Advanced Symbolics Poll Says Maxime Bernier Is More Popular Than Andrew Scheer

Poll used artificial intelligence program to gauge public sentiment.

A poll from Advanced Symbolics based upon an artificial intelligence program that analyzed “a representative sample of 220,000 Canadians on social media” has found that Maxime Bernier is more popular than Andrew Scheer.

According to the poll – which only discussed leader popularity rather than support for any currently existing or potential political parties – put Bernier’s popularity at 40%, while Scheer is at 32%. The same poll put Trudeau at 46%.

In a press release (included below), Advanced Symbolics said “Mr. Bernier’s lead is particularly pronounced in Ontario, where he leads Mr. Scheer by 24%.”

It’s important to point out that this poll isn’t conducted like most other polls, and doesn’t bring up political parties. Even if Bernier is more popular than Scheer, Scheer leads an existing political party, while Bernier’s party is currently hypothetical.

The real test of support will come when Bernier officially forms a party, and when polls start asking Canadians which party they would vote for.

Still, if this poll is even close to being accurate, it shows that Bernier could have a strong potential base to build from.

Spencer Fernando

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Gerri Page

Max did win but the 13 votes went to the unknown Scheer and why?


Something to do with the powerful supply management lobby perhaps?


Yes that it the answer, Ann.


The election of the new leader was based on points, not votes. Every riding was given the same value. Scheer won 17,222.2 to Bernier’s 16,577.8.

Same thing happened in Ontario with th Ontario Progressive Conservative leadership. Elliot won on votes but Ford won on points.

Glen Aldridge

Except in Ford’s case there weren’t 7000 more ballots than voters that were destroyed before a recount could be taken & the Accounting firm was told to stand down so the CPC could count their own votes. Just a little suspicious wouldn’t you say?

Ron Voss

“Do you know this man?” Torontonians don’t recognize Andrew Scheer
Laughable but sad on-the-street interviews by Dave Menzies of the Rebel.

Sylvain Lamoureux

46% for Trudeau! Are Canadians that stupid? The one who could beat him is not in the Conservative party. Scheer will lose the next elections.

Ben Eby

Agreed 100%, with Scheer as Consevative leader, Trudeau, and his political thugs, will crush the Conservatives. Will they awaken in time….. likely not as their comments are too pro socialistic Scheer!


When people wont have a job and will be looking for one for more than a year, they will regret their Trudeau choice.


I’ve been looking for a job for 3 years, and doing temp work in the meanwhile. I blame the people who voted for Trudeau in the first place, given that my resume screams “over-qualified” and contains much more real-life experience on-the-ground than what our Drama teacher has on his CV.

Every time a Socialist gets into power, jobs disappear along with the corps who flee to more tax-friendly places to do business. It happens federally as well as provincially. I often wish I could do a data-dump from my 60 years of adulthood directly into the brains of young people.

David Henley

Only if you are a woman, black, with child and can’t speak the english, then you get a job at the government. Minorities get jobs not because they can do the job but because the liberal have made it so if you are a Canadian you don’t get the job. If you wonder why the Corporations don’t have service anymore when you have a problem it is because the government has paid then hire none Canadians at a cheaper rate. and the government will make up the difference. Only by voting our Trudeau and Don’t let Scheer in because… Read more »

Norbert Kausen

I hold a high opinion of Pierre Polivier as well!


Bernier is a two-faced, back stabbing liar & a sore loser.!!!
Plus, Bernier told some of his colleagues before the Conservative leadership selection was even voted on; that he would quit the PC party if he was not chosen as PC leader & start his own political party. Obviously, he planned his exit prior the leadership was voted on & he also planned to blame Scheer for all of Bernier’s failures.
It is good Bernier was NOT voted as leader, as his attitude is dishonourable & to Conservatives, Canadians & Canada.


agree totally

Alan Burley

I also agree with your comment, Norbert. Bernier committed the one man mutiny, Yet some people are claiming on social media that Scheer told him to leave. The last week has proven that Scheer was truly the right person and that my vote for leader was the wrong one, as I voted for Bernier. I also think that Bernier is full of himself and his people have the illusion that Supply Management put Scheer over the top in the election. I have also heard some say they would vote Lib. instead of Conservative. Real nice bunch you have there Max.… Read more »


Let’s face it. We dont need a leader who makes cute speeches like the one on diversity a la Trudeau with a slight change and jovial face who “says I never rock the boat”. BTW I worked as a volunteer for Scheer leadership campaign. When we see the state of Canada, at all levels, having Trudeau destroy our country and change laws behind our backs to for example treat criminals lightly, well we realize we need a forceful leader like Ford for Canada. Bernier might not fit the bill but Scheer definitely not.


