Stephen Harper Tweets Support For Andrew Scheer

Harper says Bernier is dividing Conservatives.

Canada’s most recent Conservative Prime Minister – and the first leader of the united federal Conservative Party has shared his thoughts on Maxime Bernier’s decision to leave the Conservatives.

Here’s what Harper said on Twitter:

“It is clear that Max never accepted the result of the leadership vote and seeks only to divide Conservatives. His decision today allows the Conservative Party of Canada to move forward united behind our Leader @AndrewScheer.”

Former Conservative cabinet member and leader of the Alberta United Conservative Party also tweeted about it:

“I have known @AndrewScheer for nearly two decades. He is one of the most principled, decent people I know. Today’s Conservative Party is a mainstream, democratic coalition that is ready to govern. One man’s ego must not risk the imperative of defeating the Trudeau government.”

While the upper echelons of Conservatism in Canada have been critical of Bernier, the overall response on social media shows he has significant grassroots support.

This is in large part because many people see a growing disconnect between the policies articulated by the federal party and the views of Conservative Party members.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter