CRAZY CLIMATE CLAIM: Catherine McKenna Says “Climate Action” Is “$30 TRILLION Opportunity”

That’s nearly 20 times bigger than Canada’s GDP.

As the Liberals ‘national climate plan’ collapses, it seems Catherine McKenna is retreating into the realm of fantasy.

On Twitter, she made the absurd claim that ‘climate action’ (AKA screwing over taxpayers with massive carbon taxes) is a “$30 TRILLION “opportunity.”

“Would also be good if the federal Conservatives had a plan to tackle climate change. But like the Harper gov’t, they fail to understand the real costs of climate change to Canadians – from extreme heat to fires to flooding – and the $30 trillion opportunity of climate action.”

McKenna’s tweet is laughably bad, for a few reasons.

First, the Liberals actually kept the same climate targets put in place by the Conservatives, so it’s odd to say the Conservatives have no plan when the Liberals didn’t change the targets they inherited.

Second, Canadians hate the Liberal plan, with support for the carbon tax collapsing.

And third, the idea of a “$30 TRILLION opportunity” is absurd.

Either McKenna is referring to some vague idea of long-term global investment (so not benefiting Canada), or she’s claiming that it’s a $30 trillion opportunity for Canada – which is simply impossible. That’s almost 20 times bigger than our entire economy, and it ignores the fact that Liberal ‘climate action’ is reducing economic growth and pushing investment away.

It seems that McKenna is now retreating into a fantasy world, rather than acknowledging that Canadians have rejected her failed ‘climate policies.’ We can recognize a blatant tax-grab when we see it, and millions of Canadians aren’t willing to put up with it any longer.

Spencer Fernando

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Dave Bainard

Climate Barbie must have found Jr’s wacky weed.


Catherine . Climate does that it Changes , It always has ! This time the shift is due to solar winds , coming from the Sun which have caused Earth’s Magnetic Fields to shift and also this has caused the Earth’s Axis to Shift so as the Sun’s path on the Earth has shifted a few Degree’s from where it used to Rise. Carbon in the atmosphere has very little to do with this , at other times in Earth’s Past there has been twice the amount of co2 that there is now ! The Carbon Tax is nothing but… Read more »


The article she is referring to was done at Stanford University: “if by the end of this century the world can keep the global temperature from rising 1.5 degrees, it will save the world 30 trillion dollars” etc. So with so many volcano’s and earth quakes, so many forests burning etc, gets stopped, maybe our climate will stay cooler? If they stop all the bore holes being put into the glaciers (to see if there are minerals or oil whatever) maybe the glaciers would stop melting as fast as they are now, they are are still going to disappear unless… Read more »

Gonzo the Magnificient

Which is why I have said “you have to watch every government in power no matter the stripe”. They all have their masters. The Liberal are as phony as a plug nickel on so called feminism, environmentalism, the under privileged poor through-out the world.

Darryl R Taylor

You have some points, but the $30 Trillion that she refers to is quoting from Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England, concerning how much money could be made by nations and interests that get on board with the massive restructuring that we have to do to our base industrial systems along with changes that have to come from individual lifestyle choices.


Hey McKenna go back to drinking out of paper straws you moron

don morris

All “progressives” know that if they toss out a fanciful figure that is fantastically high, at least 99% of their followers will believe it. Good liberals never question their leaders.

So,on this one,it’s mission accomplished,as Barbie has just “proven” (she made the statement, so there MUST be some science behind it!) to her followers that the Liberals have a climate change plan that will make Canada 30 trillion dollars,and the Conservatives don’t even have a plan, at all!

Ooooh! We’re SO lucky to have Justin and Barbie in charge!

Bernard Hutchinson

I think Climate Barbie has a few cards short of a deck, better change decks. Her & Trudeau are like Ken & Barbie, inanimate play dolls, if you could wind them up they repeat the same crap adnosium!

Gonzo the Magnificient

FUNNY! Now Don, apoligize to Jahadi Justin and Climate Change Barbie like a good Canadian would. HAHA!!

Duane Sharp

Climate Barbie is at it again! She does not have a clue about the climate, never mind climate change! Where does she get her numbers? Sounds like too much drinking the Lib Kool-ade…
With four provinces now set to challenge the Libs carbon tax, and more to be heard from, the stage is set for a real battle on the ‘carbon playing field’…just waiting for the PCs to announce their own climate change management strategy after that barn-burning speech by Scheer in Halifax!

Ron Voss

Climate Barbie’s crazy comment is right up there with Chelsea Clinton gleefully attributing massive economic growth in America to the in utero slaughter of more than 60 million unborn babies since the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision in 1973.


Climate change is a natural occurrence. It’s been happening for millions of years. The earth heats up then cools again. It will continue to do so with or without carbon emissions. Nothing humans do will change it. Globalists are using global warming to scare people into following their agenda.


“McKenna is now retreating into a fantasy world” — Question , when did she ever come out??


The Earth will do what it wants, carbon gasses are not a pollutant, I learned in grade school that plants love Carbon Gasses, so if you believe we have a crisis, go plant a tree or two

Trevor Marr

I have come to the conclusion that Canada needs an intervention to remove Political Idiots within the Federal Liberal Government! There is a similar infestation of stupidity that has infected the AB and BC Sitting Political Governments that has also caused a reduction in the IQ of their Leaders!
Have Pity on them and VOTE them OUT soon! For a better Canada!

Bob Taylor

I think Cathrine McKenna should remember that old saying: “Figures lie & Liars figure.” Who the hell is going to be alive to prove her maths correct or otherwise? And even the few who might survive, will be lollygagging in a seniors rest home, probably suffering ‘oldtimers’


Just the 10 million carbon creating bombs, bullets, rockets being fired each day under mines the environment objectives. The Liberal policies have always bordered on fantasy.

Jean Pierre LaRocque

What else can you expect from Barbie blondy!!!!!

Lorne Clinton

@Nancy When did C02 start causing earth quakes and volcanoes that’s a new kind of CRAZY


The climate is changing, the climate is changing!!!’
‘So?? ‘
‘So Hands UP!!! Gimme all your money. ‘

Tax. tax. tax, You work. Government takes with a gun at your back. NO MORE

Jin Jagua

“Climate change is ree-el!” Catherine wants a cracker.

Wendy Lush

$30 trillion, how does that work? The entire world economy is $80 trillion! Even a $30 billion estimate to Canada would be high (which is less than Socks has spent since November 2015).