Advanced Symbolics Poll Says Maxime Bernier Is More Popular Than Andrew Scheer

Poll used artificial intelligence program to gauge public sentiment.

A poll from Advanced Symbolics based upon an artificial intelligence program that analyzed “a representative sample of 220,000 Canadians on social media” has found that Maxime Bernier is more popular than Andrew Scheer.

According to the poll – which only discussed leader popularity rather than support for any currently existing or potential political parties – put Bernier’s popularity at 40%, while Scheer is at 32%. The same poll put Trudeau at 46%.

In a press release (included below), Advanced Symbolics said “Mr. Bernier’s lead is particularly pronounced in Ontario, where he leads Mr. Scheer by 24%.”

It’s important to point out that this poll isn’t conducted like most other polls, and doesn’t bring up political parties. Even if Bernier is more popular than Scheer, Scheer leads an existing political party, while Bernier’s party is currently hypothetical.

The real test of support will come when Bernier officially forms a party, and when polls start asking Canadians which party they would vote for.

Still, if this poll is even close to being accurate, it shows that Bernier could have a strong potential base to build from.

Spencer Fernando

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