NAFTA NIGHTMARE: As U.S. & Mexico Meet Without Canada, Chrystia Freeland Is Heading To Europe

How long can the Trudeau government keep pretending that our negotiating leverage hasn’t been completely destroyed?

As the U.S. & Mexico continue getting closer to a NAFTA deal, Canada remains on the sidelines.

And it seems our country won’t be rejoining the talks anytime soon.

From August 26th to 30th, Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland will be heading to Europe. She’s visiting Ukraine, France, and Germany.

What makes this especially concerning is that a few days ago, Mexican negotiator Jesus Seade “put a new question mark Wednesday over Canada’s participation in NAFTA talks, suggesting this country will not necessarily join in next week if the U.S. and its southern neighbour finish their own, two-way deal. And Jesus Seade seemed to indicate that any bilateral agreement with the U.S. could cover major trilateral issues — issues of pressing importance to Canadian officials.”

“I don’t see any reason why they have to come after we finish. It’s up to (U.S. Trade Representative Robert) Lighthizer to organize his time,” said Seade.

So, what’s happening is that the U.S. & Mexico are coming to an agreement that both countries think will work out for them, while Canadian negotiators aren’t part of the process – meaning our interests don’t get represented.

Then, Canada will be presented with a final deal we didn’t have a say in, meaning our country will either reject it (and Mexico & the U.S. would just sign a bilateral deal), or the Trudeau government will have to agree to concessions that could have been avoided if they didn’t reject the possibility of a Canada – U.S. bilateral deal last year.

Pathetically, the Trudeau government keeps claiming they’re ‘glad’ to see the U.S. & Mexico negotiating, ignoring the obvious reality that Canada’s negotiating leverage has been wiped out.

This is a nightmare for Canada, and it’s an example of the total failure of the Freeland-Trudeau virtue-signalling approach to trade negotiations. And with Freeland heading to Europe while the U.S. & Mexico keep talking, it looks like that failure is getting even worse.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Ron Voss

She probably wants to go there to cry once again.


Ya Europe got to try weaseling in somewhere not gonna happen, maybe try apologizing to Trump he knows he makes himself look bad enough doesn’t need Mr Dress ups help , try that first if doesn’t work the only deal with Canada will be when he steps down and Bernier is in charge being as Scheer sides with Mr Dress up

Sylvain Lamoureux

How did Trump make himself look bad? He looks pretty good to me with all the numbers that keeps proving he is on the right track.


Yes Trump has done a great job and will continue to do so, I said look bad by the way the press talks about him and doesn’t need Mr Dress up throwing on fuel , Trump said they had a hand shake agreement then Mr Dress up though he was being tough standing up to him on behalf of Canada when we all know he means (Quebec) what happened to his open borders when we know trump just wants total free trade and you show me a Canadian that wouldn’t want free trade and I’ll show you a Lieing sack… Read more »


I respect what Trump is doing for the United States too, even if he gets badmouthed as our Conservatives in Canada do by our Lieberal owned media. Trudeau and now maybe Bernier (read up on this mans history) are both trying to destroy Canada.

Ben Eby

Totally agree Sylvain… Trump is doing a fine job for the American people. Many Canadians are on the hate Trump campaign, for no good reason. Apparently the intellectual level of Canadians does not allow them to cope with facts figures and positive results. Further proof of these shortcomings is their inability to recognize Trudeau for the pronounced dunce that he really is!

David MacKAY

So the U.S. & Mexico are coming to an agreement that both countries think will work out for them, while Canadian negotiators aren’t part of the process – meaning our interests don’t get represented.

SO watch for Trudeau tell the Canadian public it was Trumps fault because neither Mexico or the US would accept Canada’s insistence that all negotiation be predicated upon irrelevant LGBT rights issues.

Barbara Scott

Freelance is a total failure just like Trudeau!


Yes. We will suffer. And we will suffer economically. But, in a perverse way, the suffering might help Canadians face the reality of Liberal policies. It’s the fast frog instead of the slow frog…………..


Things might go better with her out of the way?



The Trump government has stated as recently as two days ago “ he , Trump , loves Canada and Canadians” , but thinks Trudeau is ignorant and ineffective as a leader , besides why not wait a year and deal with a fellow conservative . Let mr potato head dress up , prance around the world in dress up clothing, shed a few tears , give tax dollars away to undeserving countries and individual terrorists , support world order , and generally insult every leader in the world . Why in heavens name would any leader deal with an epic… Read more »


I hate to say it , but I told you so two months ago . I predicted then that Canada’s nafta negotiations teem could not negotiate their way out of an unfenced yard . Ha ! I and thousands of Canadians and the entire US negotiations team knew this before it even got off the ground . Why you ask ? Because Canada’s tarrifs, taxs and expectations are simply to high a price to pay , and Trumps government has called them out on over taxation . Remember the US is going the other way , less taxation , less… Read more »

alan skelhorne

hey whats going on with the people saying that mr, scheer is the same as mr.prissypants, are you people really serious.if you vote for bernier or trudeau, it will be the same old same old. another quebecer ruining the country of canada, i said that right btw. ruining not running.