BREAKING: Maxime Bernier Leaves Conservative Party, Beginning Discussions To Create New Party

Bernier says Conservatives under current leadership have “all but abandoned their principles,” and the party is too “intellectually corrupt” to be fixed.

Maxime Bernier is leaving the Conservative Party of Canada, and says he will create a new political party.

He says he last talked to Andrew Scheer 9 days ago.

In his remarks, Bernier ripped into the current leadership of the Conservatives, saying they had abandoned Conservative principles on issues ranging from NAFTA, Supply Management, and immigration.

Bernier said Andrew Scheer is following the Trudeau Liberals, and making decisions based upon polls, instead of principles. He said Scheer and the party just utter poll-tested platitudes, which he says are empty and don’t offer Canadians a real choice.

Bernier also said that Canada must emphasize the values that unite us and encourages social cohesion, rather than focusing on ethnic and cultural differences, and said the Conservatives are too afraid to take a real stand on the issue, because of their fear of the media and attacks from the left.

In his remarks, Bernier said Andrew Scheer as Prime Minister would just be “a more moderate version of the disastrous Justin Trudeau,” and said nobody knows what Scheer’s vision is.

Bernier added that the Conservative Party has abandoned Conservatives, and doesn’t represent conservative principles anymore.

He says he’ll find “another way” to represent the millions of Canadians who he feels aren’t represented by the Conservative Party anymore.

Spencer Fernando

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I can’t disagree with his synopsis of the Conservative party and it’s leadership.
I admire him for speaking out for conservative values, but unfortunately he is dividing the party and the vote.


So glad he still staying in politics!!!!!

Wendy Lush

Great move Bernier! Gutsy. Hopefully a bunch of Conservative MPs will jump ship to join his new party… AND LIBERAL MPs who are privately FED UP with Trudeau and his inanities.


I think he is right about the Conservative party right now, but do we want to just hand Justin another win?
I remember when Preston Manning led the Reform party. I actually identified with them much more than the Conservatives at the time. However, having a conservative party and another that is center/right only ensures the Liberals stay in power. That’s exactly why the two parties finally merged, so they could defeat them.

I want Justin Trudeau defeated next year. Bernier will just ensure that does not happen.

Ron Voss

Real conservatives will have an answer to the problem of nowhere else to go, breaking the CPC monopoly on conservatism.


What a Shame! The Conservative Party, and especially leader, Andrew Scheer should become tough against the Liberals, stop listening to polls that have been all lies, stop paying any attention to the Corrupt Media and bring Maxime back into the party. Maxime has been speaking for all Conservatives and the Majority of Canadians. Let’s save the Conservative Party and WIN with an Outstanding Majority in 2019! The “End of Canada” is happening fast with the Liberals – GOD FORBID a Liberal Win in 2019!

Ann Harris

When it came time to vote in last federal election, I was seriously torn between Scheer and Bernier. I can’t say why cuz I don’t even know myself why. I do know I’ve been extremely disappointed in Scheer and realize now that Canada needs someone tough like Bernier to take on Trudeau and his vacuous cabinet. That said, this is a sad state of affairs for our Country. Never, in recent times, or probably in all times, has Canada been in such jeopardy, thanks to the bullying dictator that is Trudeau. The worst thing that could happen would be for… Read more »


I tend to agree. Scheer has been hiding from Canadians and has morphed into Trudeau light. We see Trudeau almost every day, Scheer? Rarely.

If Bernier seems to be making progress, I suspect there will be quite a number of Liberal voters who will take a serious look rather than following a bigot. The next month or two will be interesting.

Bernard Hutchinson

Andrew Scheer has been a lightweight & had opportunities to stand up straight & take the left wing mainstream media to task! Many people have been saying that Scheer is too weak to lead the party! Scheer is terrified of the CBC & their talking heads! I hope the party doesn’t splinter and lose to the dictator Justin Trudeau! If Trudeau gets another 4 years, Canada will be changes beyond recognition & we will become a refugee state like Germany where certain entities will gradually take over the government! Mark my words!

Chris vrecko

I’m disappointed that this couldn’t have been done AFTER the election. Looking at the one poll 51% agree 49 disagree, those numbers are going to split the party, possibly allowing truleydumb back in. Shame on both men. The stake of Canada is before us and we are quickly succumbing to personal wants not what’s necessarily good for Canada itself.

Sean Short

I am dismayed Bernier should make his decision now as to forming a new party. That’s just vindictiveness. I am disappointed that he should leave as he is a strong voice for.many Conservatives, just not enough to make him the leader. But that is, indeed his choice. I hope he understands the consequences of his actions and takes the proper path to a new party should he actually attempt to form one. I wish him good luck and a bright future.


What he is saying is correct. But to start a new party is a insurmountable challenge

Sylvain Lamoureux

Scheer needs to go and fast. I have NO party left to vote for now.