VIDEO: Andrew Scheer Responds After Maxime Bernier Leaves Conservative Party

Scheer says he thinks Bernier decided to leave “a long time ago.”

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has responded to Maxime Bernier’s decision to leave the Conservative Party.

Scheer says the Conservatives have been “fighting hard” for lower taxes, against the carbon tax, for orderly & lawful immigration, and says Bernier has chosen to “abandon that fight and help Justin Trudeau.”

Scheer’s remarks can be watched below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Ron Voss

In his response to Bernier’s announcement, Scheer basically characterized Bernier as a poor loser (“a long time ago Bernier decided to do this”) and as putting his own personal ambitions above those of the Conservative party. I believe a more personal attack than Bernier who talked about a disagreement with Scheer over ideas and policy.

Gonzo the Magnificient

NO Mr. Scheer. Maxime Bernier is a truer conservative than you. Who will you have in Quebec now that has his positive profile on issues that matter.
Let’s see what Max does next and if as Scheer states, “he will help Trudeau”.


agreed. And Scheer is only sneering because he is now threatened.


I will bet more people will go with Maxime Bernier then
Scheer (aka: Trudeau 2.0 )

He has my vote no matter what !!


I certainly will as I don’t trust the weak Scheer and Max wants the best for us and Scheer better watch what he says or be sued for slander.

Paulette Canam

If that was the case Max would have won the Leadership.


I believe all three of your opinions are incorrect. Andrew Sheer will WIN!

I have to ask though – Why would Maxime Bernier want to divide “the Conservative Party” at this point. It is to interfere with Conservatives who should be able to win the next election. Maxime irritates me as it seems his intent is to help Trudeau to win. He’s a loser, he sure won’t have our votes! Neither of either, Maxime or Trudeau they will be the losers.


Justin and his cronies must be elated. This all but ensures the corrupt liberals will win again


Good riddance Max. I said it before, and I’ll say it again: Max only cares about Max. Politics is a team sport. Max doesn’t play with others. If you want to wear team colours, you need to listen to the fans (members), coach (leader), and management (caucus). Scheer was democratically elected leader. The last time conservatives split, we had Liberal governments for 13 years. So yes, Max is supporting Trudeau by doing this.


No way, Maxine has more backbones than Scheer. He criticized Trudeau more than Scheer. I think Scheer seems to be more of the narcissist (I’m a conservative, come what may, I still vote conservative) he removes him as deputy leader for a simple reason!


Liberals?, not a chance. Bernie almost had me convinced he was the man, but after doing some checking, he is abosolutley not ready to lead.He is vindictive and tried to ruin the Conservative party.Has he ever once mentioned western Canada? Be patient and wait til the Conservatives have finished their convention this weekend before you jump to conclusions. NO corrupt Liberals. Conservatives have such a great, strong team with Sheer. Please vote for SHEER…


Xactly, thanx


Not going to happen…Tell me what you think a conservative is? I can tell you what its not and that is Scheer.

Elaine Teichgraber

We must stand united with Andrew Scheer if we want to win the election. Maxime should never have done this at this point in time. I agreed with his comments on immigration but now he’s lost my trust. He is putting his personal grievances ahead of the party and all but assuring Trudeau gets another 4 years to destroy Canada. That’s not showing Bernier cares about Canadians. He knows this will split the vote. A very sad day for our party. Please don’t let him destroy our chance to win the next election. Our country depends on us being a… Read more »

John Hallam

If he does become the next Prime Minister, Which I doubt< he will go down as a disaster and set the conservative movement back years


I have seen this coming for a long time. Bernier posts arevall about himself and he was right and all others are wrong. He was appointed innovation shadow minister and as such had every opportunity to bring his notions to the table. He would rather rush to social media than actually do his job. So disrespectful and arrogant. It is all about leadership race, hence his anti-party moves ever since. He couldn’t just get over his ego. He is a sore loser.

David MacKAY

So the leader of the Conservative party who says he stands with Trudeau in the Free Trade Battle with Trump that Trudeau started now says Bernier is supporting Trudeau?
Scheer lost his chance to be PM when he said he supported the Millionaire/Billionaires of supply side managed Diary, Poultry, Egg and Feedlots that Justin Trudeau also supports in their exploitation of Canadian.

Now Scheer in a typical leftist stunt blames Bernier for what Scheer is doing. Couldn’t the Tories have just recycled Red Tory Joe Clark instead of Mr. Scheer? The results woulds be the same.