Stephen Harper Tweets Support For Andrew Scheer

Harper says Bernier is dividing Conservatives.

Canada’s most recent Conservative Prime Minister – and the first leader of the united federal Conservative Party has shared his thoughts on Maxime Bernier’s decision to leave the Conservatives.

Here’s what Harper said on Twitter:

“It is clear that Max never accepted the result of the leadership vote and seeks only to divide Conservatives. His decision today allows the Conservative Party of Canada to move forward united behind our Leader @AndrewScheer.”

Former Conservative cabinet member and leader of the Alberta United Conservative Party also tweeted about it:

“I have known @AndrewScheer for nearly two decades. He is one of the most principled, decent people I know. Today’s Conservative Party is a mainstream, democratic coalition that is ready to govern. One man’s ego must not risk the imperative of defeating the Trudeau government.”

While the upper echelons of Conservatism in Canada have been critical of Bernier, the overall response on social media shows he has significant grassroots support.

This is in large part because many people see a growing disconnect between the policies articulated by the federal party and the views of Conservative Party members.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Brian dougan

Et tu Brute?


Kennedy will lose support but is the only choice for Alberta , they are just a bunch of politicians scratch each other’s backs and Bernier is the first federal person to actually say what the majority of Canadians are thinking and about. Besides Scheer got there after a dozen revotes and was originally one of the lower supported guys

shawn harris

The old , yet true saying, united we stand, divided we fall, still rings true everytime. Now is the time to deprive Trudeau of an opportunity to divide and exploit the Conservatives. All of the progress and achievements accomplished by the Conservatives shouldn’t be allowed to wither and die because of differing opinions about policies. Either we , as Conservatives stand up and support Scheer and what he has done or we risk losing again to Trudeau and his corrupt Liberals. Canada’s future prosperity,unity and progress can’t be allowed to be destroyed any further by giving Trudeau another term in… Read more »


I agree with you totally, we must get rid of Trudeau, and demonizing and dividing the Conservatives is another Liberal agenda that has been used repeatedly. Bernier should have stood and supported the Conservatives until after the election, then started his own party. I believe like Mulroney took the old Conservative party apart, Bernier hoped to do the same. Mulroney is on the board of Directors of Trudeaus Trust Fund Plus they let him have lots of Canadas money to do the corrupt things he did and the Lieberals paid him and are still his best friend, Bernier was a… Read more »

Timothy Hickey

Harper is in bed with the Globalist too! Mainstream parties are all in!


Harper had to say this because he endorsed Scheer from the beginning. I blame Harper for the Liberal win by calling an early election when he didn’t have to, he accepted poor advice from his team and should have known better. Scheer is a Moderate Liberal and knows he’s between a rock and a hard spot. They should of had a leadership review at their Halifax convention but everyone is agreeing with Scheer to secure a position if they win the next election. This is not going away if anything Max is going to bury Scheer


Good for Bernier. He told the truth about both parties being corrupt and if he forms another party, I will join and Harper should butt out. Scheer is too weak and the party will manipulate him and take advantage of him like the 3 stooges did with Trudeau.


In 2010 Bernier did say he would cancel health care money to the Provinces and let them pay for it themselves and he is wrong. I will vote
for Scheer to get rid of Trudeau and in that time if Scheer wins, Bernier can build up his party but I won’t vote for him if he cancels health care money to the Provinces. Stay with Scheer right now instead of splitting the votes or Trudeau will get back in.


I support Maxime Bernier because I know that the corruption within the Conservative party is strong and the swamp is deep in Ottawa. It’s been this way for a very long time! The fact that the elites in Ottawa endorsed Andrew Scheer in the Leadership race speaks volumes!


So Candice, what is the alternative – Trudeau again no? I don’t trust any politician because they are too self-serving but we still have to make a choice. Once Bernier builds up his party then we will see what his policies will be. In the meantime as much as I don’t like Scheer, he will still get my vote now.

Eric Blair

Now if I was Trudeau, I would call a snap election. Just because he said that he wouldn’t call a snap election, believe the opposite. It has been done before when your main opponent is in a weak state. The liberals are watching how this convention goes (my god they have officially sanctioned observer status) and if they see a party in turmoil you can count on them to strike.

Just saying.


Ahh, I wish Mr. Harper was back in office for Canada, he was the greatest best Prime Minister Canada ever had, if he supports Mr Scheer then so will I.

don morris

The Liberals have already invented a slogan:”the smile is Scheer’s but the Party is Harper’s”, which to the Left is as odious as if someone told us another Party was “the Party of Hitler”. Expect the msm to go full on insane against the Party of Harper next year,to the Liberals delight. Andrew Scheer represents the new politician class, a poli-sci grad with little to no experience in the real world,iow,a professional politician. We are poorer for it. We are no better off with a political class than we were with the aristocracy running the country, both out of touch… Read more »

Ron Voss

Harper reading from the same script as Scheer characterizing Bernier as a poor loser, “It is clear that Max never accepted the result of the leadership vote” and Jason Kenney, as well, characterizing Bernier of putting his own personal ambitions above those of the Conservative party and the country (“One man’s ego must not risk the imperative of defeating the Trudeau government”.).

Ralph Knapp

I’ve been thinking long and hard about this. When it’s all said and done, Scheer won the race, Bernier was second. End of Story. Bernier should back the hell off and, either support Scheer, or go quietly into the night. Apparently, Bernier doesn’t like the democratic process unless he wins. If Bernier insists on continuing this madness, the executive should expel him from the Party.


I am sorry to say but Mr. Harper for once you are wrong. It’s Mr. Scheer who’s acting against the principles of Canadian Conservative. Mr. Scheer’s action are actually in line with globalists (of which Jason Kenny is a big supporter).

JD MacDonald

Stephen Harper was a great, if greatly underappreciated, prime minister. That being said, this is clearly just a case of damage control and him saying what he thinks is best for the Conservative party moving forward. Thank you for your service, Mr. Harper. The first major red flag for me was when Rebel Media was banned from attending the Conservative convention—after Andrew Sheer gave a long winded talk on “the value of free speech”. Clear and present pandering to people who won’t vote for you anyway doesn’t inspire much confidence in Ottawa’s latest batch of “Conservatives” or their leader, does… Read more »

Bernard Hutchinson

Harper & Jason Kenny I think are partially correct but I believe that Scheer should have had more consultations with Max & come to some sort of a compromise! Like Ezra Levant stated today, why did Scheer not give Max the Quebec Dairy cartel to try & make a deal on! Those 16,000 dairy farmers (Supply Management) cartel who charge Canadians much, much higher prices on milk & dairy products than what the USA pays or we’d pay if it came to Canada Tarrif free are getting rich off regular Canadians & as we all know, this is one of… Read more »

Hohn Hallam

Have felt for some time the lack of action and the direction of the leadership of the Conservative party is misplaced and surely will lead to either a minority conservative administration that will do exactly what they are doing as opposition “nothing” that mainstream Canadians want, or a Liberal government as we have now. . I have been a conservative supporter and financial contributor for many years but no longer. Surely some common sense will dictate to Scheer and others that Maxime’s statement has a lot of common sense and is more in line with conservative thought than what is… Read more »