WATCH: Pierre Poilievre Rips Trudeau For “Strutting Around Like A Peacock,” Says Canada Needs Energy Independence

Poilievre points out that the Trudeau government’s tough talk on Saudi Arabia wasn’t matched up with action, as our country is still buying tons of Saudi oil.

In a new video, Pierre Poilievre is exposing the emptiness of Justin Trudeau’s “tough talk” on the world stage.

He notes that Trudeau blocking the energy east pipeline keeps us reliant on Saudi oil, and leads to the outrageous situation in which we sell our oil at a discount in the West, while buying it at a premium in the East.

Offering a clear contrast to Trudeau’s anti-Canada policies, Poilievre said “If we really want to stand up for ourselves, let’s get out of the way and let private industry build pipelines, let’s lower taxes so we can bring jobs, business, and investment back to our country, let’s build our economy through free enterprise, low taxes, and limited regulation, so that the next time we enter into a conflict with another country we’re strong enough and tough enough to stand on our own two feet.”

Well said.

You can watch the video below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Gonzo the Magnificient

It seems it takes a French Canadian to lead this country i.e Bernier and Poilievre. The rest of the politicians are humorously, just chipmunks or groundhogs (“chirp, chirp”) as I’ve read on this site describing Scheer. Then you have traitors like Trudeau and his ilk.

Maryam McKinley

I like Poilievre. Plain spoken and intelligent. Easy to understand and remember.

Chris vrecko

But you see, that’s only common sense and liberals haven’t any. I can tell you, the day he’s out of govt. Should be a national day of celebration.

Eric Blair

Pierre or Maxime would make a far better leader than Andrew. Where is the guy on these down to earth issues… crickets. What is not mentioned by Pierre is that the 75,000 barrels per day we buy from Saudi Arabia is about $2.4 billion leaving our economy per year. That amount plus all the other oil we buy from outside of Canada amounts to about $20 billion per year. What this means for you Canadians in the maritimes is that this money leaving Canada could be spent on you. Still think Trudeau is the answer? Still think that his promise… Read more »


was unable to play the video. is it blocked?

shawn harris

Trudeau showed how tough he is and just how much he will stand up for Canada, for the problems he created in the first place. He basically said to Saudi Arabia, yes were so tough, we will take your oil , even though we can easily replace it with our oil, even though I just cancelled every single new pipeline project in Canada and chased away every major oil corporation and investors have been told Canada is closed for business. Trudeau went onto prove to the Saudis, we are so tough we even put in place extreme regulations, guaranteeing, that… Read more »

Ann Harris

Just wanna say, it’s not so much that Trudeau is a socialist (Communist) as it is his intention to take away Canada’s sovereignty and turn our Country over to the UN One World Order (globalization, Communism). He considers himself to be a “global citizen” and he’s proud of it. He’s following, exactly, Obama’s endeavour to do the same with U.S. Obama came close to ruining America. Thank God for Trump being elected. The world would have ‘lost’ if the Democrats had been allowed to carry on with their globalization plan. Trudeau is Obama 2.0. Like Obama, he HAS TO BE… Read more »

Jill Ward

Seems this is beyond the ability of canadians to see and understand.
Pretty sad situation we are now in and no one is acknowledging it or doing a thing to stop it.
oh well, “what can we do??” (the new canadian national anthem)

Ron Voss

“Strutting around like a peacock” now those are fighting words. Did he get approval from Scheer for such tough talk?

don morris

I like Pierre Polievre,but on this one,he is posturing for the masses. Canada takes in roughly 80,000 bpd from Saudi Arabia, which goes to eastern ,read Maritime, refineries. The main receiver of SA oil is the Irving refinery in NB. The Irving family is one of the richest in Canada,one of the Olde Guard, the guys who own the infamous lodge that every PM goes to on his first weekend as PM to be told by The Establishment exactly how he will run this country. Every PM has had this sojourn since Pierre Trudeau, and it will always be thus.… Read more »

Adam Ridolfi

Trumps comments at the closing of the G7 show, he has nothing, but contempt for Trudeau. Let’s remember NAFTA is not gender issues, climate change and indigenous rights. It is a business deal, not a social contract with the U.S. Canadian government is risking a 25% tariff on autos, an industry that employs 140,000 people, to protect 16,000 dairy farmers is not only idiotic, it’s irresponsible.”