UNHINGED: Ahmed Hussen Accuses Conservatives Of Defending ‘Racism’

The Trudeau Liberals are doubling-down on demonizing any critics of their immigration policies as being somehow racist.

Ahmed Hussen unleashed an unhinged Twitter rant against Michelle Rempel and Andrew Scheer, accusing them of defending ‘racism.’

Here’s what Hussen said on Twitter:

“It’s unbelievable that Michelle Rempel refused to condemn blatant racism even after reporters gave her 5 chances to do so.

Andrew Scheer attacks the PM & defends a racist

Andrew Scheer won’t condemn Bernier

#CPC silence is alarming.”

Strangely, Hussen then linked to a series of graphics that criticized the former Harper government for not doing ‘enough’ for refugees, ignoring the fact that it’s the government’s job to support Canadian citizens first.

After Hussen’s unhinged and absurd attack, Michelle Rempel pushed back:

“Less calling me racist, more doing your job. I released policy, where’s yours?”

This is all Hussen and the Liberals have left. With Canadians turning against their open borders policies, the Liberals are desperately trying to demonize anyone who ‘dares’ to question them.

The more they throw out the unhinged accusations of ‘racism,’ the more obvious it is they have ZERO intention of securing Canada’s borders, and the more people realize the Liberal government serves the interests of those who break Canada’s laws instead of serving the Canadian people.

Spencer Fernando

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Maria D

This is exactly why a wrote a letter to Maxime Bernier and I am willing to share a copy here: Today, 2:16 PM [email protected]; [email protected]; Office of Andrew Scheer, MP ([email protected]); +2 more Massive Terrorist Attack Thwarted in Canada.docx 24 KB To the Honorable Maxime Bernier: It is with both excitement and with trepidation that I approach the issue of your resignation for the Conservative Party of Canada. I would agree with you that they have lost their hold on true Canadian values which I do believe most Canadian hold but feel they cannot express because there has not been… Read more »

Maryam McKinley

Maria – good luck. I hope you find your perfect world and perfect politician AND they can win an election.

Gonzo the Magnificent

Going to have to watch and read some of these links Maria Dobi; thanks. I know too that fiscal responsibility is important and moral responsibility is equally so.


He is using the joseph goebbels technique, screaming really loud and often in hopes to make people believe what he is saying. It is not going to work as long as we have some freedom of speech in Canada.

Maria D

Unless the people really wake up and see the true extent of the threat here in Canada, it is going to work.

Moe S.

When Trudeau and his Ministers, ie; Ahmed Hussen Min. of Immigration can’t take down the opponents with an argument they revert to putting labels on them, ie; racist, unCanadian, Islamophobia. Sort of like Hillary Clintons famous label “deplorable’s” for those who supported Trump. I suspect we will see more of this, “you can stand with the racists or stand with us” Liberal mantra all throughout the upcoming election. This will be the Liberal strategy, Canadians who support the Conservatives or Bernier’s new party will be labeled ‘racist.’

Maryam McKinley

Hussen: this is red meat to his base and gets the Cons. mad. Let’s not waste energy on this stupid creep.

Bernard Hutchinson

Ahmed Hussen also has some screws loose, but Trudeau is off the charts; however any normal Canadian knows that Hussen as Trudeau as the rest of the Liberal party are blowing smoke to digress from the illegal refugees situation b/c we all know that these will be votes for Trudeau in 2019! I believe that Trudeau, Hussen & many many more Liberals are deliberately letting in illegal migrants simply for the votes so as to stay in power forever and a day! No doubt about it! I believe that Trudeau & his ministers are boarding on treason! I’m not sure… Read more »

Sandra Clark

Freedom of speech is slowly being taken from Canadians under Trudeau. So is our Culture and our way of life and our values. Our Laws are being changed or ignored in order to help the criminals and the newcomers. Our history is being erased because some don’t like it and they are offended. The favourite and only subjects for Trudeau are diversity, inclusion, racism, feminism, LGBT +, gender issues, illegal and legal immigration, Muslims and Mosques, vacations, personal days off, selfies, giving tons of money to other Countries, supporting Terrorism and carbon tax. I see no evidence of those issues… Read more »

Chaz Martel

What is the difference between a cornered rat and rabid mole?

Les H.

The ROP is one with Lucifer as too are the socialists and communists. Hussen much like his virtue signaling PM is the racist. All those like him, liberals, leftists, feminists, SJW’s of any and all stripes including members of the ROP are by their own PROJECTIONS the racists, sexists, bigots, ignorant persons and full of arrogance. When you through selling of your own souls, or just by being low IQ to idiot pawns fall in line with your true leader, Lucifer, you can’t ever go too deep to your own vagaries, ill-will, and true despicable hate. All of those like… Read more »


Who could vote for this radical racist fanatical excuse for a man? Like Trudeau he hates Canadians. Breaking us up into little tribes.

Sylvain Lamoureux

He’s the racist. He hates white people. He refuses to take white farmers from South Africa who are being murdered. He acts like the Muslims in Europe who try to shame people who don’t agree with them.


This country belongs to us and we are the ones who create our destiny and fate. To expect the cpc to clean the hell hole the terrorists supporters liberal party has endanger our lives with and we do nothing to confront jihadi trudeau on it but sit around in hope that cpc will suddenly do the job, it is not going to happen. CPC did not open the borders—-Jihadi Trudeau did that alone. CPC did not cause a mess on NAFTA—-TRUDEAU DID CPC did raise taxes nor put ridiculous rules.—–Trudeau Did CPC did not support nor say they support ISIS… Read more »

Wendy Lush

Unhinged is right. Thanks to Trudeau, Hussen and company, the whole darn country is becoming unhinged.