflect the cost realities of supporting the integration of those who have fled extreme persecution.

A Conservative government led by Andrew Scheer will directly link the number and skills of people seeking to enter Canada for economic reasons to the needs of Canada’s economy.


And now, our policies.

This fall, the Conservative Party will embark upon a significant tour to gain feedback on several potential initiatives that an Andrew Scheer-led government would implement.

This Pathway to Canada Tour will seek input from Canadians, newcomers themselves, industry groups, provincial counterparts, international partners, and civil society groups on these and other concepts:

• Completely revamping Canada’s low skilled Temporary Foreign Worker program to achieve the following objectives:

– Ensuring that Canadians get the first crack at jobs in our country;

– That wage distortion and worker abuse are prevented;

– That industry groups who have legitimate need of the program face reduced barriers to receive labour;

– And most importantly, to allow those who enter Canada as low skilled workers a permanent path to residency;

▪ We feel this reform is needed to allow those who are currently using Canada’s asylum system to enter Canada for economic reasons a clear alternative path to enter Canada that is focused on integration and self-sufficiency, and to allow our asylum system to be focused on those who are facing legitimate persecution.

▪ It is also important to show fairness to the foreign workers who run our farms and care for our children that they have priority access into our immigration system, as opposed to those who are currently crossing at Roxham Road.

• Dissembling the permanency of Trudeau’s new immigration program at Roxham Road, by closing the loophole in the Safe Third Country Agreement, and going further by entering Canada into discussions with G7 countries onto a global safe third-country system. This is already happening, to a certain extent, in Europe with the Dublin Agreement renegotiation.

• Revamping Canada’s resettlement services system to better support immigration to and retention in rural communities.

• Establishing a program of more formal ties with provincial governments to ensure that immigration meets provincial labour needs and doesn’t provide strain on provincial social programs.

• Reforming Canada’s refugee resettlement programs to prioritize government sponsored spaces on victims of the four atrocity crimes (Crimes Against Humanity, Genocide, War Crimes, and Crime of Aggression), and to encourage and facilitate greater use of the Privately-Sponsored Refugee Program. We would also push for reform within the United Nations to allow better resettlement response to internally-displaced persons to prevent the failure of the global community to the Yazidis of Iraq from occurring again, and we would ensure that Canada uses its legislative authority to do so within our own programs if the international community won’t.

• Looking at new programs to expedite the reunion of genocide survivors who have resettled to Canada.

• Establishing a new mechanism to oversee the immigration consultant profession to better prevent fraud.

As opposed to calling Canadians nasty names when they ask questions about our immigration process, we will continue to seek to inspire Canadians with a new immigration system that restores the social licence for immigration that Justin Trudeau has lost through his failures. We will also continue to hold Justin Trudeau to account for these failures.

Canada’s Conservative Party believes that unity is Canada’s strength – unity in purpose to maintain our pluralism for generations to come.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Thank you this is all that many Canadians expect from their government.
A controlled border is to secure the system and a payback to its citizens. Open borders are to discard the system as meaningless, ignore its citizens rights and encourage soft invasions.


“Dissembling….”???? This means to conceal one’s motives, or to pretend. Did no one proofread this?


I think it should read – Disassembling – ie removing. But dissembling does hint at the deception behind the way the Liberals are planning on making the open border permanent without having really disclosed this part of the plan to the Canadian people.


All the Conservatives are going to do is amp up immigration in every which way including pushing immigrants into rural areas. Filling the country up with immigrants and we all know where the majority will come from, creating nothing but chaos. Just like Europe. Notice they haven’t said boo about numbers. I wouldn’t trust this for a minute. They still haven’t got the message that Canadians do not want increased immigration!


agree – they have no guts to do what must be done “fair, orderly, and compassionate” sounds like catering to me. How about simple, hard legal framework and application.

Al Beau

There is plenty of unexplored lands, like Nunavut and Labrador… other not named yet..

Maryam McKinley

Thoughtful and well reasoned.


I believe that anyone who crossed our Open Borders “Illegally” have broken the law. Breaking laws in Canada before you even step foot in this country from the U.S., which is a safe country, should NOT be tolerated by Canadians. They are NOT “Refugees”, and should absolutely be DEPORTED. These Illegals are UNINVITED, and Thieves, taking advantage of our Social Programs, while Canadians are living on the streets, and Seniors are struggling trying to survive with so little money. When are Canadians going to STOP THIS Out-Of-Touch, Stupid Liberal Government and put a STOP to this Insanity??

cecil klyne

I agree with this. Use the military to close the border.


Like “unity is Canada’s strength”.

Skeptical of “Pluralism” need this defined, too many meanings can be huge loophole.

Need to rid ourselves of hyphenated Canadians. You are either a Canadian and proud of it or you are not. I don’t need to know or care to know where you or your ancestors came from.


How about bringing in the white hard working farmers from South Africa that are being kicked off their farms or murdered!? The MSM is silent about the white genocide going on there.


The Conservative Party is going to use “Unity is Canada’s Strength” as it campaign slogan as a counterpoint to the Liberals “Diversity is Our Strength” – this is a very shrewd move because, as we have seen from the forced migration experience in Western Europe, diversity is most definitely NOT making countries stronger – it’s tearing them apart…

Lorraine Barrett

What happens now that Maxine has left the party and is forming his own party?


Justin Trudeau has Violated at least two Sections of the Criminal Code and yet no-one has done ANYTHING ,HE HAS VIOLATED SECTIONS 83:18and83:19…


What about taking care of our own first, like the elderly and the homeless … our unemployed first

Timothy Hickey

A Moratorium on immigration should be put into effect immediately, until such a time as a Real Majority of Canadians are consulted, and give consent to immigration policies and targets!

Debby Dumont

Close the border and deport all illegals and tell the UN we can run our own country and they don’t need to tell us how many refugees we will take … Canada is full.