WATCH: Andrew Scheer Speaks At Conservative Party Convention

Speech comes a day after Maxime Bernier’s high-profile exit from the party.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer gave the key speech at the Conservative Convention in Halifax.

The speech comes amid fears of a divided right after Maxime Bernier’s high profile exit from the party.

In the wake of Bernier’s move, Stephen Harper, Doug Ford, Jason Kenney, Peter MacKay, and others have expressed support for Scheer.

While the party faces significant struggles, the Conservatives remain competitive in the polls, and recent fundraising numbers have been strong.

Now, Scheer faces the test of inspiring Conservatives at a tumultuous time for him and the Conservative Party.

You can watch Scheer’s speech below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Ron Voss

Disappointing that he buys into the hoax of man-made climate change. With respect to tearing down John A. Macdonald’s statue, I liked his comeback referencing some positions taken by Liberal Prime Ministers like Laurier.

don morris

Andrew Scheer’s loyalty is to the political system that has raised and nurtured him to the second highest political position in all of Canada. Scheer is the new generation of politician, university educated with a degree in political science,and no experience outside the realm of politics. Scheer,as PM would do a competent job,but would adhere to many of the same rules and agenda as Trudeau. Within two years of a Scheer government, Conservatives would be very disillusioned as he initiated a carbon tax to placate the IPCC, continued the disastrous immigration policies,and continued pandering to Quebec,the dairy cartel,and Islam, not… Read more »


I liked Andrew Scheers speech, I now believe he at least is for Canada, he made some gaffs with his agreeing to the Paris accord but he is not going to keep this carbon tax. He wants to keep Canada, Canada, and I believe Conservatives will be much more fiscally responsible, with a smaller government and get Canada working again after the Trudeau Lieberal/NDP parties destruction that will be a complicated task, done FOR Canada with well thought out plans, I really hope so. After watching Doug Ford here in Ontario I am feeling much safer, and Doug Ford supports… Read more »