At Convention, Conservatives Vote Against Opening Abortion Debate, Oppose Birthright Citizenship

Members also vote to remove funding for overseas abortion from foreign aid.

Conservative delegates have voted against reopening the abortion debate, defeating a resolution that would have removed wording from the party policy document that says there won’t be any legislation on abortion.

However, the delegates did vote to restore a Harper-era policy that ensured foreign aid funding didn’t fund abortion overseas.

The Conservatives also voted to end birthright citizenship – the idea that anyone born on Canadian soil gets Canadian citizenship.

The issue with the current law is that it encourages “birth tourism,” where people purposely travel to Canada in time with a pregnancy to ensure that their child attains Canadian citizenship, even without any prior connection to the country.

Now, the Conservative delegates have pushed for rules that would make sure at least one of the parents is a citizen or permanent residence for citizenship to be passed on to the child. Conservative MP Alice Wong spoke in support of the resolution, saying birth tourism takes resources away from the health system that should be going towards Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube