REVEALED: While He Calls Canadians Racist, In Leaked Letter Ahmed Hussen Admits Illegal Border Crossings Are “NOT SUSTAINABLE”

Ahmed Hussen and the Trudeau Liberals demonized those who called illegal border crossings a crisis, and accused Conservatives of defending “racists” for questioning the government’s open borders. But in a leaked letter, Ahmed Hussen admits that the illegal crossings aren’t sustainable.

Ahmed Hussen likes insulting Canadians.

He called Lisa MacLeod “un-Canadian,” and he and other Trudeau government fools regularly demonize people who criticize our failing immigration system.

And just recently, Hussen tweeted this unhinged statement:

“It’s unbelievable that Michelle Rempel refused to condemn blatant racism even after reporters gave her 5 chances to do so. Andrew Scheer attacks the PM & defends a racist Andrew Scheer won’t condemn Bernier #CPC silence is alarming.”

Hussen and the Trudeau Liberals have also demonized anyone who calls the surge in illegal border crossings a “crisis,” as the Liberals claim it’s totally manageable.

But now, a leaked letter from Hussen to the Canadian Bar Association reveals that even he admits it’s not sustainable behind the scenes:

As reported by the National Post, “The number of people seeking asylum in Canada is rising “far beyond” what the existing system can handle, according to a recent letter from Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen obtained by the National Post. “Without changes to improve efficiency and productivity of the asylum process, wait times and backlogs will only continue to grow,” Hussen writes in the Aug. 14 letter, addressed to the Canadian Bar Association. “This situation is not sustainable, nor is it fair to the people who need Canada’s protection.”

While Hussen still refuses to use the words “illegal border crossers,” and while he still shows no concern for Canadian Citizens in need, it’s interesting to note that he admits the illegal crossings aren’t sustainable, even as he and the Trudeau Liberals demonize anyone who says that publicly.

What this reveals is that Hussen is incredibly dishonest and deceptive – admitting a problem behind the scenes while attacking anyone who criticizes the Trudeau government for that failure. It also reveals that the Trudeau government is using the attack of “racist” as a political tool to divide Canadians and attempt to scare people away from criticizing the government. It’s disgusting.

Hussen – and all the Trudeau Liberals have repeatedly shown that they can’t be trusted to be honest with Canadians, and they can’t be trusted to protect our borders.

Spencer Fernando

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