Bernier is toast. He should have not quit the big sook. He wants to undo the dairy deal in PQ which will probably be looked after in the NAFTA deal when Trump lets Canada at the table but he also wants to curb transfer payments and discontinue regional development programs which supply loans to start up businesses. The feds collect all the taxes except in PQ and control all the money so for now, we need these programs until the Provinces create their own currency stream. Not going to happen in the near future. PQ claims have not status (laughable)… Read more »

William Wade Angus

Bernier is the only Conservative voice in the race, Scheer has swung so far left that even disgruntled Liberals want nothing to do with him. Scheer’s attack ad came out yesterday comparing Justin Trudeau to Donald Trump, this coming from the guy who stood with Trudeau against Trump and the American tariffs last year, attacking not only our closest ally but probably the most Conservative voice in the world, if this doesn’t scream weakness then the CPC is more leftist then I thought. PPC for the win 2019

David MacKAY

What justice – every time Andrew Scheer opens his mouth Maxine Berniers popularity increases. It’s like an SNL comedy sketch

So when will Andrew Scheer learn?… that every time he supports Justin Trudeau his popularity only increase in the CBC.

alan skelhorne

hello out there, this poll was taken in a liber stronghold, ottawa, need i say more. come on people, we don,t need or want another quebecer ruining this country.


Well, of course. Bernier is a conservative, Scheer is a left wing establisment pretending to be a conservative. I voted for Bernier. I hope to again.


This the same company that claimed they predicted the Trump victory yet provided absolutely no evidence to back up said claim?


Yes. Better a correct prediction with no evidence rather than an incorrect one with evidence.

Rod Blair

Bernier cannot speak English. The westwen provinces will not support him.


At that rate, we would have to deport thousands of immigrants.


I think we might be pleasantly surprised by a positive response from the Western provinces.


Bernier is loud and argumentative, he says what we want to him to say, grandstanding, but what he has done right now is selfish, like Trudeau is, he is not well thought out. The east where I live, unfortunately is heavy socialist, even when they do not like the Liberal policies and vote Conservative, this has to be addressed slowly, but addressed. Which I believe Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives are trying to address, we as Canadians are scared at what is being done to our country, But even the Quebec voters are wanting away from Liberals as Ontario did,… Read more »

Don Taylor

The conservatives will be stronger now that Bernier has shown his back stabbing colours

David Cameron

Canada is truly a joke if 46% support the moron Justin. That’s what happens when vote pandering politicians flood the country with third worlders who know nothing about and could care less about Canada and only want free stuff. Good bye Canada hello hell hole.


You have to have rocks in your head to vote for ANOTHER corrupt Quebecer! Dat one is dare is a liar just like his friend dat turdeau.

Ralph Knapp

The unbelievable and worrisome favorable poll numbers are Trudeau’s. He’s been a dismal failure with respect to managing the budget in a good economic climate along with the SNC Lavalin scandal and cabinet appointments. The poll seems to indicate that flair, fancy socks and trivial pursuits are more important to folks than solid management of government. Hopefully, cooler heads will prevail when election day rolls around.

Don Lum

Total liberal spin……..if you believe you are a liberal……..

David Henley

About time, Mad Max has been in the back ground far to long. He is the future of Canada and Scheer is nothing more than a globalist puppet. More and more people are tuning out Scheer and following Max…why because he stands for Canadian values. The more max gets heard the more people
of Canada will follow and save Canada.


this is a liberal tactic trying to split the vote


there is no way trudope has 46 percent approval

Scott Smith

wondering how the PPC is “hypothetical”….