SUSPENSE: Maxime Bernier To Hold Press Conference In Ottawa As Conservative Convention Begins In Halifax

Speculation is running rampant.

The suspense is building in the Canadian political world, as Maxime Bernier is scheduled to hold a press conference at 1:00 pm at the House of Commons.

That means Bernier isn’t joining the rest of the Conservative Party in Halifax, leading to speculation about what’s happening.

Here are some of the theories:

Bernier is starting his own federal party.

Bernier is making the jump to provincial politics in Quebec.

Bernier is leaving the Conservatives to sit as an independent.

Bernier is leading a splinter group of Conservatives that will run candidates only in Quebec at the federal level.

Bernier is leaving politics.

The truth is that nobody knows what Bernier is going to announce, hence why the suspense keeps on building.

A radio station in Montreal – 98.5FM – is reporting that Bernier may create his own party, but that has also not been confirmed at this point.

The controversy that led to this point began building when Bernier criticized Justin Trudeau’s “cult of diversity,” and pointed out that Unity is the true source of strength for a country.

Bernier’s comments on diversity and immigration – and the reaction to them – have exposed the deep disconnect that much of the political class has from the Canadian people. To most Canadians, Bernier’s remarks seem like common sense, and polls show he is speaking for a majority of the country. Even many Canadians who originally came here from other countries expressed support for Bernier’s remarks, noting that they came to Canada because of the values our country stands for – and don’t want to see those values watered-down or erased.

And yet, the political class – and even many Conservatives – have distanced themselves from Bernier.

This has created a significant challenge for the Conservatives, as many Conservative MPs are now in the position of distancing themselves from something almost all Conservatives (and most Canadians) agree with.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Ralph Knapp

Hey Andrew, Have you ever considered inviting Maxime to a private one on one meeting and air it out, find some common ground and get on with it rather than airing your differences in the press? As leader, that’s your job.



Sorry but he (Sheer) is no leader

Ron Voss

I have predicted that Bernier will start a new party following the example of his good friend Derek Fildebrandt who starred the Freedom Conservative Party in Alberta with the intention to only run in ridings where a conservative is virtually assured to be elected, thereby removing the CPC monopoly on conservatism leaving disgruntled voters with nowhere else to go.


Praying for option 1. If yes, all parties are in trouble.

Duke Magoo

If not for the NDP/Liberal split on the left, we would never have even had a Harper government. There would never be another conservative federal government if not for the split on the left.

Canada is a majority left-leaning country. Splitting the vote on the right … is political suicide.

If Bernier actually starts a new right-wing party, he guaratees another Trudeau government.

I have lost all faith in Canada doing the right thing. We are going down Trudeaus rabbit hole and we will wind up like Sweden.

Bernard A.Hutchinson

Andrew Scheer is terrified of the CBC & the Media Party! He caves at every interview, instead of giving solid answers on policy, he lets people like Paul Wells of the failing rag McLean’s (which by the way) gets financial help from Trudeau! Or he lets the likes of Wendy Mesley or others in the CBC continuously control the narrative & tax him on issues that pertain to such divisive issues as the Rebel Media & Ezra Levant when he clearly should just tell them that the Rebel & Ezra are completely separate issues! He stands up for the Quebec… Read more »

Gonzo the Magnificient



Although Maxime Bernier is now saying things Canadians want to hear, has he changed that much. He was a separatist in 1995 Quebec? He had ties to some not so nice people? He was accused of signing up Conservative party members that did not exist? Breaking up the Conservatives because he almost won leadership, and speaking out of turn when asked not to? Would I trust him as much as I don’t trust Trudeau???? Etc…


My other thought is, Why is the Lieberal/ndp mainstream news media supporting him? That is a really big question for me, go back and read those old stories maybe???
We’ve seen this kind of fake Conservatives in Ontario and Federally too often lately. Although I agree with what he said.

Wendy Lush

Elections in Quebec and New Brunswick begin today. The corrupt Qc Liberals have been in power for too long and they know they’re on their way out. Newly formed right-of-center CAQ Party will likely win a majority. However I don’t think Bernier will jump to provincial; his destiny is greater than that. Bernier gets it: more than ever Canada needs someone like him to counter Justin Trudeau and his gang of revolutionaries. France’s last election (May 2017) Emmanuel Macron won bigtime. Macron was an unknown quantity who started a new party in April 2016 and won in a landslide. Not… Read more »


Spencer, if Maxime is starting his own party, this is exactly what happened in Alberta during the last election. The disgruntled Conservatives formed the
WildRose party and split the vote of all conservative in the province.
Hence we have an accidental NDP majority government. They have effectively shut down Alberta with the help of the Federal Liberals.
I am afraid this will happen with the impending Federal election.
A Federal Government with a minority NDP Party. Horrors!!!!!
Wake up everyone and especially our elected officials.


We need a new party. Schear with his watered down version of conservative values has split this needed alternative. He has shown the Canadian people that he doesn’t have what it takes to stand strong and free. He is concerned about the liberal vote and not the conservative vote. He is going to lose a major portion of the conservative votes if Bernier decides to make a new party. I for one will go with Bernier. Weak leadership is not the way of getting things done. Standing strong for Canada..