UNHINGED: Ahmed Hussen Accuses Conservatives Of Defending ‘Racism’

The Trudeau Liberals are doubling-down on demonizing any critics of their immigration policies as being somehow racist.

Ahmed Hussen unleashed an unhinged Twitter rant against Michelle Rempel and Andrew Scheer, accusing them of defending ‘racism.’

Here’s what Hussen said on Twitter:

“It’s unbelievable that Michelle Rempel refused to condemn blatant racism even after reporters gave her 5 chances to do so.

Andrew Scheer attacks the PM & defends a racist

Andrew Scheer won’t condemn Bernier

#CPC silence is alarming.”

Strangely, Hussen then linked to a series of graphics that criticized the former Harper government for not doing ‘enough’ for refugees, ignoring the fact that it’s the government’s job to support Canadian citizens first.

After Hussen’s unhinged and absurd attack, Michelle Rempel pushed back:

“Less calling me racist, more doing your job. I released policy, where’s yours?”

This is all Hussen and the Liberals have left. With Canadians turning against their open borders policies, the Liberals are desperately trying to demonize anyone who ‘dares’ to question them.

The more they throw out the unhinged accusations of ‘racism,’ the more obvious it is they have ZERO intention of securing Canada’s borders, and the more people realize the Liberal government serves the interests of those who break Canada’s laws instead of serving the Canadian people.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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