DISLOYAL: Justin Trudeau Thinks Canada Has No Covenant With Veterans, While Saying We Have ‘Obligations’ To Illegal Border Crossers

Things are totally upside-down.

The Trudeau government is currently fighting Canadian Veterans in court, and we all remember that Justin Trudeau said injured Veterans were asking for “more than we can afford to give.”

By fighting Veterans in court, Justin Trudeau is breaking the promise he made in 2015 to stop doing exactly that, and the Trudeau government is arguing that the government has no inherent covenant or obligation to Veterans.

Yet, when Justin Trudeau talks about illegal border crossers, he all of a sudden starts talking about “obligations.”

Remember what he said when he arrogantly lectured Doug Ford when they met for the first time since the election?

As I wrote in July 2018, “But instead of acknowledging his own role or taking responsibility for his mistakes, Trudeau arrogantly and condescendingly tried to one-up Ford, acting as if he was still a part-time drama teacher explaining something to a student. Trudeau even started talking about “International obligations” and “UN Conventions,” ignoring the fact that protecting the integrity of Canada’s laws and Canada’s borders always takes precedence over what elitist international groups want.”

So, when it comes to supporting our Veterans, Trudeau thinks they’re asking for too much, but when it comes to people violating the law and entering Canada illegally, we have “obligations.”

It doesn’t get any more disloyal than that.

This shows how upside-down things have become in our country, and all Canadians should be outraged by this. How can a country live with itself when the needs of illegal border crossing non-citizens are prioritized above those who put their lives on the line for our nation?

Spencer Fernando

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