VIDEO: Maxime Bernier Gives Interviews After Exit From Conservative Party

Bernier says he’s the “real Conservative,” and plans to run candidates in all 338 ridings across Canada.

Maxime Bernier has been giving interviews since his dramatic exit from the Conservative Party of Canada.

Bernier says he is seeking to become Prime Minister in the next election and plans to run candidates in all 338 federal ridings once his new party is up and running.

He also says he’s the “real conservative.”

Watch some of Bernier’s interviews below:

One day after quitting the Conservative party, @MaximeBernier defends his past tweets on diversity #pnpcbc #cdnpoli
— Power & Politics (@PnPCBC) August 24, 2018

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Brian Dougan

I wish him well. How about the “Pro Canada Party”? That nicely sums up his views about the party he hopes to form. It’s a long shot–just about thirteen months until election time. However; the serpent Trudope will likely call an early election…before Mr. Bernier’s new party is ready. I hope Maxime knows what he’s doing, and not handing Trudope another win. In that case; it’s lights out for this country.


Maybe supported by the Lieberal/NDP party?